The end.

Oct 13th, 2018
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  1. For those of you who wanted to see the end to changeling life style. Sorry. its done. Life is kind of a pain in the ass. But i won't leave you with absolutely no resolution. I posted my old planned notes for the anniversary. SO here is the ending.
  3. I had a lot of ideas for it. But if you want a run down here we go
  4. where we left off was a cross over, after it ended Maud was going to hint at a place that might be good for magic. They would be on the way to the site and find Twilight Sparkle walking down the road, bloody, bruised, collar torn. But alive. They would catch her and go with her on a small journey, eventually learning about the exact location that the portal was opened. This location, they would arrive, and it would look like a nuke had gone off. With lots of scientist and shit hanging out checking the place out. With no ability to get closer, they would go hide out. On the way Ling would discover a sweatshop full of missing changeling workers. She would go absolutely postal, and, anon, realizing this has gone too far, would finally grow some balls and start really helping. They would find a standard modern indian reserve and chill there while they planned. Candence and twilight, finally reunited, would be able to open a communication with celestia, who, forced to work with a desperate chrysalis would begin plotting to reopen the portal. This is risky as the unstable magic would wipe out the west coast. but the Ponies need to get home. Link the available princesses and chrysalis would work together and manage to open a small portal, Ling, being good hearted as she is, spends her time helping ponies and lings alike make it to this small portal, which being under Indian reserve law, means she gets away with it for a long time. However the longer the portal is open, the longer it is unstable.
  5. Twilight would insist on sacrificing herself, but ling would throw her through the portal by force. Ling, in turn, would exhaust all available magic in her, as well as the power of ponies and changelings on the other side, to try and keep it open. But ultimately, much like trying to force 120 volts through a 30guage wire, it would fail, and ling, in a last ditch effort, uses all her available love and energy and jumps into the portal. But doesnt come out the other side. Anon, who by now has come to understand and even love Ling, finds himself mentally unable to leave this portal. He doesnt know why, but he feels as if the portal radiates for him, telling him to do better. He then, with gay horse friend, begins taking over ling and twilights job, finding and saving ponies, and using the indian reservation as a HQ, an underground railroad of sorts to save ponies, because something deep inside of him is screaming at him to make it all work it. It would end with anon, years later, alone, starburst having decided to go back home, sitting by the portal smoking and relaxing after a long night of hunting down a missing Chang who is returned home with the now petrified remains of her tail. He tosses the cigarette down and gazes into the slightly smaller than normal portal, staring into the otherside, wondering what its like there. He puts his hand it. It hurts, it hurts so much. Celestias anti-human shield is working. But he feels calmed. He hears something, but not vocally. "its not your time my Anon. You havn't finished serving the hive" Its not Chrysalis' voice.
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