Lich gets pregnant [150725]

Oct 8th, 2014
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  2. Lich gets Pregnant 10 necrophilic impregnation
  3. Lich Continues to be Pregnant 81 temporal shock
  4. Lich Remembers Things Long Forgotten 129 crimes against reason and god
  5. Lich Experiments with Forbidden Acts 167 poor experimental workflow
  6. Lich Enjoys a Warm Bath 215 danger of warmth addiction
  8. *** *** ***
  10. Lich gets Pregnant
  12. >With this, I will finally become like a god!
  13. A tiny, hooded figure cackled in front of her books in the flickering candlelight. The robe didn't move with breath, and neither did the frigid air in front of her gather fog. The other robed figure, the larger one standing behind the first, was obviously much more alive. It's hands were in it's pockets, and it swayed back and forth impatiently.
  15. The smaller figure spun and jumped up in glee.
  16. >I shall create life from death! Finally! The ultimate magic is mine! And you! You are going to help!
  17. The larger figure sighed, breathing out a deep fog. It straightened its back and crossed it's arms. A much deeper voice rang from the frosted-over stone walls.
  18. >What is it this time? Is this going to be another electrocution experiment? You know that was just a weird-looking zombie, don't you?
  19. >Oh, no! This is going to be much more natural!
  20. He sighed again. Natural? What kind of bullshit was she up to now?
  24. >Come on! Let's get to the vivisection room!
  25. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to another chamber. This one was much brighter, although still lit only by candles. The walls were lined with row after row on candles, their light amplified by bronze mirrors covering the ceiling. A spotlight of sorts was formed on a stone slab in the center. As they entered, she pushed away trays full of one disgusting bladed tool after another.
  26. >Let's get these out of the way and get to work! I just need to cast a little spell and then it's your turn!
  28. She tiptoed her way to a shrine on the short wall. A rainbow of flames rose from the brazier as she threw one powder after another into the fire, singing in long-forgotten languages. The cultist stood behind her, gazing at his mistress. The lich stood upright, her robe belted at her waist. The heavy, plain fabric curved with her hips, as it always had. Her hood was thrown back, revealing a deathly white hair bobbed just above her delicate jawline. He sighed. For all of her knowledge of life and death, she was so oblivious to the thoughts of the living.
  30. Finally the great fire stabilized into a whitish blue. The blue of the brazier mixed with the yellow-orange of the candles to cast an almost perfect white light over the slab. She made her way to the slab and turned to face the cultist.
  31. >Now it's your turn! Get to it already!
  32. Her face betrayed her excitement as she threw furs onto the slab. She opened her belt and shook the robe to the floor.
  33. >Mistress?! What are you doing?
  34. >Didn't I tell you were we going the natural way this time? You're going to impregnate me!
  38. The cultist straddled his mistress' small, cold body. Gravity flattened her modest chest almost into non-existance. Her tiny waist swelled into rather large thighs and hips, on top of which his erect member pulsated with hot blood. Her icy shins pressed onto his shoulders, slowly draining heat from his body.
  39. >Well? Get to it! Put it in already!
  40. He swallowed, and positioned himself at her entrance. He grabbed her by the hips and slowly pushed himself into her tiny body. He shuddered with the coldness that invaded him from all sides.
  42. >It's so hot... You're such a loyal servant! I will finally create LIFE!
  43. She cackled as he penetrated her again and again. He traced his hands up her navel, then her breasts, then her collarbones. All the while he stared into her increasingly confused eyes. Her cackles slowly turned into a confused giggle. He made it to her shoulders, then down to her elbows, and finally all the way to her wrists. He pulled her hands to her temples as her brow furrowed and her mouth hung open.
  44. >W-what are you doing?
  46. He finally interlocked fingers with her and bend down to kiss her icy lips.
  47. >W-what! What?! What are you doing? Why are you doing this? This isn't part of the ritual!
  48. He picked up the pace, thrusting deep into her now almost lukewarm depths again and again, faster and faster. He could feel himself approaching orgasm, his breath growing rapid, his penis pulsating with an incredible amount of blood inside her. The vivisection chamber rang with the echo of his scream.
