MagiReco Main Story 6.1

Apr 25th, 2018
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  1. Invitation to a Lecture
  3. 6.1.1
  4. [black background]
  5. familiar: "Hobyabyachubyaan"
  6. another familiar; "Hobeemyanpyokou"
  7. Alina: "I see..."
  8. "So they're just searching for people."
  9. "They don't intend to antagonize us?"
  10. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  11. "They saw a possibility of finding me or the sister via rumors..."
  12. "And ended up fighting with the Wings of Magius."
  13. "So now they know about the release of magical girls, and our activities to bring that about."
  14. "They just don't trust us."
  15. Alina: "Hmm..."
  16. Mifuyu: "What is it?"
  17. Alina: "If that's the case..."
  18. "Then we wouldn't have had to go all-out fighting before."
  19. "And that's also the reason why she said she'd give a 'lecture'."
  20. Mifuyu: "Yes, because it's important to start by educating them."
  21. Alina: "I'd still like to delete that blonde girl though..."
  22. Mifuyu: "You mustn't do that!"
  23. Alina: "I know that."
  24. "After all, that is the consensus of Magius."
  25. "However..."
  26. Mifuyu: "What?"
  27. Alina: "Can you do something about at least that one veteran?"
  28. "All the others might change their minds once they know the truth..."
  29. "But she already knows the truth and still opposes us."
  30. Mifuyu: "I have already thought of a countermeasure."
  31. Alina: "What will you do?"
  32. Mifuyu: "As long as she's alone, Yacchan won't pose a threat."
  33. [fade out, to a scene of the city]
  34. Section 6: The Memories that Speak of the Truth
  35. [gray screen]
  36. Iroha: *The Wings of Magius that we met while searching for Ui and Mifuyu-san...*
  37. *They protect rumors and witches that attack bystanders and spread curses.*
  38. *I don't know what exactly this release of magical girls is...*
  39. *But I think it's wrong to hurt people in the process...*
  40. *I'd rather not be involved with that...*
  41. *But...*
  42. [flashback in Yachiyo's house]
  43. Sana: "Hiiragi... Nemu?"
  44. "Yes... I've heard of her..."
  45. "In Ai-chan's barrier..."
  46. "...The Wings of Magius were talking."
  47. [flashback to Ai glitching out]
  48. Ai: >|Aas aa *rumor*|
  49. >|I_kKNOw_TamaKIui...|
  50. [flashback to the rooftop]
  51. Yachiyo: "So you're not coming back after all."
  52. Mifuyu: "I'm sorry."
  53. "For now, I want to believe in their possibilities."
  54. [fade to gray]
  55. Iroha: *Nemu-chan, Ui, and Mifuyu-san...*
  56. *They're all connected to the Wings of Magius, so I don't think I can avoid them anymore...*
  57. [now they're in Yachiyo's house]
  58. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  59. "I don't want to deal with them, but we're connected by a rather nasty fate."
  60. Iroha: "I guess for now we should just gather grief seeds."
  61. Yachiyo: "Yeah, rather than chasing after them, we have to worry about meeting Alina first."
  62. "She seems to have a grudge against us, so we'd better take precautions..."
  63. Sana: "You should really be careful of Alina..."
  64. "When it becomes personal for her, she loses sight of everything around her..."
  65. "She doesn't pull her punches... or rather, she has a different sense from everyone else..."
  66. Yachiyo: "To put it simply, she's dangerous."
  67. Sana: "Yeah..."
  68. Yachiyo: "Rather than fight a losing battle against her, maybe we should join them and work from the inside..."
  69. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, that's..."
  70. Yachiyo: "Heh, I know."
  71. "They have a bad impression of us, so it's not really realistic."
  72. Iroha: "Yeah... I don't know what they'd do to us..."
  73. [battle]
  74. Iroha: "Ah, it's this time already? I've gotta start preparing dinner."
  75. Sana: "Ah, Iroha-san, I'll help you out..."
  76. "I want to learn cooking, bit by bit..."
  77. Iroha: "Okay, thank you, Sana-chan."
  78. [a door opens, and there's the sound of someone running]
  79. Sana: "Pya..."
  80. someone: "But----you know!!"
  81. someone else: "----was that!? You meant-------that!"
