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17/05 jtandy - 16y old boy - Left Misrata 3 weeks ago

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May 17th, 2011
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  1. jtandy: hello
  2. emmaomo: New: tawurgha video
  3. CalyxxNC: hello jtandy
  4. jtandy: how r u guys..
  5. Dragog: funny, oldmomma--I thought I just said that...hehe
  6. jtandy: any1 from u guys lives in misuratah
  7. miswiyati: oldmomma have you see this video yet..
  8. CalyxxNC: We don't have any chatters in misrata jtandy
  9. jtandy: what do u mean
  10. jtandy: u all r for the freedom right?
  11. jtandy: and against gedaffi
  12. jtandy: im just new here
  13. CalyxxNC: Our cjhatters in here are from around the world however given internet capabilities and monitoring in Libya, we don't have people actually in Libya here
  14. CalyxxNC: All support Free Libya but from the outside.
  15. jtandy: aha
  16. jtandy: ok well i live in misuratah
  17. boo20: hi //
  18. miswiyati: shows how gaddafi's forces are hiding their vehicles from the nato aircrafts
  19. CalyxxNC: We do, however, get live broadcasts from Libya on a scheduled basis
  20. CalyxxNC: 10pm Libya time daily
  21. boo20: itandy - khayer Ya Misrata
  22. CalyxxNC: You are in misrata now?
  23. jtandy: no
  24. jtandy: i left musratah before 3 weeks
  25. jtandy: from now
  26. CalyxxNC: Ah...ok...I would have been very surprised if you were sititng in Misrata center right now ;)
  27. jtandy: im a 16 year old boy
  28. jtandy: haha
  29. Skillethead: welcome, jtandy, i was just watching this amazing video (at least i think it is) and i don't speak arabic but i can tell he keeps saying misrata -- would you like to watch and tell us more about it
  30. jtandy: i have friend a few that have satalite internet
  31. flash_bang: libya freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  32. CalyxxNC: welcome jtandy
  33. Skillethead: heya, flash
  34. CalyxxNC: hi flash
  35. LibyanPride1: @Caly very good News from Tripoli on TribuneFM i have a good feeling about the day of rage
  36. jtandy: yeah sure
  37. flash_bang: libya frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  38. flash_bang: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  39. CalyxxNC: Please do not spam
  40. Skillethead: jtandy, i'm glad you are safe, and i hope your friends and family are ok too
  41. tradz: somebody paint the windows in here?
  42. jtandy: yeah they r...
  43. Skillethead: -- here it is. i really want to know what he's saying
  44. flash_bang: hhhh
  45. flash_bang: i sad libya free
  46. Dragog: welcome, jtandy, from America
  47. jtandy: Skillethead: it wont open..?
  48. LibyanPride1: Libyan-Canadian here
  49. tradz: glad you're safe, jtandy. welcome
  50. LibyanPride1: Canuckistan!
  51. flash_bang: so hi evrey body
  52. Skillethead: whoops, left out a letter
  53. Skillethead: flash, that was quite an entrance :)
  54. jtandy: its not really somthing big u know its abbout a guy
  55. jtandy: wrote a story
  56. Skillethead: I'm curious if the guy is reciting something famous, or his own words
  57. jtandy: here's the latest news
  58. emmaomo: ChangeInLibya MhalwesTripoli: The security service building (Internal security, intelligence) is burning right now after an attack by freedom fighters. #libya
  59. jtandy:
  60. Skillethead: oh yes, FreedomGroup :)
  61. jtandy: yeah...
  62. jtandy: and i have live chat with friends that tell me what happens in musratah
  63. jtandy: they say its quiet in the center
  64. PayItForward52: jtandy you know you and all those in your city are so brave, much of the world is pulling for your people there with all our hearts.
  65. Dragog: outstanding,emmaomo
  66. oldmomma: hi flash nice to meet you glad you stopped in
  67. CalyxxNC: hey pif
  68. PayItForward52: so glad you are safe.
  69. PayItForward52: hey, just got a sec, but had to greet this wonderful young Misrata Lion.
  70. Skillethead: yes, we heard that too. we had a live call from misrata earlier, it's posted here
  71. jtandy: i saw some terrible things...the soldiers r like crazy....killing inesent ppl...