  49. >I love you~!
  53. He gasped for breath as his semen shot inside her. The fog from his warm, living breath tickled her cold ear.
  54. >L-love...? Don't say such unnecessary things like that! Y-you shouldn't joke about that...
  55. >It's true! I've always loved you!
  56. She grabbed his temples with her lukewarm hands and pulled him to face her.
  57. >A-are you a n-n-n-necrophile?! Did you lust for my cold, dead flesh all this time? It's wrong! You can't love a corpse!
  58. Her brow furrowed again in though and realization.
  60. >You never tried to escape, did you? You were so docile right after I kidnapped you from the village... Is that it? Were you a pervert even before you came here?
  61. He fell down on her to hug her. Her chest and abdomen were still cold as ice. His warmth had not yet touched them. He whispered into her ear.
  62. >I saw you buy supplies from the village even before that. I fell in love with you at first sight. I was afraid when I was taken by your skeletons, but when I saw your face...
  63. She would have blushed, were she to have any circulation. She gasped and stuttered.
  65. >B-but... I was just supposed to surpass the gods?! This is all too weird!
  66. He pushed himself back up above her. She felt the warm sperm swim up inside her frigid body.
  67. >Well... All the gods are married, aren't they? W-why don't you... Why not marry me...?
  68. >You're sick! Sick! I can't believe what a pervert you are! You really want to marry a corpse?! But I'm a thousand years older than you! ...And dead! I'm dead, do you get it? Love is for the living!
  69. He leaned back to kiss her cool lips. Her back was beginning to grow warm over his hands.
  70. >I'm sorry that I'm a pervert. But I do want to become your husband.
  71. She kept mumbling at him as he caressed her white hair. The great fire was burning out, tinging her silver hair and ivory skin with a growing warm orange as she writhed below him, her face half-covered by her fingers.
  72. >Dead... You shouldn't... I'm a disgusting corpse... You'll lose your soul... It's so wrong...
  73. >I-I'll think about it...
  79. *** *** ***
  81. Lich Continues to be Pregnant
  83. "Husband! Hear and obey!" A small figure lounged on what had once been the slab of a vivisection chamber. The air was still as frigid as it had been, but the large stone now stood covered in blankets and pillows, turned into a soft nest for the unbreathing, barely visibly pregnant Lich. The husband stepped in with a long, rigid gait. "Yes, darling?" She motioned him closer without a word. As he stepped to her, the Lich cooed: "Give me a kiss~!"
  85. He bent over to kiss his wife. Her ice-cold lips tasted faintly of the lavender candles burning where a shrine had once stood. Shivers ran down the husband's spine as his tongue entered her frigid mouth, caressing and being in turn caressed by her long-dead tongue. He had, once, been thoroughly trained to maintain perfect posture around his mistress, but his feelings for her overpowered old habits. He knelt at the slab and stroked the Lich' chalky white bobbed hair, traced the gentle contour of her delicate jaw - he opened his eyes to gaze deeply into the once-oppressive red eyes burning in a sea of deathly pallor.
  87. Finally the kiss was broken. The Lich allowed a long string - of whatever cold, unnatural liquid flowed through her in the stead of blood and spittle - to draw between her outstretched tongue and his. His chest rose and fell with heavy, loving breath, but hers was as static as the grave itself. She paused to enjoy the sight of living love, perverted by her dead body, only held together by magic for hundreds of years. Finally she pulled back, barking orders with her sweet voice. "Husband! I require chocolate! Go out into the world and acquire some!"
  91. The lair stood inside the top of a mountain - to keep the air frigid enough for the unholy practices carried out within. A long tunnel winded down the rock towards the surface, and the husband led a skeletal porter, dressed in thick robes to disguise it, to the gate at the end. A heavy counterweight hung above a well, ready to hold the ancient gate up. He directed the skeleton to raise the gate as he braced himself for the first rays of sunlight in what must have been years. Slowly the gate rose to reveal the almost-forgotten outside world...
