Marco Belongs to Janna

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  1. Marco was elated. He and Star Butterfly were officially dating. It had been a bit weird at first, and of course for a long while he had been held back by reservations about dating his best friend, but as the days went by those reservations felt more and more ridiculous. He had never felt happier.
  3. There was only one thing that bothered him: how Janna had reacted when she heard the news.
  5. Marco had known Janna for as long as he could remember. They weren't really friends, or at least he never really thought of her as a friend before. She was just always sort of there, always teasing him and playing tricks on him, and generally being an annoyance. Some people joked that it was because she had a crush on him, but he never believed it, and felt very vindicated after that one sleepover with that horrible game from another dimension that confirmed that no, Janna did not have a crush on him.
  7. But Marco remembered that look on Janna's face. She had been absolutely devastated. For a moment Marco could have sworn that he saw something snap in her eyes.
  9. He couldn't understand it. For a while he even considered maybe Janna had a crush on Star, but that didn't really make sense either when he thought about it. But eventually he set the matter aside. Whatever was Janna's problem was her own to deal with. He just wanted to enjoy his new relationship with Star.
  11. Marco was in the kitchen preparing a special home-cooked meal for Star and himself. He was alone in the house for the time being, as Star was out on some adventure, as a supposed favor to Janna. Star had also noticed how odd Janna had been acting lately, and naturally asked about it. According to Star, Janna had said she needed Star's help for something, and sent on her to collect some magical items from other dimensions. Marco had shrugged and accepted it when Star told him. That sounded like typical Janna antics.
  13. He heard the door open and someone enter, which caught him by surprise. His parents were away and Star said she would be gone for a while. He went to investigate, and found Janna standing in the living room.
  15. Marco knew better than to ask how she got in. "Janna? What are you doing here?"
  17. Janna smiled at him, but for some reason her smile unnerved Marco. It wasn't the usual teasing or playful smile that she usually gave him. There was something off about it.
  19. She held up an old scrap of yellowed paper with illegible crayon scribbling all over. "Hey Marco, do you remember this?"
  21. Marco looked at the paper. "Uh... No?"
  23. "This is a contract we signed when we were five. In it you agreed to be mine, forever and ever."
  25. "Okay... And?"
  27. Janna's smile widened and she tucked the paper back in her pocket. She strode forward toward him with determination. Marco took a step back, but tripped back on the edge of the couch and fell into a sitting position. The next instant Janna was on his lap, leaning forward and kissing him.
  29. Marco's hands jumped up to her shoulders and gently pushed Janna away. "Janna, what are you doing?"
  31. "You belong to me, Marco," said Janna quietly.
  33. "What because of a piece of paper? You're crazy."
  35. "There's no need to be shy, Marco," said Janna, and Marco was suddenly aware of how hot his face felt. He was blushing so much.
  37. "After all," continued Janna, "it's not like this is your first kiss." She flashed a phone, showing the picture of Marco and Star kissing. Both of them were without their shirts.
  39. Marco managed to turn even redder. "How did you get that?"
  41. "Don't worry, I haven't shared it," said Janna. "But it really hurt me to see it, seeing Star try to take away what's mine. So now I have to take you back."
  43. Marco shook his head. "Are you trying to blackmail me and Star? Janna, even for you, that's just..."
  45. Janna cut him off with another kiss. Her hands reached down and undid his pants. Marco's hands were at her shoulders again and gently pushed. "Janna, stop!" he said. "Star is my girlfriend. You can't..."
  47. "Oh Marco, you can stop the act," said Janna. She laughed, almost as if she were nervously giggling. "If you really wanted to, you could throw me across the room, let alone off you. But you won't. I know you, Marco. I know you better than anyone. You would never turn violent against me. I love that kind side of you. And I know you're a timid person when it comes to these things. That's why you like the girl to take the lead. So just let me take the lead."
  49. She pushed in again, somehow overpowering his arms, so that she could kiss his neck. Marco shook his head. "No. You're wrong..."
  51. "Star never took the lead with you, right?" continued Janna between kisses. "That's why you two never went beyond kissing. It must have been hard for you Marco, having to hold it all in like that."
  53. "No, it's not like that..."
  55. "I'll do anything you want, Marco. Anything to make you feel good. I know everything about you Marco, and I'll give you everything that you want." She undid his pants and pulled them down and aside, letting Marco's erection stand free.
  57. "I said that's enough!" Marco found his strength again and pushed Janna back to look her in the eye. "This joke has gone too far. This is serious. This isn't another game!"
  59. Janna's smile faded. She looked hurt. "You think this is a game?"
  61. "Of course this is a game," said Marco. "You don't have a crush on me."
  63. "You're right. I don't. Who has a crush on someone that already belongs to them?"
  65. "See, treating this like a game again!" said Marco. "I'm not some toy for you to play with!"
