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  1. [OOC] Patashu says, "*claps hands* Ok, let's get set up!"
  2. [OOC] Patashu says, "As a reminder, here are the expectations you should have for this session:"
  3. [OOC] Patashu says, "1) This is a 'saturday morning cartoon villain' kind of level of seriousness. You won't die or be injured, and rule of cool/rule of funny based logic is allowed."
  4. [OOC] Patashu says, "2) I have a rough idea of how the scenario might play out, but I will not railroad you or punish you for trying things I didn't expect. Feel free to experiment!"
  5. [OOC] Patashu says, "3) Direct confrontration may not be the smartest idea. Subterfuge and creativity can get you a long way!"
  6. ( Even before getting closed to the agreed meeting location, there's been a looming and ominous presence in the air. One of Femashu's battleships, in the same gaudy purple and gold and hot pink design as her draconic self, even having a draconic head shape for the bridge at the front, casts a shadow over this part of the landscape. As you congregate around, a warm green tractor beam extends from the ship's base, carrying with it Femashu and her two feral dragon synth bodyguards, Jager and Zettanuke. Femashu delicately lands, her footclaws bending for a moment, and then she holds an arm in front of her, taking a bow, appearing smug and confident. "Thank you all for coming, citizens of Spindizzy! Uhuhu~ I hope that today will be quite productive~" )
  7. Alan grins briefly, returning the bow, notably matching the angle of hers. Then he continues eating what looks like a gas station burrito. "Saw the commslog, got curious. Welcome all the same!"
  8. Vahno says, "Well, that's one heck of an entrance. "
  9. Femashu> > Alan [Alan just looked in your direction! (male lizard creature)]
  10. Skai chirrs, and gives a bow himself towards the dragon bot, giving her two more quadrupedal bodyguards a close regarding. "Yes.. Uh.. Welcome."
  11. Somewhere on the muck, J.P. has disconnected.
  12. NovaSquirrel offers a friendly wave
  13. Amy wonders, "Are we here as guinea pigs, or what?"
  14. Crimson nods to Vahno. He then bows politely. "Hello."
  15. Monika glances around at the robodragon and the bodyguards and the ship... "I hope that fortune was right and purple *is* my lucky color!"
  16. In a page-pose to you, Koris may stop by if sie's able~
  17. You page, "Go for it!" to Koris.
  18. Femashu chuckles and runs a hand through her hair, making the tuft pull back before springing forward. "Of course, of course~ A proper dragon does everything with dignity, and expects to be respected." Her two bodyguards gaze over the crowd, lazily. Femashu reaches up to fuzzle the top of Jager's head, crooning. "Now then! Shall we get down to business? I've heard that your Spindizzy is home to all sorts of... curiosities~ People with unique skills! Things that a proper and powerful dragon like me could make better use of than you could! I am of course, looking for servants... And your service will be handsomely rewarded indeed! Uhuhu~"
  19. Monika says, "'Handsomely rewarded'? Oh oh, this isn't one of those 'work for exposure' deals is it?"
  20. Alan hmms, "Well, I run my own operation, but I'm sure if you throw a bunch of ads out in the paper you'll get some people sending you applications."
  21. Vahno chuckles. "Well, I suppose some folks might be willing to help."
  22. In a page-pose to you, Ping apologizes for not joining in, is going to be fairly distracted this evening...
  23. NovaSquirrel says, "What kinda tasks are we talking here?"
  24. Somewhere on the muck, Borris has disconnected.
  25. Skai nods over to NovaSquirrel in agreement. "Yes.. I suppose it depends on just what you're thinking of asking us to do."
  26. Femashu smirks, amused, tapping her horn. "Oh, this is more than just working for exposure! This is an opportunity to side with the most powerful dragon you'll ever lay eyes on!" She gestures, and holographically projects a view of a planet down up entirely in her colours. Seeming metallic and cybertronian, it's lined with purple and gold hex grids, plateaus, sprawling masses of towers and... Is that a statue of -her-? It must be visible from orbit! "Femashu Industries has quite the ambitions to it, you know! I won't settle until my hoard is the largest in the galaxy, and everyone knows the name of their future Empress~ Uhuhu! And any empire with my aspirations needs a military to match. I understand that you all have some unusual talents to brag about, yes? Magic, psionics, even defying physics? If you agree to use your talents for something of REAL importance, you'll take your rightful place under your Empress!"
  27. You page, "No problem! If you want a log later, just ask!" to Ping.
  28. .Kandra zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
  29. .Kandra has arrived.
  30. I don't see the player named "kandra" here.
  31. You whisper, "" to .Kandra.
  32. [OOC] .Kandra may be largely idle and just in 'observer mode' here.
  33. [OOC] Patashu says, ".Kandra caught up."