  93. It rained. The heavens were pouring with water all over the visible sky. The world of the living seemed almost as bleak as the inside of the mountain. They slowly set off towards the nearest town. The road was overgrown - more so than the husband would have thought. How long had he been inside there? Ten years, fifteen? He had arrived an adolescent, and had grown into a man, but the changeless rock walls gave no indication of the passage of time. His mistress, too, never aged, never seemed to change until the last few months.
  95. Finally the pair arrived at a clearing. The animal paths of the forest gave way to an open space more extensive than he had ever seen in his life - fields seemed to extend for miles and miles. Even in the gloom of the rain, a vast expanse of bright yellow rape swayed in the wind. Even more bizarre were the roads. Tall, entirely branchless pines stood at regular intervals along a black road, built to an astounding standard. The black rock dust seemed to clump together to form an almost uniform surface. Somethis was amiss - he must have lived inside the mountain far longer than a decade for such changes to take place.
  99. The husband heard a rumbling sound grow over the din of the rain. He stood on the road, waiting for the approaching sound to arrive, flanked by the disguised skeleton. The heavy rain soaked his hair and beard through as he stood, waiting for whatever approached. Finally a metal object slid into view - a rumbling wagon with no horse. It appeared a hay wagon, as a wooden structure stood behind the metal teamster's compartment. The wagon rumbled to a halt in front of them. A transparent gate rolled down next to the visible teamster, and the husband stepped forward.
  101. "D'ya want a ride to town, boys?" The teamster addressed him in an unfamiliar way. "Brother, we came for to seek some chocolate. We pray you that ye will tell us where we may find it." The teamster rolled his eyes at him, as if he was some unschooled countryman. "Yeah, sure, hop in. You'll fit in the front, but the other one will have to ride in the back. The husband nodded, motioning the skeleton to load itself onto the empty hay section. He circled to the other side of the waggon, but could not find a way to open the gate. Finally the teamster leant over to activate a mechanism, which allowed a part of the metal wall to spin on hinges to let him in. "What, haven't you seen a car before?"
  103. The wagon rumbled along at an astounding pace. "You said you were looking for some chocolate, eh?" The teamster spoke as he directed the wagon with a wheel. "Yea, for my wife does desire it. She is great with child, and full of desires." The husband sat rigid, his long training brough to fore again by unfamiliar circumstances. "Yeah, that can happen. Listen, the general store in town has all sorts of sweets. I'll take you boys there, alright?" The husband struggled to interpret the unfamiliar words, but imagined he had got the gist of it. "I thank you. Might I ask of you - what year is it?" He had no know. "Oh? It's 1207. Why do you ask?" He couldn't think of a good answer - he was too preoccupied with the truth. It had been hundreds of years.
  107. The general store was a small building, filled with alien objects. The chocolate was wrapped in paper, and some of them had paintings of fruit on them. There were numbers written next to the packages, but he had no idea how big the unit of currency was. Instead, the husband dug into the baggage of the skeleton and pulled out a fistful of golden coins, laying them onto the counter in a neat pile. "What number of chocolate will this purchase?" The eyes of the teamster and shopkeeper widened. The men looked at each other knowingly.
  109. "Oh, dear sir, this will not go far at all. M-maybe four-five bars...?" The shopkeeper regained his composure and smirked as if the husband was an easy mark. He was not. "I came not to you by mine own will, but as I was commanded. You would not for all your lands that my lady be angry and do much harm to you." The booming husband stared the lanky shopkeeper down, looming over the small man with his powerful, if pale, form. The shopkeeper swallowed, sensing some remnant of the death that surrounded him. "Of-of course, sir...! I just misread the stamps, sir! Two coins will be enough to pay for all of my chocolate!"
  113. Soon all of the chocolate was loaded onto the skeleton's back. A third coin went to the teamster to carry them back to the path, and in a matter of hours the pair was back at the hanging gate. The rain was winding down, but the sun was still nowhere to be seen. The husband sighed as he realized he would not see sunlight after all. Well, here was to another century inside the mountain! Everyone he had known was dead, but somehow he did not seem to care. The necromancy that had slowed down his aging must have affected his emotions as well - the only thing that mattered was the Lich.
