Crime Never Pays: The Handler

May 27th, 2013
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  1. >Day Crime Never Pays: The Handler in Equestria.
  2. >Be Lyra. The Handler.
  3. >This city has turned to shit.
  4. >The mayor is oblivious to the rampant rape and violence in this town.
  5. >You’ve made your mark scraping away the cancer that is infesting this city.
  6. >Now, ponies can walk around this town feeling safe.
  7. >But there is a new twisted fuck hell bent on ruining their way of life.
  8. >He calls himself, Anon.
  9. >You have spent weeks researching him and his motives.
  10. >The only thing he cares about is his insatiable appetite for money.
  11. >Money, and rape.
  12. >He even captured two helpless earth ponies.
  13. >One of them is your friend… your former friend Bon Bon.
  14. >You can see her through a window in Anon’s mansion.
  15. >Just look at her.
  16. >It’s disgusting.
  17. >Bon Bon never acted like this before.
  18. >She was always a harsh and cynical pony.
  19. >Now she is docile and subservient.
  20. >He probably beats and rapes her every night.
  21. >She was never like this before.
  22. >You see her cooking in Anon’s kitchen.
  23. >You see a deep sadness in her eyes.
  24. >Emptiness.
  25. >She’s so close.
  26. >You can save her.
  27. >No…
  28. >Not yet.
  29. >You need to save Octavia too.
  30. >Who knows what dark and twisted rituals he performs on them.
  31. >He probably forces her to play music as he pours hot candle wax on Bon Bon.
  32. >Her shrill screams balance perfectly with the cello’s low tones.
  33. >If you save Bon Bon now, then he will probably take out his frustration on Tavi.
  34. >That small helpless mare doesn’t deserve this.
  35. >Nop0ny deserves this.
  36. >As much as it pains you, you have to go.
  37. >You have to talk to the mayor.
  38. >You have to make her see Anon for what he really is.
  39. >
  40. >The mayor’s office is easy to break into.
  41. >She’s half drunk again.
  42. “Mayor Mare, Anon is at it again.”
  43. >She jumps at your voice.
  44. >You can disguise your voice like Bon Bon.
  45. >She prefers – preferred - extending her jaw to produce a flat and unremarkable tone.
  46. >You are partial to clenching you neck to produce a low raspy voice.
  47. 1/8
  48. >No one can know that The Handler is a simple musical mare.
  49. >Rather, was a simple musical mare.
  50. >”Handler, I wasn’t expecting you.”
  51. >The mayor puts the bottle into one of her drawers.
  52. ”Mayor, I can’t stand idly by while Anon takes out his primal fantasies on those two poor mares.”
  53. >”I already checked into it. The police visited them, and both Bon Bon and Octavia said they were there on their own free will.”
  54. ”Of course they would say that. They are brainwashed. If Anon even thinks that they said bad things about him then he will really let them have it.”
  55. >”Handler, I know you’ve done so much good for this city, but you need to drop this. They are fine.”
  56. >You shake your head.
  57. >Looks like Anon even has the local police and politicians on his side.
  58. >Money can buy anything it seems.
  59. >Anything, except you.
  60. ”I’m going to save them, with or without you.”
  61. >”You’re making a mistake.”
  62. >You turn your back to the mayor.
  63. ”No, you are.”
  64. >You throw a smoke bomb on the floor and escape.
  65. >You’ve tried to reason with the law.
  66. >Looks like it’s time for The Handler to get dirty.
  67. >
  68. >Be Anon.
  69. >You are trying to take a nap but Bon Bon keeps fidgeting.
  70. >You wrap an arm around her.
  71. “What’s wrong?”
  72. >”Nothing.”
  73. >You’ve heard this before.
  74. >Mares here try to keep their problems to themselves.
  75. “I’m tired. Can’t you find a comfortable position?”
  76. >”Did you sign the card yet?”
  77. >You stroke her mane.
  78. “Yes, it’s on the counter.”
  79. >She puts her head back down on your chest.
