Alterac Resurgent Sheet and Mechanisms

Jul 14th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. -The Headland, the town of Dawnholme
  2. Plains and Forest
  3. -Garside Homestead/Noble Manor
  4. -Farms
  5. -Windmill
  6. -Herbalist's Hut
  7. -Hunting Lodge
  8. -Barracks
  9. -Lumbermill
  10. -Improved Blacksmith
  11. -Stables
  12. -Leatherworker's Workshop
  13. -Jail
  14. -Warehouse for goods
  15. -Alliance Garrison
  16. -Prisoner Camp
  18. -Southern Alterac Mountains
  19. Mountains, Silver and Lead Ore
  20. -Silver and Lead Mine Complex
  21. -Scout Tower
  23. -Darrow Hill
  24. Plains and Forest, Iron Ore
  25. -Herbalist's Hut
  26. -Hunting Lodge
  27. -Farms
  28. -Iron Mine
  29. -Leatherworker's Workshop
  30. -Lumbermill
  32. -Gavin’s Naze
  33. Plains and Forest
  34. -Herbalist's Hut
  35. -Hunting Lodge
  36. -Farms
  37. -Lumbermill
  38. -Leatherworker's Workshop
  40. -Sofera's Naze
  41. Plains and Forest
  42. -Hunting Lodge
  43. -Farms
  44. -Lumbermill
  45. -Leatherworker's Workshop
  47. Troops:
  48. Total: 45 Footmen, 40 Pikemen, 50 Archers, 20 Crossbowmen, 5 Knights, 35 Bandit Rogues, 40 City Guards (Dawnholme)
  49. -10/10 Elite Royal Foot Guards
  50. -20/20 Veteran Footmen
  51. -10/10 Elite Archers
  52. -30/30 Regular Archers
  53. -20/20 Kul Tiran Swashbucklers, Regular Pikemen
  54. -4/5 Knights of Gravis, Regular Knights
  55. -15/15 Benedict's Blood Alley Boys, Veteran Footmen
  56. -20/20 Regular Pikemen
  57. -10/10 Veteran Archers
  58. -15/15 Sir Alan Radan's Men, Regular Bandit Rogues
  59. -20/20 Lyion's Rogues, Regular Bandit Rogues
  60. -40/40 City Guards
  61. -20/20 Veteran Crossbowmen
  63. Troops on deployment:
  64. -10 Veteran Footmen and 10 Regular Archers in Durnholde. No upkeep required, +1 Wealth per season
  66. Resources:
  67. 0 Wealth
  68. 22 Supplies
  69. 5 Peasants
  71. Gained Per Season
  72. 19 Wealth
  73. -4 Supplies
  75. Wealth is the combined value of all currency, trade goods and items that you can sell. With Wealth you can train troops, build new structures to your holdings and upgrade them.
  77. Supplies represent equipment, food, arms and armour etc. that are used every day.
  79. Peasants are free workers who don't yet have a job. Peasants are used to build structures and upgrade them. They are also used to train troops from. If you have Peasants that doesn’t mean that they are idle, they are doing odd jobs while waiting for proper work.
  81. You may exchange Wealth to Supplies with 1:1 rate and Supplies to Wealth with 2:1 rate.
  83. Troop Explanation
  85. Troops have four levels of veterancy. Green, Regular, Veteran and Elite. Veterancy levels explain the quality of the troops, their ability to fight and their morale. Troops that have fought in battle can have their veterancy level raised.
  87. -Militia
  88. Peasants who have taken up some arms and armour and are willing to defend their homes. Poor in combat, but can overwhelm the enemies in combat with pure numbers.
  90. -City Guard
  91. A step above the militia. Armed and armoured with halberds and bits of plate and mail. Effective in groups and to uphold law.
  93. -Footmen
  94. Basic soldiers armed with sword and shield and armoured with plate and mail. Effective when in groups or formation
  96. -Pikemen
  97. Basic soldiers armed with a pike and secondary weapon and armoured with plate and mail. Effective when in groups or formation
  99. -Bandit Rogues
  100. Bandit Rogues are hybrid melee and ranged infantry. Armed with swords, axes and javelins and armoured with mail. The Bandit Rogues excel at skirmishing and ambushing their enemies.