  117. "Husband! This chocolate doesn't taste of anything!" The slender Lich banged the slab next to him with her tiny fists. "Why?! I wanted chocolate!" He wormed his way out of a cocoon of blankets he had gathered to insulate himself from the cold, and took a bite of the chocolate. There was nothing wrong with it. "Darling, are you sure that you can taste?" The Lich' eyes widened in shock. It was apparent that she had not considered the possibility. "W-what...?! It doesn't mean that I can't taste, because I don't have saliva, and I haven't eaten in a thousand years..." Her voice trailed off as she came to accept it herself.
  119. He craned his neck to give her a consoling kiss. "Husband! I can taste it!" The Lich yelped in surprise as their tongues connected. "It must be a symphatetic sensation from your living tongue!" She beamed as she hugged him closer, pressing her frigid, modest breasts onto his shirt. "Husband! Chew the chocolate and kiss it to me! Immediately!" He obeyed instinctively. He took a bite of the chocolate, ground it to a fine paste, and locked lips with his mistress. She moaned in pleasure as their tongues intertwined, savoring both his warmth and the taste of the chocolate.
  121. After an hour her lips were stained brown, small specks of chocolate hardened onto the cold, white skin. She was in a daze, having enjoyed a seemingly-endless stream of sugar, heat and love. She wrapped her arms around her husband, wriggling herself into the cocoon of blankets wrapped around him. Her cold flesh sucked the heat out of him as she seemed to fall asleep, motioness as a corpse, her arms wrapped tight around her husband. He was worried - did she need the cold as the cadavers did, or was she sustained by the magic itself? Slowly his thoughts faded away, as the Lich' temperature rose to a comfortable level. He hugged her still form to his chest as he drifted to sleep.
  127. *** *** ***
  129. Lich Remembers Things Long Forgotten
  131. "Oh nooo~!" The tiny figure moaned with a faint voice before screaming: "Husband! Enter! Come here and help me!" The Lich rocked back and forth on her side as her husband entered the frigid chamber. "Help me! There's something moving inside me like a big snake! I must have got parasites from the chocolate!" He sighed as he stepped up to her, squirming half-naked on the slab. "Darling, are you sure it's parasites?" She spun to face him, pouting, now on her left side, her stomach bulging barely perceptibly under her almost translucent linen shirt. "What else would it be?! Husband, you dummy!"
  133. He knelt down to give her icy lips a kiss as he stroked the unnatural fetus growing inside her. "When did you last eat, again...?" She furrowed her pale brows. "A thousand..." She realized it as soon as she spoke. "I-is it..." She would have blushed had any blood circulated in her cheeks. "Is it p-poop...?" He nodded silently, now stroking her short hair. She lifted her frigid fingers to stroke his hand. "Please... How do I get it out? Where do you poop, anyway?" He gave her another kiss before lifting her in his arms.
  135. Moans rang through the wooden door. Inside, the Lich straddled a small mountain stream running through a crack in the rock. The sensation of something solid passing through her ancient sphincter for the first time in a millenium ran shivers down her spine. Soon something fell out of her and into the stream, making her gasp in what almost felt like pleasure. She splashed her ring with water, only to find it only covered with a slight slime. She instinctively swallowed before slowly pushing her finger inside her own rectum. It felt good.
  139. That night, as her husband slept, the Lich sat in her candle-lit study. An ancient tome, half-remembered, lay open on the table, written in long-forgotten characters that no-one alive knew even existed. She studied the arcane texts slowly, having herself almost forgotten how to read the language. Her lips formed the alien sounds, pausing every now and then to ponder at the meaning of one compound or another. "Anal... Sex..." Her head swam as she read the detailed description of that godless act, forbidden outright by the ancient gods.
  141. The Lich imagined her husband's warm, technically living, penis enter her own rectum, unused for so long until today. What would it feel like? How would it feel to receive semen in there? With every new word she was pulled in deeper and deeper - she became convinced that this crime against reason and god must feel divine, why would anyone do it otherwise? She leant onto one buttock, allowing her left hand to worm its way under the other. Slowly she wriggled one finger inside herself, then another.