  72. jtandy: PayItForward52 thanks...
  73. Skillethead: yes, they are crazy, jtandy
  74. Skillethead: good evening, PIF
  75. LibyanPride1: my aunt is being Pessimistic i told her about the Day of Rage and she said not even 10,000 people will go out
  76. LibyanPride1: i hope she's wrong
  77. Dragog: I'm sorry you had to grow up with such terrible memories, jtandy
  78. Skillethead: i just don't know how many people in Tripoli even know about it
  79. LibyanPride1: maybe hundreds thats it
  80. jtandy: well... i was helping too u young and they didint let me hold a weapon
  81. mrink: @ChangeInLibyaMhalwesTripoli: The internal security service building in Soug al Jumaa is burning right now after an attack by freedom fighters. #libya
  82. jtandy: but i helped by giving some blood haha....but they said im too young to give out blood
  83. mrink: tweet so no confirmation
  84. LibyanPride1: Mrink TribuneFM reported that
  85. CalyxxNC: hey mrink :)
  86. mrink: still no confirmation then ;)
  87. Skillethead: @jtandy so wait, did you give blood or not? and how did you leave
  88. jtandy: well about the blood they say im too young
  89. LibyanPride1: they ahve sources in Tripoli
  90. jtandy: every time i wanna do somthing good they say im too young...
  91. jtandy: atleast i try and god knows
  92. Skillethead: poor kid, no guns, no blood...but at least you are safe! and can help spread the word
  93. mrink: @NimaCNNNima Elbagir#libya 2 more explosions in Tripoli, sounded a little further away
  94. jtandy: yeah
  95. jtandy: musratah r sooo brave there s a speech saying (libya is a biig snake and musratah is the head of that snake)
  96. calimike: KCAl 9 News reported PPL attack Gaddafi tents, checkpoints and other areas.
  97. MRS0ft: jtandy: someone has to go back and build the "new" country again, that is your job :)
  98. jtandy: yeah i guess
  99. LibyanPride1: Cali confirmed what TribuneFM said
  100. calimike: similar to @ChangeInLibya tweeted earlier
  101. PayItForward52: @jtandy yes as above said and also you hold the vision aand support those fighting, as they know if they don't make it you will carry on... I am sure that gave them strength.
  102. Skillethead: yes, the FF of misrata and the camera people, too, have been incredibly courageous
  103. emmaomo: NimaCNN Nima Elbagir#libya 2 more explosions in Tripoli, sounded a little further away3 minutes ago
  104. jtandy: oh and the gedaffi soldiers r stupid very stupid
  105. Skillethead: how so, tell us a story
  106. calimike: oh, It's already May 17 Dat of Anger in Libya but Today is May 16 in Los Angeles.
  107. LibyanPride1: lol
  108. jtandy: they stupid a guy in his car and searched his back pack of the car and found a computer so the soldier called his boss saying (boss!!boss!! we found a facebook )
  109. calimike: lol
  110. Skillethead: Has everyone seen Interpol's Orange Alert for G & cronies?
  111. Skillethead: HA!
  112. LibyanPride1: Send the Orange Crush to arrest him
  113. jtandy: yeah and my uncle too
  114. Skillethead: 'we found a facebook" omg that is funny
  115. jtandy: they searched him and asked him like this (do u have a laf tof!)
  116. hebba_libya: the link about misrata is powerful thankx @skillethead
  117. hebba_libya: it is like a poem great words
  118. jtandy: hebba
  119. jtandy: r u from tripoli?
  120. hebba_libya: no
  121. jtandy: oh...k
  122. hebba_libya: benghazi but now in states
  123. jtandy: ok
  124. LibyanPride1: im from Sebha ;)
  125. Skillethead: @hebba, do you understand it all, i dunno, i want to know more about it
  126. hebba_libya: welcome
  127. hebba_libya: ya
  128. jtandy: i have a Quastion and i want u to answer me if its true or not
  129. hebba_libya: i speak better arabi than english
  131. *disconnected 1 min at most*
  133. captainjane: It is not arabic what is it so i can translat
  134. captainjane: ?
