zoneR BOOSTING-SERVICE.COM - steam comments number 2

May 17th, 2017
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  1. +rep used live trade
  2. +rep awesome gamble
  3. +rep item crosstrader
  4. +rep thanks for skype call you made me feel very great! +rep +rep
  5. +rep thanks for OPSkins Deal was very very good
  6. +rep I love you to buying my skin via opskins with skype call <3
  7. +rep very very legit buyer
  8. +rep super legit buyer recomended
  9. +rep best buyer on steam
  10. +rep wallet code worked
  11. add me I sent invitation, I need some trading tips
  12. added for selling
  13. can you please buy my skin?
  14. +rep best on his category
  15. +rep. this guy is overpaying in wallet codes
  16. +rep thanks for paypal overpay
  17. +rep thanks for wallet code and overpay
  18. +rep very trustworthy trader, recomended
  19. +rep i gave my items first and received wallet codes
  20. +rep lovely trader
  21. added 4 trade
  22. thanks dude for buying via bitcoin +rep
  23. +rep Sold him the knife for wallet codes and went first
  24. +rep Sold him skins for wallet codes and went first
  25. +rep Trustworthy dude
  26. +rep Went first and got my money in wallet codes
  27. +rep Recommend this dude 110% trustworthy
  28. +rep He overpayed in wallet codes
  29. +rep Good trusted Trader
  30. +rep Cool trade
  31. +rep legit buyer
  32. +rep got wallet codes for items
  33. +rep wallet code trader
  34. +rep gave me an honest and fair price for my items, would trade with him again
  35. +rep thank you for the fast and easy trade
  36. +rep trustworthy trader
  37. +rep good trader
  38. +rep I have sold csgo items to this guy multiple times, if u want to sell something I would recommend him!
  39. +rep fair and reasonable with prices!
  40. +rep the steam wallet codes are real
  41. +rep nice trader
  42. +rep trade went well, I got paid as soon as I sent the knife
  43. +rep fast and nice trader
  44. +rep trusted trader
  45. +rep good money trader
  46. +rep he gave me 100 $ steam wallet code for knife, i went first, thx bro :)
  47. +rep steam wallet code trader
  48. +rep he is buying skins for steam wallet codes, trusted trader ! :)
  49. +rep nice trader
  50. +rep trustable guy
  51. +rep lovely person
  52. +rep great guy
  53. +rep fair and fast trader
  54. +rep really good trader
  55. +rep Went first and got my money in wallet codes
  56. +rep trustworthy, patience & friendly.
  57. +rep trustworthy real money trader
  58. +rep best trader on steam
  59. +rep thanks for paypal money
  60. +rep thanks for overpay
  61. +rep thanks for buying via paypal
  62. +rep nice bitcoin trade
  63. +rep lovely trader
  64. +rep steam wallet codes worked
  65. add for trade
  66. added cause selling
  67. +rep nice skrill trader
  68. +rep thanks for wallet codes
  69. +rep thanks for paypal
  70. +rep nice overpay
  71. +rep legit buyer
  72. +rep nice deal through skype
  73. +rep best trade on steam
  74. +rep best paypal trader
  75. +rep thanks for overpay
  76. +rep sent my items first got my money
  77. +rep steam codes work!
  78. +rep traded my items, got the steam codes immediately
  79. +rep smooth trade went first and got my money
  80. +rep sent him items first and recieved my money
  81. +rep very nice
  82. +rep went first, he bought me 100 keys via pp
  83. +rep I went first via pp
  84. +rep trustable, nice guy
  85. +rep thanks for buying my skin
  86. can you add me? I got a selling offer
  87. i got a skin that i wanna sell
  88. added accept please
  89. nice streaming dude, it helped me alot with trading
  90. nice buying stream very cool
  91. thanks for the tips bro
  92. nice streaming
  93. +rep very good streaming
  94. +rep paysafecard received
  95. +rep bitcoin money received
  96. +rep very legit buyer
  97. dam you are so fucking legit bro
  98. +rep thanks for qiwi
  99. +rep received qiwi money after trade
  100. +rep thanks for webmoney
  101. +rep thanks for wallet code
  102. +rep thanks for paypal
  103. +rep traded with him in a itemcrosstrader all good
  104. +rep traded with itemcrosstrader legit fam
  105. +rep i thought twas a scam but its not legit trader
  106. +rep ive love to do trades with him
  107. +rep used item crosstrader in a trade all went good
  108. +rep thanks for the overpay
  109. +rep this admin is trusted
  110. +rep thanks for help
  111. +rep thank you so much
  112. +rep helped me a lot on my trades
  113. +rep sir
  114. +rep steamworks developer
  115. +rep trustworthy
  116. +rep recommended
  117. +rep highly recommended
  118. +rep awesome guy
  119. +rep friendly
  120. +rep very helpful
  121. +rep free service
  122. +rep legit
  123. +rep legitimate program for item verification
  124. +rep totally friendly
  125. +rep good trade helper
  126. +rep 100% trustworthy
  127. +rep the best admin
  128. +rep legit buyer
  129. +rep Trustworthy dude
  130. +rep Went first and got my money
  131. +rep good money trader
  132. +rep trustworthy real money trader
  133. +rep went first, he bought me 100 keys via btc
  134. +rep thanks for buying my skin
  135. +rep bought keys via btc went first.
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