Sail The Way

adefrederico May 23rd, 2019 80 Never
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  1. Sail The Way
  2. ------------
  3. Andrew Defrederico - 2019 May 23 21:58
  6. Our near and end
  7. Pays of today
  8. From the burnt land
  9. That drifts our way
  10. He shakes our hand
  11. Come this way
  12. Let me show you
  13. Come today
  15. Very far, I cry aloud
  16. Let me, let me, fear the hand
  17. For I have waited too long
  18. for nothing to join this band
  20. If I sail away, may the land
  21. cast me unto my pays
  22. Come this way
  23. Let me see
  24. Come today
  25. Come today
  26. Come and expend my pay
  27. For the sail I have
  28. It's not much
  29. But sail aways have me known
  30. Dead as such
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