  67. "You're right. You're not. You're a person, someone who belongs to me, just like I belong to you." She paused and stared him in the eyes. "You really doubt my feelings? Really? Then I'll have to prove them to you."
  69. Janna lifted up her skirt, revealing she had no panties. The sudden sight of this briefly paralyzed Marco in shock, and it was just enough time for Janna to impale herself upon him. The shock of the sudden sensation threatened to overwhelm Marco's senses, and the feelings became all the more intense as Janna leaned forward to embrace him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.
  71. "No protection," whispered Janna into his ear. "If I show you that I'm okay with having your baby, Marco, would that prove to you that I'm serious?"
  73. Marco could make no answer as she hugged him and rocked against him. She kissed him for what seemed an eternity, her tongue stroking his own, drinking his saliva. She pulled away slightly and smiled at him. "Now you're getting into it," she said quietly. "The whole time we kissed, I could feel you twitching inside me."
  75. "You..."
  77. "Me? I haven't been doing anything." Janna smiled with a smug grin of victory. "I stopped moving a while ago. You're the one thrusting into me."
  79. To Marco's horror, he realized that she was right.
  81. "Do you see?" said Janna. "You can only feel good with me. You could never do something like this with Star. In fact, I have an idea."
  83. From the corner of his eye, Marco saw Janna pull out her phone and dial a number. She held it to her ear with one hand as she hugged Marco with the other and rested her head on his shoulder. "Hey Star, it's Janna. I was just calling to see how you were doing."
  85. Marco's blood ran cold, or at least it should have. He should have felt horror, but all he could feel was Janna's body tightly embracing his own as he continued to enter her. He could barely follow their conversation, about whatever wild chase Janna had sent Marco on.
  87. This had to stop. Marco gained control over his hips and stilled himself. Janna pulled back to look him in the eye. "Marco, I didn't say you could stop. How could you?"
  89. Marco's eyes widened in horror.
  91. "Yes, I'm with Marco right now," continued Janna into the phone. She began moving again, building the heat between them and coaxing Marco toward climax. "What are we doing? Well, I was planning on keeping it a secret, but he had to stop and ruin it, so I'll just have to tell you: we're making love right now."
  93. As if it could somehow get Janna to stop or turn back time, Marco began moving again, answering Janna's own motions to thrust into her. Janna let out a satisfied moan and rested her head back against his shoulder as she hugged him to her body. "Yeah, that's right, he's making love to another girl instead of his girlfriend. Yes, he's enjoying it. He looks so cute like this. His face is all red and his breathing heavy. And he's just so big down there, and it's like it gets bigger when he's about to come. Yeah, he's about to. Of course I can tell. I know everything about Marco. I've been watching him for almost ten years now. I know everything about Marco, because he's mine, and I'm his. Of course he's going to do it inside. Without protection! Everything he was storing for you Star will be inside me. Oh, he's going to now."
  95. Janna turned and pulled Marco into a deep kiss as he released himself deep inside of her. She shuddered and twitched as she felt it within her, tightly binding his body to her with her legs and free arm.
  97. Marco slumped backward in his seat, his eyes staring at the ceiling, unbelieving.
  99. "Just kidding," said Janna. "You know I hung up before that, right? See, look at the time on the phone. I finished talking with Star a long time ago. But this is good, right? This got you thinking about the worst possible situation."
  101. Marco tried to pull away, but Janna held onto him and would not let him go, keeping him inside of her. "Please," he said. "Don't tell Star. It'd break her heart."
  103. "I know," said Janna. "I know Star very well, almost as much as you in fact. She's my friend too, you know. But if you cause problems..."
  105. "I'll break up with her," said Marco. "I'll stop seeing her. Is that good enough for you...?"
  107. Janna shook her head. "You're not allowed to break up with Star."
  109. "What?"
  111. "Let me explain, Marco. It's not just your body that I want to take back. There's something else, something more precious than your keys or your passwords or your fingerprints or your musk or your taste or your cum."
  113. "What...?"
  115. "If you broke up with Star now, the memory of her would stay with you forever. Every now and then something would trigger your memories, and you would think 'She was like this' or 'How would she react?' No, you can't break up with Star. Not until I completely replace her in your mind, until you stop thinking of her and only think of me, and your memory of her inside you dies. What I want to take back, what I need to take back, is your heart, Marco. Do you understand?"
  117. Marco stared with wide eyes, and slowly nodded.
  119. Janna smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Don't worry. I won't tell Star so long as you behave. We can keep doing this without her ever finding out. And everything will go back to normal between the three of us. I'll make you happy, Marco. You're mine, and I'm yours. So don't worry and just go along with it all."
  121. She leaned against him, resting her head against his chest, and smiled in utter contentment. "You belong to me, Marco Diaz, forever and ever."
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