  82. Iroha: "Huh? Tsuruno-chan!? Felicia-chan!?"
  83. [Tsuruno stomps in]
  84. Tsuruno: "Listen to this, master! Felicia's being mean!"
  85. Yachiyo: "Open the door gently!"
  86. Tsuruno: "Ah, I-I'm sorry!"
  87. Yachiyo: "Well, what are you making all this noise about right after coming home?"
  88. Tsuruno: "That's right!"
  89. "We were bringing vegetables home from Banbanzai..."
  90. "But Felicia forgot them in a witch barrier!"
  91. Iroha: "Vegetables..."
  92. "Ehh!? Those were for tonight..."
  93. Felicia: "Well there was a witch, what do you expect me to do!?"
  94. Tsuruno: "At least before you go nuts, put them down somewhere we'll remember!"
  95. "But if you just throw them somewhere, we won't know where they went!"
  96. Felicia: "But... but... We have to hunt witches, right?"
  97. "I didn't do it on purpose or anything! Right, Iroha!?"
  98. Iroha: "Huh!? Uhh... But, if you threw them..."
  99. Felicia: "huff huff huff"
  100. Iroha: "Ah, um, that's right..."
  101. Tsuruno: "But it's not just once or twice, you know!"
  102. Felicia: "Gimme a break, if you don't like it then don't make me hold them!"
  103. Yachiyo: "Oh, come on."
  104. Sana: "Umm..."
  105. "You're bothering the neighbors!"
  106. Yachiyo: "That's right."
  107. Felicia: "Ugh... grrrr..."
  108. Tsuruno: "Fine then, I just won't help you study."
  109. Felicia: "I don't care! I'll have Iroha help me!"
  110. Iroha: "...Huh, me!?"
  112. 6.1.2
  113. Felicia: "Huh!? -1 - (-1) = 0!?"
  114. "I don't get it."
  115. Iroha: "You see, Felicia-chan..."
  116. "When there are two minus signs, it becomes a plus."
  117. Felicia: "No it doesn't!"
  118. Iroha: "Ehh!?"
  119. Felicia: "If there are only minus signs, it's still minus, right!?"
  120. "huff... huff..."
  121. Iroha: "...Tsuruno-chan, I can't do it after all..."
  122. [screen wipe]
  123. Tsuruno: "Hey, Felicia, why don't you stand up and move your body."
  124. Iroha: "So she is gonna help her..."
  125. (Tsuruno-chan is really good at teaching, it's amazing.)
  126. Sana: "..."
  127. Iroha: (Huh, Sana-chan is looking happy.)
  128. "What happened, Sana-chan?"
  129. Sana: "Pya!?"
  130. "Um, uh... I was looking at the mugs..."
  131. Iroha: "The mugs?"
  132. Sana: "Yeah, seeing them all lined up, it kinda made me happy..."
  133. [the image of the mugs is briefly shown]
  134. Iroha: "It really gives me the sense that we're all on the same team."
  135. Sana: "Yes, yes, it does."
  136. "Just looking at it warms my heart..."
  137. Iroha: "It does!"
  138. "I get what you're feeling, Sana-chan."
  139. Sana: "...Um, Iroha-san?"
  140. Iroha: "Huh?"
  141. Sana: "Well, uh, I was just thinking..."
  142. "If you were all okay with it, umm..."
  143. "Maybe we could buy matching coasters for everyone..."
  144. "Before, Yachiyo-san bought them all for us..."
  145. "This time we can buy them in return..."
  146. "I only have the leftovers from new year's money, so I can't spend too much, though..."
  147. Iroha: "Something in return..."
  148. Sana: "Is this too delicate?"
  149. mini-Kyubey: "What do you think?" or "That sounds fine." I'll pick the first.
  150. Iroha: "..."
  151. Sana: "On second thought, never mind!"
  152. Iroha: "No, that's not it."
  153. "I was just imagining the coasters all lined up..."
  154. "I think it's a good idea."
  155. "I've always been helped by Yachiyo-san as well."
  156. "Of course, I'll help buy them too!"
