Disaster Den Official US-WEST Server

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  1. <b><color=#00ff00ff>Welcome to the Official SCP:SL US-West server!
  2. </color><color=#ffa500ff>
  3. Friendly Fire is on!
  4. Nuke cannot be activated for first 450 seconds.
  5. Intercom time is 30 seconds with a 120 second cooldown.
  6. This server is located in Los Angeles.
  7. 079 will automatically die when he is the last SCP.
  8. 173 has 3600 health.
  9. 096 has 3200 health.
  10. 049 has 2200 health.
  11. 049-2 has 300 health.
  12. 939 has 2800 health.
  13. 106 has 750 health.
  14. CI have 130 health.
  15. All NTF cadets & guards start with a medkit, and NTF scientists get a commander card + 2 medkits.
  16. NTF Lieutenants do NOT start with grenades.
  17. CI and SCPs do not share a win condition on this server.
  18. We have custom filing cabinets with no red card in entrance zone!
  19. We have custom 914 settings for player inputs! (Try it out :D)
  20. Autonuke goes off at 25 minutes!
  21. We have SCPSWAP enabled, type ".scplist" and ".scpswap" commands to use this as an SCP for the first 90 seconds of the round.
  22. </color>
  24. <b><color=#ffffffff>If you like this server you can check out Disaster Den Gaming for other cool servers by heading on over to</b></color>
  26. <color=#ff0000ff>RULES</color>
  27. <color=#ffffffff>1. Do not intentionally teamkill, crossfire and self-defense are fine.
  28. 2. Killing someone aiming intentionally above your head or below you to make it look it look like they're shooting you counts as self defense.
  29. 3. Follow the 'Guidelines for mic usage in-game'.
  30. 4. Do not hack/cheat.
  31. 5. D-Class Personnel may teamkill other D-Class in light containment before Chaos arrive/while they're not present.
  32. 6. Follow the 'Cross-Teaming Guidelines'.
  33. 7. If you are found to be intentionally delaying/not contributing to the round you may be forced to spectator.
  34. 8. If a player is AFK for more than 10 seconds at the beginning of a round they may be teamkilled freely.
  35. 9. Do not use exploits that can put you outside of the map/playable area.
  36. </color>
  37. <color=#ffff00ff>Guidelines for mic usage in-game</color><color=#ffffffff>
  38. - For all mic-related punishments aside from severe and repeated offenses the punishment will be a short temporary ban.
  39. - Please do not spam your microphone. This includes music/videos, unless you are using the intercom in which case just ensure it is not ear-rape.
  40. - Do not express racist/anti-semitic views or slurs over the microphone in any way shape or form.
  41. - If your mic sensitivity is too high an admin may ask you to lower your sensitivity.
  42. - ADMINS SAY IS FINAL! Judgement is person-to-person so please don't come complaining to me or any other admin that 'someone said you could'
  43. - As SCP-939 please do not spam music using 'V' this will spam the entire SCP channel for all living SCPs. If you are asked to stop please do so.
  44. - You will always be warned before being punished for mic-related offenses. Please pay attention to these warns to avoid administrative action.
  45. </color>
  46. <color=#ffff00ff>Cross-Teaming Guidelines</color><color=#ffffffff>
  47. - Two or more teams may cooperate to ensure a mutual benefit until the need to cooperate is no longer there. (Examples include: being locked in a room together, being chased together, taking down an enemy threat together) After the need is no longer there, you are expected to either resume conflict or leave walk away from each-other. (After which you are expected to treat each-other as enemies once more)
  48. - SCPs may show 'mercy' to Scientists or D-Class personnel. (Though it should not be repeated mercy, or mercy that involves following them/helping them. Simply leaving them alone is enough)
  49. - Scientists and D-Class may freely cross-team with each-other. (Only against SCPs though, they may not team up against NTF or CI)
  50. - Cross Teaming in situations outside of these guidelines will garner you a warn, repeated offenses will garner punishments.
  51. </color>
  52. </b>
  54. <b>You may contact the server owner at Kira#0001 on discord.</b>
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