  135. LibyanPride1: Captain it is Arabic
  136. jtandy: did u know that gedaffi troops were kidnapin young teen about (16,17) years and scares them if they dont fight for him he will kill their famillies
  137. captainjane: only have the old text way here
  138. captainjane: :(
  139. emmaomo: LibyanStateTV NotLibyaStateTVby ChangeInLibyaWe are disappointed to hear that NATO is causing a day of anger in Tripoli with their bombing #Libya #May17
  140. captainjane: God bless you jtandy
  141. LibyanPride1: jtanti what about the Tank?
  142. Skillethead: yes, jtandy, we have heard that, from several sources
  143. jtandy: yeah well from that day dad told me to stop going out
  144. jtandy: ?????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ???? ??????? ???? ????!@
  145. LibyanPride1: Misurata is better now
  146. captainjane: Stay home my friend
  147. capnobvious: Tripoli: BREAKING: Video shows the aftermath of tonight's NATO strikes shot from a house that was ransacked by G forces via ChangeInLibya
  148. jtandy: libyanpride yes she is some of the ppl got in their homes the left overs of their homes
  149. jtandy: ...
  150. CalyxxNC: Tripoli: BREAKING: Video shows the aftermath of tonight's NATO strikes shot from a house that was ransacked by G forces
  151. jtandy: calyxxnc: thanks for the video
  152. jtandy: is it new
  153. mrink: i hate videos where you need to log in to facebook first :(
  154. emmaomo: looks like tripoli is uploading videos now
  155. jtandy: yeah
  156. mrink: never ever will get an account there
  157. emmaomo: seen 2 so far
  158. jtandy: thats good
  159. captainjane: can you find a better link for our friend jtandy
  160. jtandy: well i only have an arabic one
  161. jtandy: on facebook
  162. jtandy: for news
  163. captainjane: JomanaCNN1 jomana karadshehby ChangeInLibyatwo explosions in #Tripoli #Libya at 1:30am - we heard #NATO jets flying overhead shortly before that
  164. captainjane: strikes on #Gaddafi compound in #Tripoli 2nd in less than week #NATO say they're not targeting him,gov says they are,what do u think?
  165. jtandy:
  166. jtandy: this is the site i use for news
  167. jtandy: i hope it helps
  168. jtandy: am i the only 1 here now?
  169. CalyxxNC: everyone is searching for news :)
  170. CalyxxNC: Unfortunately I cannot read arabic :(
  171. oldmomma: captain its communications and intel to me if he wants to live there its his choice :)
  172. boo20: .
  173. aynils: woke up inmiddle of the night / just here for a short update / then back to bed
  174. CalyxxNC: ((aynlis))
  175. oldmomma: he hs a house in every city most libyans have one so i guess we can find new digs for those who lost theirs soon
  176. aynils: hi caly :)))
  177. frokk: jtandy: how did you leave Misrata?
  178. Skillethead: thanks, jtandy, for the FB link. too bady i don't ready arabic :((
  179. aynils: hi momma !!!:))
  180. jtandy: frokk cant say right now...sorry
  181. aynils: frog and everyone here :))
  182. jtandy: sorry skillet
  183. frokk: ok np
  184. aynils: opps I ment not frog ..i ment fokk
  185. aynils: frokk
  186. frokk: hi all.. again.
  187. captainjane: Hey Fokk
  188. aynils: hi... a bit night-dizzy
  189. CalyxxNC: hey frokk :)
  190. aynils: me
  191. captainjane: frok even. These names. lol
  192. Skillethead: ok, that video is cool -- so much more is coming out of tripoli the last week or so - it's great
  193. mrink: Same video that was just uploaded (Aftermath of NATO strikes) for those who don't have Facebook #libya #feb17
  194. MRS0ft: aynils go back to bed! :)
  195. Skillethead: hi little frokky
  196. doood54: Thanku4theAnger THANKU4THEANGER Unconfirmed: 50 defectors from Gaddafi's regime arrive at AlKatf Port escaping from Tripoli #May17 #feb17 #libya
  197. frokk: jtandy: your English is quite good for a 16y old - how come?
  198. captainjane: Machahir123 Libya+Syria+YemenNato targeting now Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli .#Libya #Nato #Feb17
  199. Skillethead: @jtandy, we normally do try to protect our people here and ask that we not put anyone on the spot with questions that could endanger them, so i'm glad you didn't answer
  200. Skillethead: but we are all curious, of course. it's not often we get escapees in the chatroom :)
  201. captainjane: Be safe my brave lad!