  157. Felicia (in the background): "Wow, it really does become zero!!"
  158. [screen wipe]
  159. Tsuruno: "Okay, let's do this together."
  160. [they shift to the right]
  161. Tsuruno: "Minus one, take one step back♪"
  162. "When there's a minus, turn around♪"
  163. [they shift to the left]
  164. "Minus one, take one step back♪"
  165. Felicia: "It's zero!"
  166. Tsuruno: "Yep, it's zero!"
  167. [screen wipe]
  168. Iroha: (Hehe, they're back to normal already.)
  169. "Hey, Tsuruno-chan, Felicia-chan!"
  170. Tsuruno: "Hm, what is it?"
  171. Iroha: "Sana-chan had an idea."
  172. Sana: "Huh...? Um... am I going to say it?"
  173. Iroha: "Yeah, you thought of it, Sana-chan."
  174. [screen wipe]
  175. Tsuruno: "Yeah, I like it!"
  176. "All of them lined up, like a symbol of being on our team!"
  177. "Yep yep!"
  178. Felicia: "Ehh... my money..."
  179. Tsuruno: "Well, here you get food and a place to stay much cheaper than usual, you know?"
  180. Iroha: "She's helped all of us, so I thought it would be good to repay her somehow."
  181. Felicia: "Hm..."
  182. "Well, okay. Then I'm in!"
  183. [Yachiyo shows up in pajamas]
  184. Yachiyo: "What?"
  185. Iroha: "Hya!"
  186. Yachiyo: "Hey everyone, go take a bath and go to bed, alright?"
  187. "Tsuruno, you're staying over tonight?"
  188. Tsuruno: "Uh, ah, yeah!"
  189. Iroha: "..."
  190. Sana: "..."
  191. Yachiyo: "W-what is it?"
  192. "You were discussing something so vigorously before."
  193. Felicia: "So you see..."
  194. Sana: "D-don't say it!"
  195. Felicia: "Mmgh!"
  196. Yachiyo: "...?"
  197. [battle]
  198. [Iroha is in her bedroom]
  199. Iroha: (Coasters, huh...)
  200. "Hmm..."
  201. (What kind of design would Yachiyo-san like?)
  202. [her phone chimes]
  203. Iroha: (Ah, a reply from Madoka-chan.)
  204. [messaging]
  205. Madoka: "Oh, I love the idea of coasters as a present! I kinda want to see them all lined up!"
  206. "But I'm glad Sana-chan is making friends with all of you."
  207. Iroha: "Yeah, we've mostly settled down over here. How about you guys, is everything alright over there?"
  208. Madoka: "With Mami-san, you mean?"
  209. Iroha: "Yeah... we haven't been able to feel her magic over here... We were wondering if maybe she went back to Mitakihara..."
  210. Madoka: "...Actually, Mami-san hasn't come back to Mitakihara yet..."
  211. [back to Iroha's room]
  212. Iroha: "I see..."
  213. "They still haven't found Tomoe-san yet..."
  214. [messaging]
  215. Iroha: "If there's any way we can help, let me know. I'm also worried about Tomoe-san..."
  216. Madoka: "Okay, thanks, Iroha-chan!"
  218. 6.1.3
  219. [a view of the living room in Yachiyo's house]
  220. Iroha: *The day after Sana-chan proposed getting coasters...*
  221. *We decided to go out and purchase them.*
  222. *When we started looking, we got in an argument over what to get, and almost gave up when we saw the price...*
  223. *But just before the shop closed, we managed to find coasters that we all agreed were good.*
  224. *And then today is finally when we are giving them to Yachiyo-san.*
  225. *I hope Sana-chan's and my feelings come across...*
  226. [flashback to the shopping mall]
  227. Tsuruno: "Then Iroha-chan, you wait in the living room."
  228. Iroha: "And when Yachiyo-san comes back, I'll give the signal, right?"
  229. Tsuruno: "Yeah, just send us a message!"
  230. Felicia: "And then we're gonna pop out with a Bam!"
  231. Sana: "We'll wait outside, and suddenly appear all at once... I hope we can do it right..."
  232. Tsuruno: "Your big sister is here, so everything will be alright! We'll definitely make it work!"
  233. Sana: "Y-yes!"
  234. [fade to gray]
  235. ...
