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  1. # What can you bring to our server and why should we choose you over someone else?
  2. #### I really believe that you should accept me as staff on your server as, I love helping out in anything I can possibly can. I have huge amounts of experience when it comes to plugins, managing a staff team, monitoring the server for 'hackers' or rule breakers. As I have owned my own server I can help around with many things in the senior staff area. When it comes to advertising, publicizing and making your server gain a higher player base, Im your man. As I said earlier, I am great at picking out applications from extremely high quality ones to mediocre ones and I want to be able to help your team and make sure its to its highest potential because the better the staff, the better the community, the overall better the players would be and obviously the whole server as well. If you pick me as a staff member, I am one hundred percent sure I will not make you regret it. Im a hard worker and will be playing a-lot so if you need the absolutely anything Im always there to help out, and anything i do, i do to its highest potential.
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