  202. emmaomo: feb17voices Feb 17 voicesAJA breaking: AFP: two explosions heard in tripoli near Bab al-Azizia #Tripoli #Libya3 minutes ago
  203. Skillethead: MRS - i still have a question for you hold on
  204. jtandy: yeah skillet
  205. jtandy: i cant answer just anyanswer cuz i still have my familly
  206. jtandy: they r in tripoli
  207. frokk: ok
  208. jtandy: and i even dont call them so i dont put then in danger
  209. LibyanPride1: Their softening Bab Al Azizya for Today
  210. MRS0ft: ok ..
  211. oldmomma: jtandy dont worry we would nver put people in harms way here :)
  212. boo20: itandy -misrata -
  213. jtandy: haha...
  214. oldmomma: answer only what you wish ok
  215. Skillethead: frokky, did you see this, btw soullibya said to contact this man to help with music
  216. oldmomma: we respect that i have family too there :(
  217. Skillethead: @MRS, do you happen to be a member of
  218. jeanne56: hi everyone
  219. Skillethead: hey, jeanne
  220. jtandy: hey jeanne
  221. jeanne56: hi ya
  222. captainjane: Celibration in libya over arrest warent on G. Coming on Alje in a moment!
  223. MRS0ft: No i'm not a member
  224. jeanne56: how is everyone/
  225. Skillethead: ok, ty
  226. captainjane: Hello Mr Soft
  227. jeanne56: wow , didn't know
  228. captainjane: Hi Jeane
  229. MRS0ft: hello jane :)
  230. jeanne56: hi Cap
  231. jtandy: hey guys did wanna listen to the libya rap song
  232. captainjane: :))
  233. jtandy: but couldnt understand?
  234. Skillethead: yes, jtandy, for sure
  235. figos25: hi every 1
  236. jeanne56: I want to know whats happening in Tripoli
  237. Skillethead: welcome, figos
  238. captainjane: I have invited a friend from anther site. I do hope he lets me know when he gets here.
  239. jtandy: well i have a site with the arabic virsion but translated under the video describtion
  240. jtandy: its nice
  241. figos25: ff?
  242. figos25: FF?
  243. jtandy: libya rap song translated under the video :)
  244. figos25: SEEN
  245. Skillethead: @jeanne, according to some sources a lot - NATO strikes, anti-G grouops attacking intelligence bldg etc
  246. captainjane: ChangeInLibya MhalwesLibya: rebellion continues - The Big Picture -… #libya #feb17 | Some of the best pictures taken in Libya.
  247. makwa2: hey all :)
  248. CalyxxNC: ((makwa))
  249. captainjane: Gadaffi is the main targit. Acording to Alje
  250. makwa2: hey figos and jt
  251. jtandy: makwa:hi
  252. jeanne56: thats all good news
  253. Skillethead: ah yes, Ibn Thabit, a favorite around here :) -- nice website! i also love that Tunisian song
  254. captainjane: excuse my poor fingers please!
  255. Skillethead: frokky, did you bookmark that
  256. aynils: Hi Makwa :))
  257. captainjane: Hey i have not see Makwa. :))
  258. jtandy: skillet i sing his songs and i wanna upload my cover on youtube but kinda still not sure...
  259. makwa2: +aynils :) go sleeeeep lol
  260. Determination: Unconfirmed: 50 defectors from Gaddafi's regime arrive at AlKatf Port escaping from Tripoli thanku4theanger
  261. hebba_libya: have u seen the interview with MO's mom and wife I got the link
  262. aynils: my cat is occupying my bed ! :-/
  263. jeanne56: send the link of mos wife
  264. CalyxxNC: yes Hebba - It's very good
  265. makwa2: yup have hebba :) its great :) but post again :)
  266. MRS0ft: Skillethead when we test suspicius files we do that in a virtual machine..and delete the machine after we finnished testing..If you want to do the same just install vmware player.
  267. frokk: jtandy: did not mean to drill you there, or put anyone it danger.. It's just that I have a hard time believing ppl in chat rooms..
  268. hebba_libya:
  269. frokk: hope you understand
  270. Determination: @aynils: can u sleep tonite then? :)
  271. frokk: Skill I'll check it later
  272. jtandy: yup frokk
  273. captainjane: G repot on alje
  274. jtandy: from where r u?
