Best Father's Day Ever? Best Father's Day Ever.

Jun 17th, 2014
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  1. If there’s one thing I truly love in this land, its sleep. I love my daughter, but I love sleep more. Which is why I’m currently swatting at my daughter, Rainbow Dash, as she tries to brushes a wing tip along my nose to wake me up, a most valiant effort on her part. But I will stan-erm, no wait, lay strong!
  3. “Come ooooon Dad, wake uuuuup. I know you’re awake, you can’t fool me!”
  5. I grumbled, trying to ignore my daughter’s attempt at waking me up, her voice cracking slightly as she tried to hit a high note.
  7. “I know you weakness dad.”
  9. With a huff, I heard her get close to me, leaning into my ear, feeling her breathe lightly into it.
  11. “I made hay bacon, extra cripsy~”
  13. And then she waved a piece under my nose, the rich, wonderful scent of oil and hay filling my nostrils. And in that moment, I came to a conclusion: Fuck sleep, there’s bacon to be had.
  15. My eyes snapped open, and before my daughter could react, I had snatched the hay bacon out of her hoof and consumed it, the wonderfully rich taste flowing over my tongue with each crispy bite. Licking my hoof clean, I felt a yawn overtake me, rising from beneath the blankets with a stretch, before blearily turning to face my daughter, her sky blue face lit up with a smirk, framed by her spiky rainbow mane.
  17. Brushing my own rainbow mane out of my eyes, I smirked back at her. Ah, like father, like daughter.
  19. “Alright honey, I’m up, I’m up. But I sure hope there’s more where that came from.”
  21. “You bet dad, I made you breakfast!”
  23. Faster than I could blink, she was gone with a little rainbow trail, dashing out of the room and knocking the door hard enough to send little puffs of cloud floating about. Before I could chastise her for being such a clutz, she ran back in, balancing a tray of food on her back.
  25. Moving into a better position, I laid down on the bed, facing her expectantly as she lowered a tray onto the sheets, a small bowl of what smelled like honeyed oatmeal, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and, best of all, hay bacon, extra crispy.
  27. You would never know it by looking at her, but my daughter was a damn fine cook. I didn’t even know it until she managed to produce an egg salad sandwich for me one night after a rough day at the Rainbow Factory that made me cry.
  29. “Happy Father’s Day, dad!”
  30. ~ ~ ~
  31. I lay there, rubbing my belly as the last piece of bacon made its way down to my stomach. As I ate, Dash had been chatting idly with me, telling me about her current training with at the Wonderbolt Academy. As usual, she was going on about herself.
  33. “-And then we dived straight down with this inside spiral, and we all pulled up at the same time! It was AWESOME!”
  35. She smiled at me, waiting for my inevitable praise. I couldn’t lie, I was proud of my daughter, but she was pretty egotistical, and I was partly to blame. I’d been a young hotshot myself growing up and I loved bragging to my daughter every time I blazed past the competition, but that was years ago, when she was barely able to even trot on her own.
  37. But now she was her own mare, and was coming quite the hotshot, more than I ever was, so I couldn’t begrudge her the extra attention.
  39. “You know it, Dashie, your make your old man proud!”
  41. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t check that ego of hers every now and again.
  43. “Now, since you’ve talked my ear off about yourself, why don’t we have a nice little flight, since I’m feeling so nice and full?”
  45. Rolling out the bed, I lowered myself into a deep stretch, letting my wings flare out, feeling my joints popping, aching to be used. I made my way to the window, opening it and inhaling the fresh air deeply, feeling the cold, brisk breeze more in my body than anywhere else. I could feel that familiar tingle in my wings, that subtle urge to take flight and the yearning for the breeze underneath my wings.
  46. Leaning, out the window, I turned back to look at my daughter, shooting her the widest, most shit eating grin I could.
  48. “Last one to the Stormfront is moldy hay!”
  50. And with that, I dived out the window, leaving my stunned daughter behind.
  52. I took off like a bullet, diving hard before popping my wings open and shooting off into the cloud line. I knew my little girl wouldn’t be far behind, and I needed every advantage I could get, as I could practically feel my daughter gaining on me.
  53. Within a few seconds, she had caught up to me, but not before artfully blowing a raspberry at me, which was honestly more impressive considering how fast we were going. Suppressing a grin, I poured more power, pushing myself as hard as I could, drawing closer to my daughter as she juked and weaved between cloud banks.
  54. I began to draw closer, bringing us neck and neck, tilting and weaving as the clouds became thicker. Trying my luck, I tilted my head to my little girl and give her a wink. Clearly she was feeling the pressure now as we drew closer to the Stormfront, a large gathering of storm clouds that the Pegasi used for weather control.
  55. Clearly my daughter was fast, but her stamina wasn’t up to snuff apparently, as I could see her breathing become labored, her wing strokes becoming more and more uneven. I was faring no better however, feeling the joints and muscles in my wings screaming for relief with every single downward flap. It was going to be a close one.
  57. We were in a dead heat leading as we began to approach the outer edges of the huge cloud before us, thunder rumbling as sharp forks of lighting occasionally popped out of the roiling mass. If things were tricky before, they were going to be downright impossible now.
