Another installment of staring at hexferry

Jan 10th, 2014
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  1. >Day staring at Hexferry and you’re Anonymous
  2. >she’s currently struggling with the lid of her jar of honey
  3. >unknowns to her, you screwed it shut with as much strength as you could muster beforehand
  4. >just so you could see something hilarious again
  5. >Hexferry tries to get the jar open with all her strength and you just stare
  6. >Hexferry notices this and turns herself a bit away from you while continuing her struggle
  7. >you keep staring at her and she keeps struggling, growing more self conscious by the minute
  8. >”Hexferry do you need help?”
  9. “No I can manage”
  10. >she sounded a bit annoyed, so you smirk a bit and keep staring at her
  11. >Hexferry notices this and gets even more annoyed, and gives the lid a good yank
  12. >it comes open, but that’s not all that happens
  13. >her yank was too powerful and the honey flies out of the jar and onto Hexferry as she squeaks in surprise
  14. >as the honey hits her face she starts to flail around and manages to knock her chair over and fall to the floor
  15. >you almost can not hold your laughter back at this
  16. >Hexferry notices you still staring at her and blushes in embarrassment and tries to get up very quick
  17. >only to hit her head against the underside of the coffee table and squeaks again
  18. >you almost break down laughing right away
  19. >”Hexferry are you al-“
  20. >Hexferry manages to slip thanks to some of the honey that got on the floor and bumps against the counter as she falls to the floor, knocking over your canister of sugar and sending the contents all over herself
  21. >that’s the straw that broke the camels back as you roar in laughter as Hexferry gets up, coat, mane and wings now coated in honey and sugar
  22. >she stares at you with a scrunchy face of disapproval as you try to calm your laughter down
  23. >”HAHAhaha haha ha ok, let’s get you cleaned up”
  24. >you scoop Hexferry into your arms and she starts to protest against it
  25. “I can walk perfectly well on my own hoofs Anon”
  26. >”Come on now Hexferry, you’ll only get honey all over the floor. Let me pay you back for laughing at you”
  27. “...fine...”
  28. >you give Hexferry a big smile
  29. >”You are such a sweetie”
  30. >you laugh all the way to your bathroom as Hexferry struggles in your arms while squeaking angrily at you
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