  143. Soon she found herself sprawled over the tome, both hands disappearing between her spread legs. She violated herself with four fingers, now, pistoning them back and forth without rhyme or reason - the sensations from her quivering ring drove her wild. It wasn't enough. Not nearly enough. Husband... She wanted it, needed it, demanded it. Still bent over to reach her anus, she stood up and started towards the heated quarters. Her hole twitched with every step as her fingers shook inside it.
  147. The husband slept on a thick mattress. He wore only a long undershirt, as the Lich found out as she pulled the blanket away with one hand. She turned him onto his back and flipped his shirt up to reveal a throbbing erection. She licked her lips as she squatted above him. Slowly his head came into contact with the fingers still inside her, and she pulled them away only to be replaced by the hot penis. As soon as she could be sure he would stay inside her anus, she allowed herself to fall backwards and impale herself entirely on his shaft.
  149. The husband awoke to see his slender wife straddling him in the gloom, barely lit by the lantern she had brought with her, her freezing heels digging into his hips as her knees flared to the sides. She was held up by her outstretched arms, her head hanging back, obscured even by a bust as small as hers. He watched her labia twitch above him in confusion before he realized - the icy tightness around him wasn't her vagina. He was awake in an instant. He grasped her cold thighs and began to grind himself into her rectum.
  151. The Lich moaned in pleasure - the hot penis inside her frigid anus felt like a roaring inferno burning her insides. She also began to roll back and forth above her gently moving husband, mirroring his movement to make him penetrate herself as deeply as possible. The taboo made her head swim, her moans slowly became screams as their pace quickened. She felt her rectum drain more and more warmth out of her beloved husband, until finally his grip of her thighs tightened. She knew what was happening and rammed herself down to his base even as the hot sperm shot out of him and into her icy depths.
  155. Her vision swam as the heat dissipated into her. It was so deep inside her, it somehow felt even deeper than when she had been impregnated. She fell onto the floor and lay there without a sound as her husband breathed heavily next to her. Finally she felt the now chilled sperm slowly flow out of her like molasses. The warmth... Was it safe? Would she begin to rot if she let herself be warmed? It felt so good, when he embraced her, when he entered her, when he planted his seed inside her - she wished she could spend the entire night in his arms, warmed by his body and seed until she were as warm as a living woman once more.
  157. She had to have it. A cold flame of platonic love was not enough, it could never be enough. She would take it even if it meant degrading her body - just for today, if nothing else. It wouldn't be the first time, so it wasn't like she'd melt away during the night. She crawled her way into his arms, wrapping her icy cold arms around him, pressing her frigid, tiny breasts into his chest as her freezing cheek rubbed against his. She wrapped her legs around his, as if trying to cocoon herself all around him. He shivered with the cold, and pulled the blanket back up.
  159. The Lich clung to her husband like a limpet, unbreathing, unmoving, still as a corpse, yet slowly being warmed by his body. She quietly muttered as if to herself: "I love you..." Her voice was weak, the words still alien to a woman dead for a thousand years, but her lips were right at his ear. Suddenly she felt his arms knead her into him. The warmth within and without was intoxicating. She could never let it go again as she had after her death - she would rather truly die with him than live forever alone.
  165. *** *** ***
  167. Lich Experiments with Forbidden Acts
  169. Two figures lay on a blanketed stone slab, the smaller still as a corpse, the larger shivering like a leaf in the wind. Finally the smaller figure moved. It sat up, then stood up, then reached under its translucent linen gown and pulled out a thermometer. "Husband! Experiment XIº: Back to Back, Underwear / No Blanket, 1 hour: Core temperature 3,9 Réaumur." The shivering figure stood, his teeth clattering, and jotted down the number near the beginning of an extremely long, sprawling scroll.