  102. -Archers
  103. Basic ranged troops. Have light armour and longbows. Excel in massed volleys.
  105. -Crossbowmen
  106. Basic ranged troops. Have light armour and crossbows. Slower rate of fire than Archers, but far better armour penetration.
  108. -Mounted Sergeants
  109. Light cavalry of the Alliance. Carry spear and shield and armoured with half-plate. Poorman’s Knights as they lack the charge strength, comparable to mounted Footmen. Excels as scouts and flankers.
  111. -Knights
  112. The heavy hitters of Alliance. Extremely well trained and equipped. Most devastating thing the Alliance can put on the battlefield. Charge from Knights is rarely resisted by normal foes.
  114. Troop Prices
  116. -10 Militia, 0 Wealth, 10 Peasants, Requires Barracks or Town Hall
  117. -10 Footmen, 1 Wealth, 10 Peasants, Upkeep 1 Supply per Season
  118. -10 Pikemen, 1 Wealth, 10 Peasants, Upkeep 1 Supply per Season, Requires Lieutenant Beckston to train them
  119. -10 Bandit Rogues, 1 Wealth, 10 Peasants, Upkeep 1 Supply per Season, Requires Sir Radan to train them
  120. -10 Archers, 1 Wealth, 10 Peasants, Upkeep 1 Supply per Season
  121. -10 Crossbowmen, 2 Wealth, 10 Peasants, Upkeep 1 Supply per Season, Requires Barracks
  122. -5 Mounted Sergeants 4 Wealth, 5 Peasants, Upkeep 2 Supply per Season, Requires Stables and Barracks
  123. -5 Knight, 10 Wealth, 5 Peasants, Upkeep 3 Supply per Season, Requires Stables and Castle
  124. -20 City Guards, 1 Wealth, 20 Peasants, No Upkeep
  126. All troops are trained at Regular veterancy level. When training troops, you may upgrade or downgrade the troops with following price changes, rounding up:
  128. Green -50% Wealth cost
  129. Veteran +100% Wealth cost
  131. Training new troops always takes a season to finish, but troops in training can defend themselves at Green veterancy.
  133. Troops who have taken very light casualties get automatic reinforcements to be at full strength at the start of next season. Troops that have taken heavy casualties require you to spend Peasants to reinforce them fully.
  135. Elite troops can be upgraded into Epic units. Epic troops are the best of the best, but after being upgraded, they cannot be reinforced if they take casualties. The cost to upgrade Elite troops into Epic troops is +200% Wealth of the base cost, rounding up.
  137. Elite Footmen ---> Royal Foot Guards, these footmen hold both a ceremonial and protective role. Renowned footmen of Alterac who were handpicked from the most promising footmen available in Alterac.
  139. Elite Archers ---> Alteraci Rangers, best archers and outdoorsmen in Alterac were recruited into this small organisation. Alteraci Rangers patrolled the mountains and hidden passes keeping the Kingdom safe.
  141. Mercenaries
  143. Mercenaries are troops that have usually higher hiring cost and upkeep. The upkeep can be either Wealth or Supply, or even both in some cases. Mercenaries are troops that are always ready, if hired at the start of the season, they are immediately available. What mercenaries are available for hire depends on who is nearby, is there anything special going on and how well known Alric is.
  145. Mercenaries don't get reinforcements at the start of a new season regularly.
  147. Available Mercenaries:
  148. -None
  150. Krix Wiklish investments and inventory:
  151. Krix Wiklish can build you the things and gadgets you require, but first he needs some investment. With the goblin attention span being short, you don’t exactly know what you will get when you invest in their work. By giving more Wealth to Krix Wiklish, more potential items and weapons can be purchased.
  153. Investments: 2 Wealth
  155. Inventory:
  156. -None
  158. Arms and armour can be bought for your officers and other named characters.
  160. Offered armour from Southshore:
  161. >Half-plate, 1 Wealth, lighter and nimbler armour on level of normal footmen armour
  162. >Full-plate, 1 Wealth, better protection than standard armour of footmen
  163. >Knightly plate, 3 Wealth, good protection and suitable for knights on horseback
  164. >Masterwork plate. 5 Wealth, really good protection with good mobility of the lighter armours
  166. Melondras' offerings:
  167. >Melondras’ Masterwork Armour, 10 Wealth, masterwork armour made to fit the user perfectly. The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.