  80. >You try to go to sleep..
  81. >Bon Bon shifts her weight again.
  82. “Just tell me.”
  83. >”You don’t need to worry about it. I’m sure it’s nothing.”
  84. >You sigh.
  85. >You wrap your arms around her and roll her on her side.
  86. >You wiggle a bit until you are laying against the backrest.
  87. >She loves it when you spoon her.
  88. >”Why don’t you tell me a story while we wait for Tavi?”
  89. 2/8
  90. “A story? How about the time I climbed Smokey Mountain?”
  91. >”No, I’ve heard that one before. You always tell it.”
  92. “Well I only have so many stories, Bon Bon.”
  93. >”I want to hear about your life before you came here. Back on Earth.”
  94. “That was a long time ago. I hardly remember anymore,” you lie.
  95. >The truth is you prefer not thinking about it.
  96. >Things here are so much better than back home.
  97. >She isn’t going to stop asking unless you relent.
  98. >Bon Bon is a very stubborn pony.
  99. >Well, you might as well tell her a story.
  100. >What about that one space movie?
  101. ”Alright, how about the tragedy of Khan? He was a peace loving and fair person. He tried to unite all humans under one banner, but his forces were defeated. He and his followers were exiled to a small island, and left without food, water, or anything really.”
  102. >”Why did they throw him away?”
  103. ”They were afraid of him I guess. He only wanted to help people. Decades later, a powerful Imperial battle cruiser was sailing and happened across Khan’s island. So much time had passed that they had actually forgotten that they had left him there to die, but Khan never forgot. He and his men were able to capture the battle cruiser and destroyed a large portion of the Imperial fleet. Sadly, Khan was killed, and we never talked about him again.”
  104. >”Are all humans so violent? Ponies would never do that.”
  105. “Bon Bon, ponies have done that. Think about Nightmare Moon. Wasn’t she exiled just like Khan? Didn’t she return with anger in her heart?”
  106. >”Yes, but I still don’t see what you are getting at.”
  107. “The tragedy was that both Khan and Empire thought they were fighting for good. Khan wanted to free his people. The Empire thought Khan mad gone insane, and was evil. It was just a misunderstanding. Just like Princess Luna was misunderstood.”
  108. >”Why didn’t they just talk to each other? They could have worked something out.”
  109. 3/8
  110. ”Because we all jump to conclusions. For example, ponies thought I was a monster when I first arrived. Even you -” You stop yourself. That’s all in the past now.
  111. >She nods.
  112. >”I’m worried about Lyra,” she finally offers. “We haven’t seen each other in a while. She was very upset when I left. I don’t think she can handle being alone.”
  113. >Mares and their simple problems.
  114. “You know you can have friends over. This is your house as well.”
  115. >”Yeah. Maybe next weekend we can throw a party and -“
  116. >”I’m home!” A voice calls out from the foyer.
  117. >”It’s Tavi. Get the cake.”
  118. >You both hop up and you grab the cake Bon Bon baked.
  119. [Together] “Happy happy birthday to you. Happy happy birthday, Tavi. Happy happy birthday to you.”
  120. >Tavi is so cute when she blushes.
  121. >”You remembered!”
  122. >”Well, the note on the refrigerator wasn’t very subtle.”
  123. “And now, the gift.”
  124. >You pull out a Cello with a bow on it.
  125. >”This is for me? Anon, you shouldn’t have.”
  126. “I just want you to be happy, Octavia. It’s already tuned. Why don’t you play something for us?”
  127. >”What do you want to hear?”
  128. “Anything.”
  129. >You and Bon Bon sit, and Octavia plays a classic Equestrian song.
  130. >Her bow dances for you.
  131. >When she finishes, both you and Bon Bon clap.
  132. >”It’s perfect, Anon.”
  133. “Bon Bon picked it out. I’m no good at these things.”
  134. >”A good gift deserves a good reward. Why don’t you join us upstairs in a minute?”
  135. >Bon Bon and Tavi quickly rush out of the room.
