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  1. member.send("**Welcome to Newport City RP!** \n \n**What to Expect:** Our server focuses on providing the most quality experience on our server and a realistic roleplay experience for all players initially starting on a menu based server. We want to make sure members feel welcomed and appreciated once joining our server, if you have any suggestions please put it in our suggestions channels and or if you have any questions please ask a Staff Member.\n \nWant to help the server out? You could help fund the server by donating money in the donation-whitelist-info tab\n \nWhile you are here in our server you should apply to be apart of a department\n \nIf you have any questions, concernes message any of the staff that are online \n \n**Chain Of Command**\nIf you do not follow the chain of command you will be kicked then banned, in short DON'T BREAK COC \n \n``Community Founder - Do not contact for issue that are not urgent\n \nProject Lead - Contact for any server or community related issues that are not urgent\n \nAdministrative Director - Head of the staff team, contact only if urgent\n \nHead Administrator - Leader(s) of the staff team, if you have a staff issue contact second\n \nSenior Administrator - First level of senior leadership, if you have an issue with a staff member contact first\n \nAdmin - If you're unable to contact a moderator for support, or have and in-game issue and need experienced advice\n \nModerators - First staff member to contact in the chain of command\n \nTrial Moderators - If you have any questions about any in-game issue and they're in-game go to, if not these are still staff in training.``\n \n**Enjoy you time here!**\n \n**Creators of this BOT:** If you'd like to support the creators of this discord bot please do so by joining this discord\n \n");
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