  59. I flicked a bead of sweat off my eyelash, dodging and weaving; delving deeper into the mass, even losing sight of the blue streak that was my little girl. But the soon the clouds began to break apart, and the prevailing winds began to calm as we approached the center. I caught sight of a rainbow mane out of the corner of my eye, and to my dismay, it was beginning to gain on me.
  61. She blazed past me, a look of determination on her face as she flew past me. It became quite obvious to me that I wasn’t going to win this one, but I’d be damned if I didn’t give it my all. With a guttural scream, I gave my every ounce, literally screaming as I pushed myself beyond my limits, coming into sight of Dash as she lay panting on a calm cloud. I banked, flying straight into it face first, and coming to a sudden halt in an ungraceful heap.
  63. Lying there, I tried to catch my breather, turning to look her in the face, before giving as nonchalant a shrug as possible while I was dying there.
  64. “Okay honey, I think you won. I’m moldy hay.”
  65. ~ ~ ~
  66. After a quick shower in a cloud after we could both move, and endless teasing, we finally arrived back at my home. I flopped myself onto the bed, my muscles still rather sore from the ordeal. I had pushed myself harder than I had in years, and had only made my daughter hit her second wind. I guess she was better than her old man.
  68. And cue my daughter walking in, on her front hooves. Oh, now she was just showing off.
  69. “Okay, now you’re just showing off!”
  70. With a powerful flap of her wings, she flipped over back onto four legs, before raising a forehoof to her chest.
  71. “Guilty as charged, Dad! After all, when you’re as good as me, you got to let ponies know it!”
  72. “Yeah, yeah.”
  73. “So, Dad, are you sure you’re going to live? Not going to croak on me now are you?”
  75. I merely cocked an eyebrow at her, before flopping back down.
  76. “You know what I like to do after a good workout like that? I like to blow some steam off.”
  78. Before I could even react, she fluttered onto the bed, landing hips first into my lap. I had no idea what in Equestria had gotten into my daughter, but I couldn’t bring myself to shove her away.
  80. “And seeing as its Father’s Day, I’d say you could use an extra special treat, from the hottest, most athletic, lithest pony in Equestria.”
  82. I became aware of a wetness growing in my lap, as she began grinding against me, my own arousal slowly poking out to meet her own. I felt her hooves press into my legs as she leaned down, breathily moaning, biting my ear.
  84. I couldn’t have pushed her off even if I wanted to, it had been so very, very long since I’ve felt the company of a mare in this way, and I was desperate at this point. Dash wasn’t lying; she was incredible looking, and would have driven any Pegasus stallion crazy. Fine toned flanks and a flexible body, and a perky set of crotchboobs set between her creamy thighs.
  86. I merely grunted, throwing her hooves off my legs, before slapping them heavily against her flanks and grinding into her tight slit in earnest, my erection growing out of my sheath and slowly rubbing into her slit. She was really drenched now, her own fluids running down my inner thighs as I slowly rubbed the cutie marks on her tight little ass.
  87. “Mmm, yeah Daddy! Celestia’s sun you have no idea how much I want this, watching you fly like that. I can’t tell you how much it turns me on watching others push me to the edge!”
  89. I was barely paying attention at this point, trying my hardest to fit the head of my cock to her tight lips, missing my mark slightly every time, magnifying my frustration every time I managed to miss her entrance. Sensing my anger, I felt her shift, before a warmth met the flare of my cock, and I thrusted forward.
  91. “OH MY GOSH!”
  93. Glorious warmth wrapped around me, sucking me in, even as she bounced off of me, a loud smacking sound filling the room as our hips met. She was gloriously, wonderfully tight, and every thrust only made more of her juices flow out of her, soaking my crotch in short order. Even from where I was at, I could see her petite tits bouncing in sync.
  95. We fell into a steady rhythm, her loud moans filling the air as my cock split her open, making no excuses for the slutty sounds emanating from her mouth. Every breath only drove me closer to the edge; as she soon began devolving into screaming swear words as I plunged in and out of her pussy, feeling her spasm again and again as she came several times. I could feel the tightening inside of me as my own peak approaching.
  97. I brought a swift hoof to her tight flanks, a resounding crack filling the air, making her jolt, before I pushed myself up, grabbing one of her hind legs, bringing it up to my shoulder. With a groan, I began fucking her in earnest, any rhythm we had suddenly lost as I pushed myself to the edge as I fucked my daughter.
  99. “I’m getting close!”
  102. I nodded, slamming hard and fast, feeling my balls slap against her entrance with every stroke, feeling the cum welling in my balls. With a final push, I felt the head of my cock flare out, as a glorious whiteness filled my vision. Gush after gush left me, filling her to the brim as she cried out. I could barely hear her over the own rushing in my ears as years’ worth of blockage left me, spurt after spurt filling the deepest depths of my daughter.
  104. My sight returned to me as I looked down at my daughter, her belly bulging slightly from my seed, some of it spilling out from our joined organs. I pulled out slowly, watching our combined juices rush out, staining the bed with our labors, gush after gush of my own cum leaking from her gaping pussy with every wink of her sensitive nub.
  106. “Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, Dad that was incredible, ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh-“
  108. I could only nod, my vision growing dim as she babbled on, my day finally begin catching up to me, a goofy grin making its way across my face. In that moment, I decided to take a page from my daughter’s book.
  110. “Best. Father’s Day. Ever.”
  112. And with that, sleep claimed me.
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