  136. >What do they have planned this time?
  137. >You slice yourself a piece of the cake.
  138. >It’s so moist that it melts in your mouth.
  139. >A few minutes pass.
  140. >You should go and check on them.
  141. 4/8
  142. >You knock on the door.
  143. >”Come in”
  144. >You open the door slightly.
  145. >The room is dimly lit by candles.
  146. >Tavi and Bon Bon are lounging on your bed.
  147. >That would be pretty normal, except this time they are wearing lingerie.
  148. >Octavia is wearing a black lacy ensemble.
  149. >Bon Bon favored a very see through pink nightgown.
  150. >”Like what you see?”
  151. >A smile creeps across your face.
  152. >
  153. >Be The Handler.
  154. >You are outside of Anon’s mansion.
  155. >The rain is starting to pick up.
  156. >It easily rolls off of your cape.
  157. >You see lights flickering on the second floor.
  158. >That must be where he is keeping them.
  159. >You extend you magical hands and pull yourself to the window.
  160. >You find Anon sleeping with the two ravished mares.
  161. >He probably laughed at their suffering.
  162. >This ends now.
  163. >You use your magic to unlock the window.
  164. >It opens easily, and you slowly lower yourself in.
  165. >Success. Now you need to keep them away from Anon while you give him justice.
  166. >The ensuite. That will be perfect.
  167. >You use your magic and easily move the two mares to the master bathroom.
  168. >Careful now. You don’t want to -
  169. >”What’s happening?” Octavia stirs.
  170. >You don’t have time for this.
  171. >You throw them both into the bathroom and slam the door.
  172. >With a flick of your horn the dresser moves to the right and seals your friends away from him.
  173. >”Who are you? Why are you here?” Anon yells.
  174. “My name is The Handler. I take care of scum like you.”
  175. >”I don’t care who you are, but you better get the fuck out of my house,” Anon says as he brandishes a knife.
  176. “Do you really think that will protect you?”
  177. >You extend a magical arm and knock it out of his hand.
  178. >He bares his teeth at you like the simple animal he is.
  179. >”I don’t think you will be so tough without your magic.”
  180. “No one said that I have to fight fair.”
  181. >”Let us out!” Bon Bon yells from the ensuite.
  182. 5/8
  183. >Anon lunges at you.
  184. >You grab him with your magical hands, but he is much harder to move then a pony.
  185. >Monkeys must be slightly resistant to magic.
  186. >You flip him onto his back.
  187. >You walk over to him.
  188. >You put a hoof on his head.
  189. “I could kill you right now if I wanted.”
  190. >”Really? Because I think your luck just ran out.”
  191. >He swipes at your leg and you collapse.
  192. >He crawls on you and grabs your horn.
  193. >Your magical hands immediately disintegrate.
  194. >You should have never let him get this close.
  195. >With his free hand he hits you again and again.
  196. >You move and he hits the floor with his fist.
  197. >He lets go for a moment to protect it.
  198. >You take this opportunity and buck him off of you.
  199. >Your magical hands explode back to life.
  200. >You grab him with both and slam him to the ground.
  201. >His head cracks loudly against the wood floor.
  202. >”Let us out!”
  203. “Shut up!”
  204. >It’s very easy to move Anon now that he is stunned.
  205. >You place him on the bed, and shackle him to the posts.
  206. >It’s better to not leave anything to chance.
  207. “You thought you could get away with it. Get away with raping those poor little mares.”
  208. >”What are you talking about?”
  209. >You stomp him.
  210. “Shut up. I’m the one talking.”
  211. >He turns his head to you.
  212. >”I was trying to help them.”
  213. “So that’s how you justify it. You think that you know what is best for them, right? RIGHT?”
  214. >”No, I –“
  215. “That’s not going to cut it. You fucks are all the same. I’ve seen it a million times,” you lie. “You get a small taste of power and you let it get to your head. And not the one on your shoulders. The problem is that you are sloppy.”