  275. captainjane: report
  276. captainjane: Very good site @jtandy
  277. jtandy: tnx
  278. captainjane: We can't give detail jtandy incase of bad people looking in
  279. Determination: AlmanaraMedia Press Solidarity: People of #Wazin have joined the revolution today and state they are supporting the (cont)
  280. captainjane: we all need protection
  281. hebba_libya: I 've these great chant of the people in front of the court house benghazi from last night (arabic) ??????????????
  282. jtandy: oh soo i guess really should stop asking
  283. hebba_libya:
  284. Skillethead: @MRS, fyi, i'm a semi-=luddite and the last thing i want to do is spend my time on techie issues i don't really get. but i wasn't asking for myself
  285. captainjane: anguswalkeritv Angus Walker#libya journalists woken up and invited to go and see latest Air strike damage in tripoli - explosions were heard around 30 mins ago2 minutes ago
  286. oldmomma: ChangeInLibya Mhalwes Rixos journalists got woken up now at 2am to go see the bomb damage lol #libya #tripoli #feb17 47 seconds ago
  287. captainjane: ChangeInLibya MhalwesRixos journalists got woken up now at 2am to go see the bomb damage lol #libya #tripoli #feb1752 seconds ago
  288. aynils: jtandy, you can ask, but other questions !:)
  289. captainjane: lOl sorry momma
  290. CalyxxNC: momma - don't they mean fireworks?
  291. captainjane: we are all family here jtandy. No matter where we are
  292. aynils: but I was as naive too when I septed in the first time..
  293. boo20: free misurata ?????? ????? -
  294. oldmomma: yeah fireworks and celebratory fire for Q sunrise services at the local mosques :P
  295. CalyxxNC: Yes - please no personal information as bad people can be lurking
  296. jtandy: boo20 hey!
  297. captainjane: ;))
  298. frokk: Skill ty for the url. bbiab
  299. oldmomma cleared messages from user calimike.
  300. Skillethead: @jtandy, don't take it personally, you should understand that not everyone is necessarily going to believe everyone else in a chatroom. healthy dose of scepticism is always good
  301. libbb: misurata channel on ustream doesnt work here
  302. oldmomma: no .ly calimike :(
  303. MRS0ft: ok ..but the one who asked you ..if he/she is a techie or having problem with "funny" files it's the way to do it.!..:)
  304. boo20: ?????? ??? - Ya Shaboob
  305. calimike: I'm confused two ly as bit and deck
  306. oldmomma: no .ly of any sort here sorry
  307. calimike: how many are .ly links?
  308. oldmomma: last one sadly tweet deck uses .ly so we say no to any ly
  309. jtandy: when i asked my friend what r we gonna do he said we win or we die for our country ....that day
  310. makwa2: all links that end in .ly are
  311. CalyxxNC: jtandy - bold is for mods only, can you please remove?
  312. jtandy: sooory!@
  313. gbrosseau: Hi everybody what<s new ... I was away
  314. jtandy: im just new and dont know the rules here
  315. CalyxxNC: hey there gbrossseau :)
  316. gbrosseau: hey Caly
  317. CalyxxNC: jtandy - no problem...we'll teach you the rules :)
  318. gbrosseau: :O)
  319. boo20: wala ee -hemak ya misrata
  320. oldmomma: posted just below main screen other than that Bold and caps are for mods and underline is for translations :)
  321. Skillethead: ty, MrS, i will pass on the info :)
  322. jtandy: guys im gonna go now see u later .... remember me jtandy ;)
  323. jeanne56:
  324. CalyxxNC: night jtandy :)
  325. tradz: take care, jtandy
  326. aynils: by jtandy
  327. jtandy: bye ya all (btw i love this chat i feel better when i say it all out)
  328. CalyxxNC: :)
  329. MRS0ft: bye jtandy
  330. gbrosseau: So do we eat a G BBQ tomorrow
  331. CalyxxNC: only if it's real crispy gbrosseau
  332. jeanne56: yes
  333. frokk: bye jtandy:, please return
  334. gbrosseau: ahahah
  335. jtandy: i will for sure
  336. terrik: blessings all! may today be the day!
