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  1. Donald Trump does not make idle threats or empty promises and as far as I can tell he is a man of his word. During the week of the South Carolina primary, Trump made a promise to Cruz concerning all the lies Cruz was telling. Trump said that if Cruz did not apologize to him by Saturday (primary day) that he would file an ineligibility lawsuit against him.
  3. Well Saturday came and went and Cruz did not apologize. As far as I know Trump hasn't filed the lawsuit. So did Trump make an empty threat? I don't think so, he never said WHEN he would file. We could speculate as to why he has not filed.
  5. One thing for certain is that Cruz is not a "natural born citizen' even by his own definition. He would have us believe that his mother at the time of his birth was a US citizen and that would automatically convey US citizenship to him. Also since he was born in Canada that gave him Canadian citizenship. That would mean he would have dual US/Canadian citizenship. This is the lie, "dual citizenship".
  7. I have links to five different articles and you can very easily find many more that prove from the time of his birth (1970) until he came to the US (1974) no Canadian could hold dual citizenship. The reason this is important is that when he came to the US, he was either a US or Canadian citizen he could not have held dual citizenship.
  9. Fast forward to 2014 and he renounces his Canadian citizenship. What this tells us is that when he came to the US he was a Canadian citizen and not a US citizen. If this is so then it's not even a close call on his"natural born citizenship". In fact if he has not been naturalized since he came to the US, he is not even a US citizen.
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