  216. >”Handler – whatever you think happened, it’s not true.”
  217. “Stop trying to plead with me. It’s pathetic. Just like you.”
  218. 6/8
  219. >You pull out your black wooden fist dildo and magic it toward Anon’s face.
  220. “Do you know what this is?”
  221. >”Yeah.”
  222. “This represents everything wrong in the world. You wanted to have it all. You didn’t care whose life you ruined. Now you will get a taste of your own medicine.”
  223. >His blood begins to cover the sheets.
  224. >He has a good sized gash from when you threw him on the floor.
  225. >He spits at you.
  226. “Anon, this is going to happen. If you suck on it, it might go a little easier for you.”
  227. >He looks at your device then back to you.
  228. >”You’re fucking insane.”
  229. “Dry it is then.”
  230. >”You’ll never get away with this.”
  231. “Do you honestly think anyp0ny will believe you? The great Anon, raped by a pony half his size. Anon, captain of industry can't even handle a single mare? Don’t make me laugh.”
  232. >”I will find you Handler. I don’t care how long it takes. I don’t care how much money I have to spend. I will hunt you down and I will squeeze your neck until it bursts in my hands. You won’t even get an open casket.”
  233. “That sounds more like the Anon I know.”
  234. >”Get it over with,” he grits.
  235. “Fine.”
  236. >You strap the dildo into place.
  237. >He takes several deep breaths.
  238. >You line yourself up.
  239. >You use your magical hands to spread him open.
  240. >It’s clenched tightly.
  241. >He wont enjoy this.
  242. >You press your strap on into him.
  243. >He tries to resist, but after a moment you invade him.
  244. >The nub on your end excites you.
  245. >You thrust into him again, and again, and again.
  246. >With each thrust you feel yourself closer to coming.
  247. >Its difficult at first, but soon his blood makes an acceptable lubricant.
  248. >He stares into your eyes at first.
  249. >Always scowling, but never making a sound.
  250. >You’re so close.
  251. >He can’t bear it anymore and finally gives up.
  252. >He buries his face into the mattres, and his body goes limp.
  253. >Now he knows what it is like.
  254. 7/8
  255. >His passiveness puts you over the edge, and you ride the wave on excitement that has taken over your body.
  256. >You let your juices cover him.
  257. >You lay there for a moment enjoying your success.
  258. >The Handler always wins.
  259. >
  260. >”ANON!” Bon Bon cries out.
  261. >They immediatly run to Anon's body.
  262. “Stay away from him. You’re safe now.”
  263. >”What did you do Lyra?” She asks accusingly.
  264. ”The mayor didn’t do anything about this freak. I did what needed to be done. I made sure he knows that he can’t just rape defenseless ponies. Look at him. He’s broken. He can never hurt you again.”
  265. >Octavia presses her face against Anon's.
  266. >”I loved him.”
  267. “It was all a lie. Think about it.”
  268. >Octavia and Bon Bon cry over Anon.
  269. >You magic them to the two stallions waiting outside.
  270. >You can’t just wish away Stockholm syndrome.
  271. >They will have to spend some time recovering from Anon’s brutality.
  272. >
  273. >Be Anon.
  274. >You've been in reclusion these last few weeks.
  275. >The one time you try to help a pony at the end of a long rope, you get punished.
  276. >The Handler brutally raped you, and took away the only two ponies you ever cared about.
  277. >She was right too.
  278. >No one believed you.
  279. >They thought you had gone insane, and that you did this to yourself.
  280. >Maybe they didnt want to believe that The Handler was capable of an act.
  281. >You were a good person.
  282. >Were.
  283. >You look at the mirror.
  284. >She thought you were a monster.
  285. >She created one.
  286. >You break the bathroom mirror.
  287. >It takes a super hero to kill a super villain.
  288. >You don't care if you have to sell your mansion.
  289. >You will find her.
  290. >You look at your hundred broken reflections.
  291. >Now she has to deal with…
  292. “The Breeder.”
  293. Fin
  294. 8/8
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