  236. [the door opens with a clack]
  237. [fade into the view of the living room]
  238. Iroha: (S-she's back!)
  239. "Welcome back, Yachiyo-sa—!?"
  240. Mifuyu: "I'm home, Iroha-san."
  241. "May I join you and wait here for Yacchan as well?"
  242. Iroha: "Eh...?"
  243. (Ehhhhhhhhh...)
  244. [screen wipe]
  245. Iroha: "..."
  246. Mifuyu: "..."
  247. Iroha: (This is awkward...)
  248. "Um, I'll make some tea!"
  249. Mifuyu: "You don't have to worry about me."
  250. "Also, I'd be able to make myself tea."
  251. Iroha: "Huh? But..."
  252. Mifuyu: "I came here for seven years, you know."
  253. "I think I once knew it better than you do."
  254. Iroha: "Ah... yeah..."
  255. [in the kitchen]
  256. Mifuyu: "Hmm... let's try this tea."
  257. Iroha: "That's Yachiyo-san's favorite, I don't think we should drink that one..."
  258. Mifuyu: "Hehe, you sure worry a lot."
  259. "If you just say I drank it, I don't think she'll blame you."
  260. "And then, the mugs are..."
  261. Iroha: "Ah, Yachiyo-san told me not to touch the mugs on that shelf..."
  262. Mifuyu: "One of them is mine."
  263. Iroha: "Huh..."
  264. Mifuyu: "See those two in the back there?"
  265. "Mine is one of those."
  266. Iroha: "Huh?"
  267. "Sometimes, Yachiyo-san bleaches all the cookware..."
  268. "But I don't think I've ever seen those..."
  269. Mifuyu: "Is that so... That's very like her, expressing her affection that way..."
  270. Iroha: "She probably told us not to touch it because it's yours..."
  271. Mifuyu: "Hehe, you think so?"
  272. "Well, let's make the tea and wait for Yacchan to come back."
  273. Iroha: (Then... whose mug is that other one?)
  275. 6.1.4
  276. [in the living room]
  277. *sssssip... gulp...*
  278. Mifuyu: "sigh..."
  279. Iroha: (What should I do? What should I talk about?)
  280. mini-Kyubey: "Ask about Yachiyo" or "Ask about Mifuyu", I'll pick the former.
  281. Iroha: "U-um..."
  282. Mifuyu: "Iroha-san..."
  283. Iroha: "Wha!?"
  284. Mifuyu: "Have you ever thought about joining the Wings of Magius?"
  285. Iroha: "Huh...?"
  286. Mifuyu: "Sorry for startling you, I know this is sudden."
  287. "In truth, this is what I came here to find out."
  288. "I would have liked to have asked everyone, though."
  289. "It didn't seem like they were coming back, so I decided to ask, though."
  290. Iroha: "Why all of a sudden, though?"
  291. Mifuyu: "Because I think it would be better for both of us."
  292. Iroha: "Better?"
  293. Mifuyu: "Yes."
  294. "If you join the Wings of Magius..."
  295. "You wouldn't have to fight us while searching for your sister."
  296. Iroha: "But... what's the benefit for you, Mifuyu-san?"
  297. Mifuyu: "It's basically the same for me. I'd like to avoid needless fighting."
  298. "Don't you want to avoid hurting people unnecessarily?"
  299. Iroha: "It sure is tempting to not have to fight..."
  300. Mifuyu: "Isn't it?"
  301. Iroha: "But..."
  302. Mifuyu: "What?"
  303. Iroha: "I can't stand by while other people are sacrificed."
  304. Mifuyu: "What do you mean by that?"
  305. Iroha: "I mean that there's no way I would be able to protect witches and rumors."
  306. "And I wouldn't be able to forgive the use of people..."
  307. "The way Alina-san treated Sana-chan."
  308. "So I can't join."
  309. Mifuyu: "I see..."
  310. "I'm sorry for asking so much of you."
  311. Iroha: "...It's fine."
  312. Mifuyu: "...Ah, that's right!"
  313. Iroha: "W-what is it?"
  314. Mifuyu: "Let's hold a lecture on what it means to release a magical girl!"
  315. Iroha: "A lecture... This is also rather sudden..."
  316. Mifuyu: "Hehe, I'm sorry."
  317. "But to understand this 'release of magical girls' that we always mention..."