  171. "It's around your lunchtime, isn't it? Please go without me, I need to reset myself for the next experiment." The Lich tiptoed her way to the heavy bronze door of the ice box, strained to pull it open, and disappeared within. The door was pulled shut from the inside with a clang, and the husband was left alone in the old vivisection room. He eyed the visible portion of the scroll in desperation - at this rate it would take days or weeks to get to the good stuff. Sighing and still shivering, he took off towards the kitchen.
  173. He ate slowly, reflecting on the experiment so far. With the resets, they had been at it for two days now - two days filled with deathly cold, desperate boredom, and a growing desire. Touching her through their shirts, only with their shoulderblades and buttocks touching, was driving him mad. He wanted to touch her all over. He would touch her all over. Once she had reset herself, he would take matters into his own hands.
  177. Finally the heavy door cracked open, faint moans of exertion ringing from inside as the again frigid Lich emerged with ice-blue lips. The husband stood waiting, wrapped in a blanket. "Darling, next up is Experiment LXXIVº: Face to Face / Arms Wrapped Around / With Kisses, Naked / With Blanket, 1 hour." The Lich blinked her milky eyes in confusion. "Are you sure? I could have sworn it was..." He quickly cut her off. "I'm doing the documentation, remember? Let's get to it, we have a lot of experiments to do!"
  179. With those words, the husband jumped onto the blanket-covered slab, revealing himself to be naked under the blanket, and motioned her to join him. She glanced at the scroll with a furrowed brow, and almost reluctantly stripped herself of her light gown. Her frigid, modest bust rippled almost imperceptibly as climbed onto the slab, his eyes following her snow-white skin and pale blue nipples lit dramatically by the cold, reflected light of the chamber. She first straddled him on her knees, then lowered herself onto him. He gasped for breath as the cold flesh pressed into him.
  181. As the blanked was wrapped around them, the husband moaned almost with pleasure as the Lich' slender, freezing body sucked the heat out of him. He kneaded her into his chest with his arms, as if trying to bring every part of their skins into contact. The tiny bump on her stomach pressed onto his upper abdomen, filled with his love for her. The Lich on her part gently squeezed his back with her slender arms. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong.
  183. Her thoughts were banished in an instant as she felt his hot, pulsating, living tongue enter her dead mouth. She felt the warmth flood her senses as his saliva, almost boiling in comparison with her icy insides, filled her mouth. The hot organ teased her frigid gums and tongue all over as his lips pumped more and more heat into hers. Her mind seemed to melt with the pleasure, and she felt her rational mind get overwhelmed by the sensations and emotions welling inside her.
  185. The husband ran his warm hands all over her slender back, tracing warm figures in her consciousness. She gasped in shock as he lifted his hands off her back and suddenly grabbed her tight butt. He dug his warm, living fingers into her chilly buttock, sending an almost burning imprint into her mind. She twitched, the thermometer still inside her rectum. The handle poking out of her anus hit his hand. In an instant, he had grabbed it, and began to twist the knob in a circle.
  187. The Lich let out a long, warbling cry as her butt was violated by the churning thermometer. "Husband, no! Noo~...!" Her jaw pressed onto his shoulder as her sweet voice rang directly into his ear. He felt her flesh deform under his palm and fingers as one hand pressed it deeper into her, then pulled it slightly out again. The sensual moans of his wife in his ear and the sensations of her flesh being teased by her were too much to bear.
  191. Suddenly the Lich perked up. "Husband!? What are you doing?" She had felt a new source of heat - one pressing against her supple, beautifully curving thighs. "No! You'll ruin the experiment! Stop...!" Her protestations had no effect on the pulsating erection pressing into her flesh. It swung up at her, wriggling higher and higher with her every motion, until it stood bolt upright, pressed between her soft, cold thighs.
  193. The husband grabbed her head in his arms and pulled it to his. He looked his panicked wife in the eye before assaulting her lips with a barrage of kisses. She squirmed on top of him, her breasts and slight stomach rubbing into his flesh, her thighs wriggling around his penis. He began to pump his hips up into her. The pleasure of her soft thighs was indescribable after the last two days of misery, so close to her and yet unable to touch her.
