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  1. Proof of Jewish collective power being one of the main forces in the push for the Islamization of the West:
  3. – Bernard Kouchner, considered by the Jerusalem Post in 2010 to be one of the 15 most influential Jews in the world helps with the whole human trafficking “taxi boats” shit fest that brings the invasors into the West
  4. – Compilation of articles on how Soros is not allowed to operate in Israel, but at the same time Israel has groups like IsraAID working to bring invaders into the West (and lets remember that Israel has advocated for Soros in Hungary in the past, because of “anti-Semitism”: )
  5. - “Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt”
  6. - “Jews, Muslims “Common Cause” To Oppose European Nationalists: Europe’s Top Rabbi”
  7. - “With anti-Muslim laws, Europe enters new dark age:  Leading rabbi condemns discrimination in the name of security.”
  8. - “Why Jews Should Celebrate The First Muslim Congresswomen”
  9. - “British Jews lay groundwork for influx of Syrian refugees”
  10. - “US Jews Demand Israel to Stick to Plan to Deport Africans to White Countries”
  11. – Two Jewish supremacists cheering White genocide (one a Financial Times commentator and the other and editor for Foreign Policy Magazine)
  12. – A Jewish supremacist tells everyone that White Americans need to be drowned in immigration in order to keep support for Israel high, but Jews need to do it slower because the Goyim are catching on to their kikery
  13. – Europe on the chopping block
  15. – Meme with the link for the video of Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, for ease of sharing
  18.     3 Big graphs (part of a series called Cabal Global View graphs) related to this subject:
  19. - #5, version 1.0
  20. – Annex 2, version 1.1
  21. – Annex 3, version 1.1
  23. If you want to see the rest of the graphs in this series here are the links:
  24. - #1 version 1.2
  25. – Annex 1 version 0.2
  26. - #2, version 1.0
  27. - #3, version 1.0
  28. - #4, version 1.0
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