  318. "You first have to know what you're being released from."
  319. "It's not at my discretion to tell you directly..."
  320. "But if I ask a Magius then that's a different story."
  321. "What do you think?"
  322. Iroha: "Umm..."
  323. Mifuyu: "Before resorting to fighting, won't you at least hear us out?"
  324. Iroha: "..."
  325. "That's right..."
  326. "I don't want to fight someone without knowing anything about them."
  327. "...Would you tell me more?"
  328. Mifuyu: "Hoh..."
  329. "I'm glad to have received a favorable response."
  330. Iroha: "But..."
  331. Mifuyu: "Yes?"
  332. Iroha: "Please don't have Black Wings or White Wings there..."
  333. Mifuyu: "You don't have to worry about that."
  334. Iroha: "Then, I look forward to it."
  335. Mifuyu: "I hereby accept your entry into our lecture."
  336. Iroha: "Then, what about the time and place of the lecture, Mifuyu-san?"
  337. Mifuyu: "How about the day after tomorrow, at the *Memory Museum*?"
  338. Iroha: "The *Memory Museum*..."
  339. "Based on the name, is that a place with a *rumor*?"
  340. Mifuyu: "Yes, so please research the *rumor* up until the time of the lecture."
  341. Iroha: "We have to find it!?"
  342. Mifuyu: "Hehe, It would make a better reason for the Magius to hold the lecture..."
  343. "If you demonstrate your ability just like you have in the past."
  344. "I think that that should be an appropriate amount of time."
  345. Iroha: "I-I see..."
  347. 6.1.5
  348. [in the living room]
  349. Yachiyo: "I'm home."
  350. "Tamaki-san, are you back?"
  351. "Today, at that meat shop the croquettes were on sale again."
  352. Mifuyu: "Welcome home, Yacchan."
  353. Yachiyo: "Huh? Mifuyu?"
  354. Iroha: "Welcome home, Yachiyo-san..."
  355. Yachiyo: "...What are you here for?"
  356. Mifuyu: "Oh my, that's not how you should talk to your best friend."
  357. "My business is almost finished..."
  358. "So you don't have to be so cautious."
  359. Yachiyo: "So what was that business?"
  360. Mifuyu: "Please don't rush me."
  361. Yachiyo: "Your business?"
  362. "Have you decided to leave the Wings of Magius?"
  363. Mifuyu: "...No, the opposite."
  364. "I was hoping to invite you to the Wings of Magius."
  365. Yachiyo: "...What are you saying?"
  366. "You came to hear an answer you already knew you would get?"
  367. Mifuyu: "If you don't ask the question, you'll never know the answer."
  368. Yachiyo: "I don't have the slightest intention of joining you. Please leave."
  369. Mifuyu: "...No good for you either, huh."
  370. [screen wipe]
  371. Tsuruno: "Come on, you should have contacted us, Iroha-chan!"
  372. Mifuyu: "Tsuruno-san!?"
  373. Tsuruno: "Hoh?"
  374. "Mifuyu!?"
  375. "What happened? Did you finally decide to come back!?"
  376. "Yay!" [I think she jumps on Mifuyu playfully]
  377. Mifuyu: "Um, that's not it..."
  378. Felicia: "What's all the fuss about, Tsuruno!?"
  379. "Wait, it's you, the Wings of Magius big-shot!"
  380. Sana: "Ah, hawawa..."
  381. Mifuyu: "My my, I'm sorry for making such a commotion."
  382. "I apologize for any further mayhem."
  383. "If you would now excuse me."
  384. "Should you change your mind, you can come to the Wings of Magius anytime you like."
  385. Tsuruno: "So she was the one inviting us... I got my hopes up for nothing..."
  386. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu has made her decision. She wouldn't change her mind so easily..."
  387. Felicia: "That's pretty nuts, just walking right into the enemy's base and inviting them to switch sides..."
  388. Sana: "Hahhhhhh... I thought my heart would stop there..."
  389. Yachiyo: "For now, let's forget about Mifuyu and have dinner."
  390. "After all, I bought a lot of croquettes today."