  195. His thrusts grew more frantic as he neared orgasm. His tongue went wild inside her now only cool mouth, sucking and prodding at every piece of her dead flesh. His arms pressed onto her lower back and sides, caressing the curve of her beautiful hips as he frantically humped her thighs. Suddenly he stopped, jerking and moaning on the verge of orgasm. "Ahn~ D-darling...?" She snapped to attention. "W-what, Husband?" He swallowed before he continued: "Could you... Take it in your mouth?"
  197. The Lich' eyes grew wide at the suggestion. "W-what do you mean?! Do you want me to bite your p-penis or something?" She was flustered, even if she didn't have the circulation to blush. "No, no, I want you to rub it with your tongue and then... You know..." She sat up on him, his twitching penis now pressed between her buttocks. "What?" "I want you to swallow the sperm." She buried her face in her fingers. "...A-alright..."
  199. The naked Lich knelt by the slab as her husband climbed off it. She looked up at him as he positioned himself for the act. "What do I do with it? I mean..." Her brows furrowed with worry. "I'll put it in, you just rub it with your tongue like you were kissing it, alright?" She nodded and opened her mouth. He placed his twitching member at her lips and began to thrust. He was already on the verge of orgasm from the intercrural, and ejaculated with the first thrust as his glans rubbed against her cold, ribbed palate.
  201. The husband moaned in pleasure as his seed spurted into the Lich' mouth. She clumsily caressed his shaft with her tongue as he continue to release himself. The awkward motions of her tongue served more to communicate her love than sexually pleasure him - he was not even sure if he could have come from something like that. Finally everything was out in her mouth and he pulled away. He watched her throat bulge and subside as his semen fell into her empty, acidless stomach. When she looked back up at him, he couldn't control himself. He lifted her back onto the slab and climbed on top of her, wriggling his arms under her and hugging her tight.
  205. "Husband! You stupid skeleton! There's no experiment like this in the schedule!" It was true. The only sexual experiments were conservative vaginal acts, not intercrural with an irrumation finish. "Come now, Darling, let's record it anyway. What's your temperature?" She continued to huff and puff at him as she pulled the thermometer out of her anus. "It's 11,2 Ré..." He quickly jotted down an extra line at the end: Extra Experiment: Face to Face / Arms Wrapped Around / With Kisses / With Intercrural / With Irrumation Finish, Naked / With Blanket, 1 hour: Core Temperature 11,2 Réaumur.
  207. "How bad is that, anyway?" She sat back onto the slab as she whispered the answer. "No effect on decomposition..." The husband perked up at the words. "So we could do it every day?" He grinned as he spun to face her. "Please don't..." She tugged at his sleeve as he stepped closer. "I want it inside me from start to finish. Let's try that tomorrow, please...?"
  213. *** *** ***
  215. Lich Enjoys a Warm Bath
  217. Empty, unfocused eyes stared up into the soot-covered cave ceiling as a tiny, cold lump of flesh bounced back and forth on a blanket-covered stone slab. Clammy slapping sounds echoed in the chamber, mixing with bestial grunts and moans, as warm hips slapped the dead body again and again. The warmth of boiling blood diffused slowly into the cool, moist meat inside. Reddish lips met blue ones, and a warm tongue rubbed against the freezing one inside.
  219. The small corpse did not react. The hot penis continued to rhythmically penetrate it, while the lips moved to its ear. Finally, as the warm lips wrapped around a cold ear, biting and sucking at the cartilage, a soft groan escaped the blue lips, still glistening with rapidly cooling drool. The diaphram of the body had jerked, pushing air past the slack vocal chords in her lifeless throat. "You reacted, Darling." The necrophile continued to violate the corpse even as its lips seemed to twitch.
  221. Suddenly the man stopped and pulled himself out of the dead body. He rose off the slab, turned, and carefully spun the small body around, placing a decorative pillow under its hips, below the slight bump at its abdomen. The body's buttocks now pointed to the ceiling, he climbed back on and slipped himself back inside it. The thermometer that barely protruded from the dead anus poked at his abdomen with every thrust as he buried his face in the deathly white, bobbed hair of the corpse. Finally he moaned, deliberately in the dead ear, as he pumped his warm seed into the cold flesh below him.