  169. Garrick Blacksteel’s offering:
  170. >Masterwork Dark Iron Armour, 5 Wealth, masterwork armour which is heavier than equivalent human plate mail, but provides better protection.
  171. >Dark Iron Arms and Armour, 3 Wealth, well-crafted armour fit for human soldiers that is superior to other armours outside of masterworks. Built in sets of ten.
  173. Holding Upgrade Types:
  175. Garside Homestead, +1 Supply per Season, Special
  176. Your home since fall of the Kingdom of Alterac. Can be upgraded to Noble Manor.
  178. Noble Manor, +2 Supply per Season, Leadership bonus
  179. A fitting home for a noble in the countryside. Can be upgraded to Fortified Noble Manor.
  181. Fortified Noble Manor, +2 Supply per Season, Leadership bonus, Defence bonus.
  182. A fitting, but fortified home for a noble in the countryside.
  184. Farms, +1 Supply per Season, Autumn harvest
  185. Basic farms of the peasants. Produces few trade goods and single harvest once a year. Can be upgraded to Improved Farms
  187. Improved Farms, +2 Supply per Season, Autumn harvest
  188. Improved farms for the peasants, Produces more trade goods and a better harvest once a year. Can be upgraded to Farming Estates.
  190. Farming Estates, +4 Supply per Season, Autumn harvest
  191. Well built, maintained and organized farms. Produces a lot of trade goods and a plentiful harvest once a year.
  193. Farms produce a harvest after every autumn season. Each harvest produces 1d6 Wealth. For example 3 Farms would produce 3d6 Wealth. For harvest to happen, the farm has to be operational at the start of the Spring season. Harvest represents the taxes and profits gained from the farmers.
  195. Improved Farms give +1 to the harvest Wealth
  196. Farming Estates give +3 to the harvest Wealth
  198. Windmill, +1 Supple per Season, Produces high quality flour
  199. A purpose built windmill to avoid wastage during the milling process.
  201. Lumbermill, +1 Wealth per Season, Produces lumber
  202. Harvests lumber from the woods and turns them into logs for further production. Can be upgraded to Sawmill.
  204. Sawmill, +2 Wealth per Season, Produces planks
  205. Harvests lumber from the woods and turns the lumber into planks. Can be upgraded to Powered Sawmill.
  207. Powered Sawmill, +3 Wealth per Season, Produces planks
  208. Harvests lumber from the woods and turns the lumber into planks. Is powered with high quality Dwarven steam power.
  210. Herbalist’s Hut, +1 Supply per Season, Produces simple medicines
  211. Herbalisms has been important part of the human culture for thousands of years. Even with modern magic making healing easier, not all villages have access to that. For them herbalists are best they can get. Can be upgraded to Alchemist’s Hut
  213. Alchemist’s Hut, -1 Supply per Season, Produces potions and potent medicines
  214. Alchemist’s require fresh intake of supplies for their potions. To make the strongest potions, you need multiple different herbs. Can be upgraded into Alchemist’s Workshop.
  216. Alchemist’s Workshop, -3 Supply per Season, Produces strong potions and potent medicines
  217. A Master Alchemist requires a workshop to work in. From there the Alchemist can make the most deadly poisons and most potent healing potions.
  219. Hunting Lodge, +1 Supply per Season
  220. Hunters have these small lodges scattered around the woods. As they wander around the forests, they use these as shelter before they return with their caught prices. Can be upgraded into Leatherworker’s Workshop
  222. Leatherworker’s Workshop, +1 Supply and +1 Wealth per season
  223. The hunters continue to bring skins and furs to the leatherworkers who make them into clothing and sell them for some profit.
  225. Blacksmith, +1 Supply per Season
  226. A simple blacksmith beating plate back in shape, making nails and resharpening tools and swords. Can be upgraded into Improved Blacksmith.
  228. Improved Blacksmith, +2 Supply per Season, Improved arms and armour
  229. Improved workshop for the blacksmiths to work in. Results in better equipment for your troops. Can be upgraded into a Foundry.
  231. Foundry, +2 Supply per Season, Masterwork arms and armour.
  232. High quality foundry allows the blacksmiths to shape the materials in a way that in normal workshops you couldn’t. This results in masterwork level of quality.
