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  1. i wouldnt hit your bitch if she paid me
  2. i get premium pussy on the daily latly
  3. all this liquor inside me got me feeling wavey
  4. so i stumble off the porch like my name was lahey
  5. im crazy
  7. hit you like a hook from derick lewis
  8. my bars go over your head
  9. my bullets go through it
  11. il turn your whole fucking life to ruins
  12. give your face a slap like boston bruins
  14. sippin whiskey straight like its hetero
  15. lick my fucking ass like an envelope
  16. you cant elope with bitches with the cantalopes
  17. ima run you over like an antelope
  18. watch your fucking house through the telescope
  19.  im the antidote whippin in a supra
  22. smoke an ounce of the haze and buddha
  23. pull up on a razer scooter
  24. just blaze and shoot ya
  25. put the tazer to ya
  26. ande erase your
  28. whatever i still got the chedder
  29. ima mask up
  30. like my name was shredder
  31. ima gas up
  32. come and dead ya
  33. mail your fam a letter
  34. sign it "love from the proffesser"
  35. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
  37. we been through this
  38. ur clueless skrew this
  39. ima nail you to the cross like im judas
  40. check your body just to loot it
  41. i been in the trap business booming
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