  34. Vahno rubs his head. "Think some folks here might be against that..."
  35. Crimson vocalizes, "Yeah..."
  36. In a page-pose to you, Savaran(Z)[Koris] is the rename for Mechoris
  37. NovaSquirrel says, "I think there's much better uses to abilities than just feeding an ego, like helping people in need"
  38. Monika says, "Defying physics? Hey hey, I prefer to think of it as having a close, personal, friendly relationship with physics..."
  39. Amy waves.
  40. Amy leaves for The Adamant Glacier (N11 W1) ([E]ast).
  41. Amy has left.
  42. Savaran zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
  43. Savaran has arrived.
  44. Alan shrugs, still smiling for a moment. "Well, as I said, I run my own operation. As do a lot of people here, so, I guess there's always arranging trade deals with people if you want to buy something." He then grins for a moment, "I'd offer the rest of this burrito, but I don't see any organics to offer it to."
  45. Alan asides, "Nice planet though, got a bit of a 1980s Terra motif to it."
  46. Femashu leans forward with a chuckle, her tail lashing behind her as she places a foreclaw on her chin, contemplative. "Oho~? It seems we don't see things the same way." She claps her hands, changing the holographic projection, showing off part of her space fleet. It seems the ship you're in the shadow of right now is just one of many. "The creatures of this galaxy are sadly quite flawed beings. They bicker, they fight, and they accomplish little. They cling tight to their values, which only leads to their stagnation! I, on the other hand, wish only to give everything a proper place - united, under one dragon, to ensure the galaxy can flourish under my rule! Besides..." She rubs her hands as she stands back up, grinning toothily. "MY aspirations aren't so easily curtailed! If you don't wish to welcome me, it's only a matter of time before my empire naturally expands here anyway. And then, well... I will have already known where you stand by then~ Uhuhu!" She frowns! "But I'm an impatient dragoness! I'd rather not have to wait that long! So I brought a *special* gift with me to show you all!" She taps her horn. "Sky Fortress, deploy the Hypno-Egg."
  47. Monika perks her ears and glances about. "'Hypno-Egg'? Is that like Eggs Benedict?"
  48. ( The ship above us fires its tractor beam again. This time a large egg shaped device is being lowered down to the ground, landing with a THWUMP. It looks a good 8 feet tall, and  it has a purple scale pattern on its exterior, with four golden stripes that run up its length from base to top, forming a 'cross' shape where they intersect. The front of the egg has a computer console bolted into it, which is showing a system status readout. If you can detect psionic energy, it's clearly giving it out in soft, unfocused waves, but you get the feeling that this is something Femashu captured and refurbished, rather than something she properly understands. )
  49. You whisper, " log you missed" to Savaran.
  50. Vahno blinks and watches it for a moment. "And this does...?"
  51. NovaSquirrel headtilts and watches, looking over the situation
  52. Skai huffs, peering over to Crimson and the others. "I.. I'm not sure I really want to stick around to find out about something called the 'Hypno-Egg. She has an entire fleet with her.."
  53. Alan finishes the rest of his burrito, then takes the wrapper and fashions it into a literal tinfoil hat, which may or probably won't work. He tries to keep his cool but it probably isn't hard to notice his tail flicking about, "Hey, you know you're not the only one here with that sort of thing. You're really getting in over your head here."
  54. Crimson nods to Skai. "Yeahhh..."
  55. Femashu> You croon, "Uhuhu~! Isn't it so pretty? I figured that if I can't convince folks with *words* to do the right thing, I'll just *make* them work for me. With my Hypno-Egg, you'll be under my spell~ You'll divulge all your secrets to me, and become one of my assets! Don't worry, I'll treat you like any of my other underlings~ So! Who shall I try my toy out on first? Any volunteers? Otherwise I'll just pick whoever I think is the cutest~"
  56. Femashu croons, "Uhuhu~! Isn't it so pretty? I figured that if I can't convince folks with *words* to do the right thing, I'll just *make* them work for me. With my Hypno-Egg, you'll be under my spell~ You'll divulge all your secrets to me, and become one of my assets! Don't worry, I'll treat you like any of my other underlings~ So! Who shall I try my toy out on first? Any volunteers? Otherwise I'll just pick whoever I think is the cutest~"
  57. [OOC] Nova says, ",38629.html"
  58. NovaSquirrel says, "Obviously that means we have to make you the cutest"
  59. Vahno steps forward. "Yeah, let's see if that works."
  60. Monika, while Femashu is calling for volunteers, wanders over to the computer console and starts playing with it.
  61. NovaSquirrel says, "Could play dressup~"
  62. Savaran whispers, "Savaran ponders. The factory buildings themselves are -big,- yeah?~" to you.
  63. Femashu gives a hearty 'uhuhuhu~' at that! "You think you can hypnotize ME? I'd love to see you try~ I'm the one with the Hypno-Egg, here!" She examines Vahno's apparent offer for a moment, stroking her chin. "Ah, the four-armed one? I suppose we can... Ah, just a moment~" She taps her horn, and Zettanuke LEAPS between the computer console and Monika, glaring in that kind of 'deadpan superior dragon' way at the cartoon mongoose. "THE MISTRESS WOULD RATHER YOU NOT TOUCH THAT," The dragon growls. Femashu gives a laugh at that! "I saw that, dear~ You'll have to be more subtle than that!"