  234. Ore Mine, +X Wealth per Season, Accidents can happen
  235. Simple mine for the miners to work in. Produces low quantities of ore. Can be upgraded into Ore Mine Complex.
  237. Ore Mine Complex, +X Wealth per Season, Accidents will happen rarely
  238. Well maintained mine for the miners to work in. Produces average quantities of ore. Can be upgraded into Deep Ore Mine Complex.
  240. Deep Ore Mine Complex, +X Wealth per Season, Accidents can happen
  241. A mine complex that digs very deep. Produces large quantities of ore, but is more dangerous to work in than normal mine complex.
  243. Wealth gained from mines depends on the ore mined. The Wealth gained here are for normal Mines, with Mine Complex doubling them and Deep Mine Complex tripling them.
  245. Copper, Tin and other lesser metals +1
  246. Iron +2
  247. Coal +2
  248. Mithril +3
  249. Thorium +4
  250. Silver +4
  251. Gold +5
  252. Gems +6
  254. Stables, -1 Supply per Season, 10 horses
  255. Stables provide enough space for 10 horses. Can be upgraded to Major Stables.
  257. Major Stables, -2 Supply per Season, 20 horses
  258. Major Stables provide enough space for 20 horses. Can be upgraded to Grand Stables
  260. Grand Stables, -3 Supply per Season, 40 horses
  261. Grand Stables provide enough space for 40 horses.
  263. Mustering Field, -1 Supply per Season, allows training of troops
  264. Training place for the soldiers. Troops gather there to train and wait for further orders. Can be upgraded into Barracks.
  266. Barracks, -2 Supply per Season, allows training of troops
  267. Large structure where the soldiers live when not soldiering outside. Has armouries and other important facilities inside it.
  269. Town Hall, Governing bonus
  270. Central structure in all towns. Number of clerks and other paperpusher's work here to keep everything in order.
  272. Keep, Governing bonus, Defence bonus
  273. Improvement from the defenceless Town Hall. Nobles usually use Keeps as their homes if Noble Manors aren’t available. Can be upgraded into Castle
  275. Castle, Governing bonus, Large Defence bonus, Leadership bonus
  276. Castles project power into a large area. They are a perfect home for martially inclined nobles. From the Castle they can defend and govern large territory easily.
  278. Scout Tower, Defence bonus
  279. Scout Towers allow the defending troops to spot the enemy from far distances allowing the defenders to be ready. Can be upgraded to either Guard Tower or Cannon Tower.
  281. Guard Tower, Large Defence Bonus
  282. Guard Tower has a number of crossbow armed guards inside it. These crossbows can then engage both ground and air targets. Simple upgrade over Scout Tower.
  284. Cannon Tower, Huge Defence Bonus
  285. Cannon Tower has a cannon on a rotating platform on top of it. This great weapon can defeat any enemy that comes to its range. Can engage only ground targets.
  287. Town Walls and Gate
  288. Low walls to keep ruffians and other unwanted people away with a simple gate to provide entry. Can be upgraded into City Walls and Gates
  290. City Walls and Gates
  291. Heavier set of walls circle the city. Tall and strong enough to withstand siege weapons and to allow troops moving on them.
  293. Abbey
  294. A place of worship. Holy Light is venerated here. Big enough for small towns. Can be upgraded into Church.
  296. Church
  297. A place of worship. Holy Light is venerated here. Big enough for towns and small cities. Can be upgraded into a Cathedral.
  299. Cathedral
  300. A place of worship. Holy Light is venerated here. Cathedrals are huge buildings with enough space for thousands of people. Only the greatests of cities have them.
