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  1. In the beginning: Merr, Law, Solbruin, Egal and Catcher make the world and each give it a race. Solbruin is a needless rebel
  3. Mortal civilisation advances to the point where the Catchers figure out how to harness the power of Solbruin's weather-shoal-monsters. Egal doesn't like this, Law does a shit job mediating the situation, acts are slung around and civilisation collapses (except for the seakin)
  5. Merr stops yelling at the seakin to pay attention for like, five minutes, and tries to take over the pantheon. He's driven off by Egal
  7. The remaining four start trying to rebuild something out of the wreckage (luckily these four are pretty peaceable gods so there was little backbiting), the seakin refuse to worship anyone and hide at the bottom of the ocean
  9. Law and Solbruin reckon that all the architecture still looks sturdy, so instruct Egal and Catcher in making resevoirs and junk and creating the Bureaucracy. They then wait for some new gods to show up
  11. New gods show up and create the races of the New World. These guys start mopping up the monsters, the Bureaucracy offers to give them the run of the place (with supervision)
  13. Civilisation rebuilds, the bureaucracy invest acts into securing the universe and streamlining immigration and junk, the inhabitants of the Lower Heavens party hard
  15. Law is really good at this budgeting stuff, so the Beaus get a hefty amount of acts and the Lower Heavens are pretty happy because this is like a little slice of paradise (although paradise can attract asshats, but you can't have everything)
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