  64. Alan actually snickers briefly at Monika. Though, he then shakes his head, before looking to Vahno... and Monika.
  65. You whisper, "Yeah! (If it's related to the RP, the PI base is pretty far from here. It just happens to be in the same tile.)" to Savaran.
  66. [OOC] Alan says, "Er, snickers at NovaSquirrel"
  67. Femashu claps her hands! "Anyway! Shall you become the first of my many obedient Spindizzian followers, four-armed one~?"
  68. Crimson blinks at Monika and Vahno both. "This should be interesting at least."
  69. Vahno says, "We'll see..."
  70. Skai is getting a closer look at Jager and Zettanuke, perking up when the dragon leaps forth. Assessing the situation.. and watching Vahno rather curiously.
  71. Savaran is 'creeping in' from the direction of the factory proper, with footfalls that can be felt before the heavy 'mech comes into view between factory buildings in the distance. It's a little longer before the mechanized hydra actually reaches reasonable speaking distance, various heads regarding the gathering, its host and the ship above.
  72. Femashu> Vahno whispers, "Vahno is tempted to let this work... He is probably gonna play along, at the very least." to you.
  73. Monika smiles cheerfully at the henchdragon. "Oh oh! I wasn't trying to break it or anything, Jager... or are you Zettanuke... Just curious how it works!"
  74. ( It doesn't seem like Jager or Zettanuke are taking much action besides what Femashu orders them to. Zettanuke keeps an eye on Monika, unswayed by Monika's excuses, while Jager stays by Femashu's side. Femashu taps her horn, and then points at Vahno. "Hypno-Egg, fire." She commands, as the Hypno-Egg emits an audible 'whummm'. The screen can be shown to target Vahno with a reticule, and a meter rises as a diagram of two fuzzy waves are swept and slowly synchronized. Anyone who can sense psionic energy can detect a convergence of waves around Vahno's body, that would no doubt make the Gaerian struggle. Vahno's every surface thought is *bombarded* with thoughts of love, passion, servitude, a deep desire for purple and dragons. Vahno might succumb to the hypnosis, resist and break free, or resist and PRETEND that it worked, depending on how quick witted he is and his desires. )
  75. Room: Road to Roaring Industry (N11 W2)
  76. -Stat-Name----------------Sex---------Species---------------------------------
  77.       >Savaran            Herm        Mecha-Hydra                       |Koris
  78.  IC   >.Kandra            female      white fox                        |Kandra
  79.    Doing: Unwinding the call stack                                            
  80.  IC   Nova[10m idle]      N/A         Furret Pooltoy                          
  81.       >Alan               male        lizard creature                   |Myril
  82.  IIC  Crimson[2m idle]    Male        Wolf Synth                              
  83.    Doing: Magic!                                                              
  84.       Monika              female      cartoon mongoose                        
  85.    Doing: Being an impish inked ichneumon                                    
  86.       Vahno[3m idle]      Male        Gaerian                                
  87.  IC   Mako[11m idle]      Female      Nekomata                                
  88.    Doing: Free!                                                              
  89.       Skai[3m idle]       Male        Nusauan Phoenix                        
  90.  IIC  NovaSquirrel[8m idlefemale      anthropomorphic squirrel                
  91.  EXC  Patashu             male        Anthro Dragon Synth                    
  92.    Doing: Machine critters! Flashy adventures! Excessiveness! Safe/fun combat!
  93.  uhu~ >Femashu            villainess  Steampunk Anthro Dragoness      |Patashu
  94. ---[ Found 12 characters. ( 8 Awake / 4 Zombies ) ]---------------------------
  95. Alan flats his ears briefly. Seems that, while he isn't very psi-active himself, he knows what psi-waves are. Nonetheless he watches quietly.
  96. Vahno gahs and shakes his head, a bit surprised at the intensity of it all. After a while, he straightens up, mostly. He still looks very dazed. "Woah..."
  97. Monika skips around the Hypno-Egg, trying to get away from Zettanuke. "Now now!" she calls out to Femashu, "It's not nice to start fires!"
  98. Savaran rumbles at a volume level calibrated to not cause any undue distress or damage to eardrums or audio receptors or the like. "This is a strange gathering. Is it a party?"
  99. NovaSquirrel says, "It -should- be a party"
  100. NovaSquirrel says, "That would be fun"
  101. Skai huffs, and draws himself up a bit, and eyes Femashu. "So who are you, exactly? You look like Patashu, have the same colors.."