  337. Skillethead: see, ya, j, and take care
  338. CalyxxNC: good evening terrik :)
  339. jeanne56: Be back later
  340. Skillethead: hey terrik, long time no see
  341. jtandy: wait why do u talk about BBQ
  342. gbrosseau: G BBQ
  343. CalyxxNC: heanne - don't leave...I swear I won't mistakenly ban you again for testing purposes
  344. CalyxxNC: *jeanne
  345. jeanne56: lol
  346. boo20: ?? ???? ????? ??? ????? ????? ??????? -;feature=player_embedded
  347. Skillethead: @gbros, funny, have you been hanging with Gerhard Heinz
  348. gbrosseau: no
  349. gbrosseau: ;O)
  350. jeanne56: Can't stay long on computer till my stitches heal
  351. CalyxxNC: oohhhh - I'm sorry. Feel better honey
  352. jeanne56: be back tomorrow
  353. jeanne56: its all good
  354. Skillethead: @jeanne, take care of yourself! i missed the stitches story but i hope they heal fast
  355. aynils: bye jeanne
  356. CalyxxNC: night jeanne:)
  357. frokk: bye jeanne
  358. jeanne56: I had a big operation for cancer
  359. gbrosseau: good sleep jeanne
  360. figos25: any news a bout tripoli now ?
  361. gbrosseau: and good recovery
  362. jeanne56: goodnight
  363. hebba_libya: salam all got evening class see u
  364. jeanne56: god willing
  365. boo20: gd luc
  366. Skillethead: take care, hebba,
  367. CalyxxNC: night hebba
  368. Skillethead: omg, jeanne, wow. i trust it went well?
  369. CalyxxNC: oh my jeanne! I hope they got it all
  370. boo20: . .<<< ----------- were is the link pls
  371. CalyxxNC: for stream boo?
  372. boo20: link original
  373. boo20: video
  374. CalyxxNC: unsure....checking...
  375. captainjane: Sleep well Jeanne
  376. Skillethead: what link, boo
  377. Skillethead:
  378. Skillethead: ?
  379. Skillethead: we need to find the author of that song
  380. aynils: before I go back to my bed (2.21am) I wish you and "The awaking Libya " a great day and good news !!! byeee friendsand take care of you all !! :)))
  381. CalyxxNC: night aynilis :)
  382. makwa2: bye aynils :)
  383. CalyxxNC: can't find boo :( May take a while
  384. Skillethead: gnite, aynils, inshallah your wish comes true
  385. frokk: I saved full log with jtandy if you guys want it..
  386. boo20: thanx 4 tryin
  387. frokk: bye aynils
  388. captainjane: ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement#Nafusa mntn #AlQala: FFs attacked G forces last night in the area of Saffeet. Clashes went on until this morning.
  389. Skillethead: Hey tweeps! We need help!
  390. aynils: every wish is energy, and will become reality ... GN !!:)
  391. calimike:
  392. Skillethead: send it to me frokky
  393. frokk: ok.. soon
  394. jtandy: sorry guys im back i have a quastion
  395. frokk: full - or just what he said and the convo we had with him
  396. frokk: ?
  397. jtandy: there was some 1 who posted a link for the explogin in tripoli who was it
  398. Skillethead: ask away, jtandy
  399. captainjane: Done @Skill. Ty
  400. captainjane: ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement#Nafusa mntn #AlQala: G forces attacked this area using range of weapons including antiaircraft missiles. This siege by G forces continues.1 minute ago
  401. jtandy: i just lost thech the video again link i wanna wat
  402. jtandy: i just lost the video link
  403. Skillethead: was it a facebook link?
  404. MRS0ft: Skillethead: why don't you ask to play the song and ask 4 the artist?
  405. jtandy: yes
  406. captainjane: jtandy. I am pleased you are still here. :)
  407. jtandy: yeah i really like it here
  408. captainjane: :)) Good!
  409. jtandy: sooo skillet do u have it?
  410. Skillethead: @MRS not a bad idea, except i don't really deal with them, somebody else can feel free tho
  411. Skillethead: yes, jtandy, hold on lemme look
  412. CalyxxNC: think I have it
  413. CalyxxNC:
  414. CalyxxNC: That the one you are looking for jtandy?
  415. jtandy: yeeeesss!! thanks
  416. jtandy: thanks alot
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