  391. Mifuyu: "Yacchan."
  392. Yachiyo: "What'd you come back for!?"
  393. Mifuyu: "I have one more thing I need to tell you, with just the two of us."
  394. Yachiyo: "...Alright."
  395. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  396. Yachiyo: "Don't worry, I'll be right back."
  397. Iroha: "..."
  398. Mifuyu: <Iroha-san.>
  399. Iroha: <Huh? Mifuyu-san?>
  400. Mifuyu: <I forgot to say this in all the confusion...>
  401. <But could you tell everyone about the lecture we discussed?>
  402. Iroha: <Alright.>
  403. Mifuyu: <I hope to see you there.>
  404. <Then, I'll be going...>
  406. 6.1.6
  407. [on the street]
  408. [Yachiyo is looking very stern]
  409. Yachiyo: "So, what is it that you want to me in private about?"
  410. Mifuyu: "A warning..."
  411. Yachiyo: "A warning?"
  412. Mifuyu: "Yes..."
  413. "Please think back to that promise from a year ago..."
  414. "When I went into the kitchen I was surprised..."
  415. "To think that Iroha-san and the others each have their own mugs..."
  416. "I hope you didn't forget? If you make friends..."
  417. Yachiyo: "They're not friends. We're just cooperating."
  418. Mifuyu: "That's just sophistry."
  419. Yachiyo: "No, they're not friends..."
  420. Mifuyu: "Enough lip service. That's just putting the same thing another way."
  421. Yachiyo: "..."
  422. Mifuyu: "You've returned to your old ways. You met Iroha-san..."
  423. Yachiyo: "That's..."
  424. Mifuyu: "You're too kind, so you can't just look away and pretend you haven't seen something..."
  425. "You're lowering the hurdles that you yourself set."
  426. Yachiyo: "!?"
  427. Mifuyu: "I'll put it straight:"
  428. "Right now, Yacchan from the past is standing in front of me..."
  429. Yachiyo: "...I've heard your warning."
  430. "If you're done here, please leave."
  431. Mifuyu: "I have one more thing to tell you!"
  432. "Won't you come to us?"
  433. "The Wings of Magius are genuinely only connected by our interests."
  434. Yachiyo: "You've said enough... please leave..."
  435. Mifuyu: "..."
  436. "I'll say it again. Once more, you're..."
  437. Yachiyo: "Leave..."
  438. [battle]
  439. [back in the living room]
  440. Yachiyo: "sigh..."
  441. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, are you alright?"
  442. Yachiyo: "Yes... I'm fine..."
  443. Tsuruno: "You say that, but your face is pale..."
  444. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu once more invited me to the Wings of Magius."
  445. "I feel bad just knowing that she was serious..."
  446. "I'm sorry. I'll take a short rest in my room."
  447. Tsuruno: "Uh... yeah..."
  448. Iroha: "Don't worry about dinner tonight. We'll take care of it somehow."
  449. Yachiyo: "Thank you, Tamaki-san."
  450. Tsuruno: "Is Yachiyo alright?"
  451. Felicia: "Ah..."
  452. Tsuruno: "What's up, Felicia?"
  453. Felicia: "We forgot to give her the coasters!"
  454. Sana: "Ah... We can do it another time, though..."
  455. "It probably wouldn't be good to give them to her now..."
  456. Felicia: "Well, that's certainly true."
  457. Iroha: "Then, let's have dinner."
  458. "Yachiyo-san bought us croquettes."
  459. Felicia: "Let's make sure to leave Yachiyo-san her share."
  460. Tsuruno: "Felicia has grown up!"
  461. Felicia: "What was that?"
  462. Tsuruno: "No, never mind."
  463. Iroha: "Hehe"
  464. "..."
  465. [fade to gray]
  466. Iroha: *Like with the mugs, there are a lot of things about Yachiyo-san in this house that I don't know.*
  467. *Mifuyu-san... Is inviting Yachiyo-san really all you did?*
  468. [the city briefly appears, then fade to gray again]
  469. *Yachiyo...*
  470. *Nanami-senpai...*
  471. [in the bathroom, late at night]
  472. Yachiyo: *gulp... gulp...*
  473. "pant... pant..."
  474. (I mustn't stay like this...)
  475. (The promise from a year ago...)
  476. (I must return to being who I was then...)
  477. "sigh..."
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