  225. "Geeze, Husband!" The body sprang to life as he panted into its hair. "Please stop teasing me in the middle of experiments!" She shooed him away and reached behind her to pull out the thermometer. "13,6 Ré..." She paused to consider something. "...And how much would you say you enjoyed it, Husband?" She climbed off the slab to jot down notes in a large table of numbers and comments. "Very much, Darling." The Lich would have blushed, had any blood circulated inside her for centuries. "You really are a necrophile, aren't you?"
  227. Suddenly the small Lich was enveloped in a warm hug. "Why don't we take a break from the experiments for today?" She finished her notes in silence, even as the warm breath hummed in her ear. "When did you last have a bath, anyway?" She considered it as warm arms lifted her in the air, bringing her almost face to face with her husband. "I don't sweat, Husband. There's no reason for me to wash myself unless I get dirty." Her deadpan eyes stared at him even as he continued towards the bathing chamber. "...Are you going to get me dirty?" "Yes."
  229. The bathing chamber was a cold, small cavern with a small channel of cold water, straight out of a mountain stream far above them, running through it. To the side stood a large bronze cauldron to heat the water with. The man set the Lich down on a wooden stool and began to ladle the cold water into the cauldron. She watched him fill it up to one-third and pile charcoal below from a store in the corner. Finally he struck fire to light the charcoal, and turned to the Lich. "It'll take a while for the water to heat up. We have plenty of time to ge you dirty, Darling..."
  233. "Ah... Oh me, oh my, I do wonder what sort of terrifying, sinful sex acts this beast looming above me intends to commit...?" The Lich' acting was sub-par at best - her voice was far more deadpan than usually. For a long-dead woman, her voice was often full of enthusiasm, be it for her work or her love. "Have you ever heard of 'mammary intercourse', Darling?" She stared at him with unblinking eyes, until she willed her eyelids to first close, and then open again. "Are you sure you know what 'mammary' means, Husband?"
  235. "Every description and illustration that I have ever seen featured a woman with very large mammaries. I'm sure that you've noticed, but I actually have very small ones." The matter-of-fact, condescending tone of her voice only seemed to make his sly grin wider. "How do you propose to insert yourself between them?" He only smiled as he picked up a bottle of olive oil from the slab next to the slowly heating cauldron and slathered his hands with the oil. "Come sit in my lap and I'll show you, Darling."
  237. As soon as her cold flesh had touched his lap, his oiled-up hands began to violate her cold, dead chest. He rubbed her breasts, oiling them slick even as she felt his throbbing erection harden and rub against her lower lips. Finally he took his hands away and made her kneel in front of him. "Now, push them together and rub up and down, alright?" Her face stayed utterly expressionless as she did, staring up at his face as his member was caressed by her cold, oily flesh.
  239. The deadpan, unimpressed face turned him on far more than her body did. He stared into her eyes, groaning and moaning in pleasure, lapping up her incredulity, until his hips spasmed against her chest, spraying her neck and jaw with his seed. He pulled away to watch the viscous fluid slowly drip down her neck and onto her oily, reflective, tiny bust. He bent over and craned his neck to give her a soft kiss. Her face finally melted into her usual pout.
  243. An hour later the water was warm and the Lich covered in two more sticky, warm, so very living ejaculations. Her husband rubbed more oil all over her slender body, until it glistened in the flickering firelight. He took a curved iron from the wall and began to scrape the oil off her with it, gently tracing her curves one after another. Her pale flesh was slowly turned from glistening to a familiar matte, until finally he began to rinse her with warm water.
  245. The water felt divine to her - the heat was almost as pleasurable as his. She pressed herself to him and let the warm water wash over both of them, flowing around and between their bodies. She thought she could get addicted to this, and wondered if a warm bath without her beloved husband would feel as good. She did not know. But there was something she did know - how good it felt together. She wrapped her lukewarm arms around his chest and pulled him close to her - and their slowly developing child.
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