  102. NovaSquirrel says, "His sister, I think?"
  103. Crimson watches quietly, looking to Skai when he starts to speak.
  104. Alan waves up at Savaran, "This robot dragon lady thinks she can brainwash this world into serving her. We're playing along, sort of, I guess."
  105. Patashu waves a finger over to Vahno. "Ah, a rousing success, once again~ I love seeing a plot come together! Uhuhu~ So, my new servant! Come closer, and tell me all about yourself..." She croons. Meanwhile, Zettanuke, following its most recent orders, is pacing left and right, trying to keep itself between Monika and the Hypno-Egg, staring her down intensely. Femashu hears Skai's question, and gives a playful chuckle. "We do look alike, don't we~? I only exist because of him, and I'm only here because of him! So you could think of me as his fault, but I prefer to think of myself as... The better sibling~ The sibling who understands what being a dragon is REALLY about. Having and displaying true power, and rising above the common rabble of the galaxy to rule! Patashu's too meek and anxious to do anything like that, poor him! Uhuhu~"
  106. [OOC] Patashu says, "Pretend Femashu posed that."
  107. [OOC] NovaSquirrel says, "spontaneously evil Patashu"
  108. [OOC] Skai says, "Hahaha"
  109. [OOC] Patashu says, "*kidnaps NovaSquirrel to code games in Patashu's basement for all of eternity!*"
  110. Vahno rubs his head a bit and nods, stepping over to Femashu. "I'm Vahno, Vahno Eckran, and I'm... kinda dizzy? Is that normal?"
  111. Femashu chuckles! "Oho, well, you have just made the most important decision of your life, Vahno~ Pledging yourself to serve me and Femashu Industries! Isn't that right, dear~ I'm sure you must be giddy with nervous excitement!" She hugs an arm around Vahno, pulling him in with a sweet croon, gazing face to face with him!
  112. Monika alternates between feigning left and feigning right, trying to find an opening to dodge around Zettanuke...
  113. Vahno blushes and quietly nods, a bit surprised, but he does hug back.
  114. ( Zettanuke has the reaction time of a programmed robot. It feels like every move you make, Zettanuke is responding before you're even finished thinking it! But you do have one big advantage over the dragon synth - your comparative small size and agility. )
  115. Somewhere on the muck, Austin has connected.
  116. Femashu grins at this, closing her eyes and placing a smooch on Vahno's forehead. "Now then, Vahno! Tell me... How can you be useful to me and my empire? Perhaps you're already thinking of something you -yearn- so deeply to do for your Empress? Uhuhu~"
  117. Somewhere on the muck, Azure has connected.
  118. NovaSquirrel watches and follows over near Monika, "Need any help over there?"
  119. Vahno blushes a fair bit brighter. "Oh, ah... well... I'm... not sure?"
  120. Skai crosses his arms, and sighs some. "To be honest, I think I prefer Patashu's approach to things. You would probably have to tell us more about your uh.. grandeur and whatnot." He huffs, trying to see if he can bait her into monologuing.. Maybe get a distraction going so others can reach the Hypno-Egg?
  121. Monika dodges left, right, forward, back, up, down... finally she shrugs, and leaps to try to pounce on top of Zettanuke!
  122. Vahno says, "I've not exactly done too much, so... Not sure, sorry..."
  123. [OOC] Savaran says, "Sorry for delays. Player's dealing with a leg injury"
  124. Azure arrives from The Adamant Glacier (N11 W1).
  125. Azure has arrived.
  126. NovaSquirrel just tries waltzing up to that terminal herself to see if anything gets in her way
  127. Crimson listens to Skai, while watching Princess Nova and Monika.
  128. Femashu smirks. "Well, -I- can think of something any respectable minino would love to do~" She chuckles, reaching over for a satchel on Jager's tailbase. She takes out what looks like a purple and gold blob. It maintains spherical shape, but sloshes a bit when moved, keeping coherent. It has a design of a gold ridge and two horns spiraling out of it. It almost looks like some kind of liquid rubber dragon egg. "Make more minions for me! Get this on any of your former friends, and they'll be covered in a rubbery dragoness exosuit, ready to serve!" Femashu grins, clicking her teeth. "Think you can do that for me, dear~?" She gives Vahno's shoulder a pat, gazing over to Skai with a chuckle. "About my grandeur, hmm? Well, what's there to say? What I want, I take, and I always get~ The most powerful dragoness should have the biggest hoard and the most servants, after all! Uhuhu~" Meanwhile, Zettanuke lets out a curious grunt, looking up as Monika lands on top of it! It does the best thing it can think of, namely, roll onto its back, trying to grab and snatch at her! It doesn't seem like Zettanuke has time to pay attention to NovaSquirrel at this point.
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