  302. Holding Upgrade Prices and Requirements:
  304. -Farms, 5 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires plains or farmlands
  305. -Improved Farms, 5 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires plains or farmlands
  306. -Farming Estates, 8 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires plains or farmlands
  307. -Windmill, 5 Wealth, -5 Peasants, Requires Farms
  308. -Noble Manor, 8 Wealth, -5 Peasants
  309. -Fortified Noble Manor, 15 Wealth
  310. -Lumbermill, 4 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires forests
  311. -Sawmill, 8 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires forests
  312. -Powered Sawmill, 10 Wealth, Requires Dwarven expertise, Requires forests
  313. -Herbalist’s Hut, 5 Wealth, 5- Peasants, Requires forests
  314. -Alchemist’s Hut, 12 Wealth, -5 Peasants, Requires forests
  315. -Alchemist’s Workshop, 15 Wealth, Requires Master Alchemist, Requires forests
  316. -Hunting Lodge, 3 Wealth, -5 Peasants, Requires forests
  317. -Leatherworker’s Workshop, 5 Wealth, -10 Peasants
  318. -Blacksmith, 8 Wealth, -5 Peasants
  319. -Improved Blacksmith, 10 Wealth, -5 Peasants
  320. -Foundry, 20 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires a Master Smith
  321. -Mine, 5 Wealth, -30 Peasants, Requires found ore
  322. -Mine Complex, 20 Wealth, -50 Peasants, Requires found ore
  323. -Deep Mine Complex, 20 Wealth, -50 Peasants, Requires Dwarven expertise, Requires found ore
  324. -Stables, 5 Wealth, -5 Peasants
  325. -Major Stables, 10 Wealth, -5 Peasants
  326. -Grand Stables, 10 Wealth, -5 Peasants
  327. -Mustering Field, 3 Wealth
  328. -Barracks, 10 Wealth, -10 Peasants
  329. -Town Hall, 20 Wealth, -5 Peasants, Requires village or town
  330. -Keep, 20 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires town or city
  331. -Castle, 30 Wealth, -10 Peasants, Requires town or city
  332. -Scout Tower, 4 Wealth
  333. -Guard Tower, 10 Wealth, -10 Peasants
  334. -Cannon Tower, 20 Wealth, -10 Peasants
  335. -Town Walls and Gate, 12 Wealth, Requires a town or a city
  336. -City Walls and Gate, 18 Wealth, Requires a city
  337. -Abbey, 15 Wealth, Requires a town
  338. -Church, 15 Wealth, -5 Peasants, Requires a town or a city
  339. -Cathedral, 15 Wealth, -5 Peasants, Requires a city
  341. Holding Terrain Types
  342. Colour Codes:
  343. Blue, Kingdom of Lordaeron
  344. Purple, Dalaran
  345. Orange, Prince Alric
  346. Red, The Syndicate
  347. White, Dwarves
  348. Brown, Crushridge Ogres
  349. Grey, Unknown or unclaimed
  352. 1. Dalaran, City, Special
  353. 2. Lordamere Fields, Farmlands, Forest
  354. 3. Misty Shore, Farmlands, Forest
  355. 4 .Hillsbrad Fields, Town, Farmlands, Forest
  356. 5. Azureload Mine, Iron Ore
  357. 6. Western Strand, Farmlands
  358. 7. Southshore, Town, Farmland
  359. 8. Central Hillsbrad Foothills, Farmlands
  360. 9. Tarren Mill, Town, Forest, Farmlands
  361. 10. Gavin’s Naze, Forest, Farmlands
  362. 11. Darrow Hill, Forest, Farmlands
  363. 12. The Headland, Forest, Farmlands
  364. 13. Sofera’s Naze, Forest, Farmlands
  365. 14. Strahnbrad Hills, Forest
  366. 15. Eastern Strand, Farmlands
  367. 16. Dun Garok, Dwarven Hold
  368. 17. Durnholde Keep, Forest, Farmlands
  369. 18. South Durnholde Hills, Forest
  370. 19. North Durnholde Hills
  371. 20. Western Hinterlands
  372. 21. Chillwind Pass
  373. 22. Eastern Alterac Hills
  374. 23. Southern Alterac Mountains
  375. 24. South-Western Alterac Mountains
  376. 25. North-Western Alterac Mountains
  377. 26. North Alterac Mountains
  378. 27. Gallow’s Corner, Forest
  379. 28. Southern Alterac Valley, Forest, Farmlands
  380. 29. Central Alterac Valley
  381. 30. Ruins of Alterac
  382. 31. Northern Alterac Valley, Forest, Farmlands
  383. 32. Strahnbrad, Town, Forest, Farmlands
  384. 33. The Uplands, Forest, Farmlands
  385. 34. Eastern Uplands Hills, Forest
  386. 35. Western Uplands Hills, Forest
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