Nameless - Chapter 3 - Precious Little Thing

Aug 18th, 2013
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  1. You wake up to the sound of birds chirping and hooves clopping. After stretching out a bit, you realize in a bit of a panic that the strange pony lady wasn't with you on the couch anymore. You swing your head around a bit, looking for her, but she was nowhere in sight. Your heart began to race quickly just before you realized something else...
  2. You really cared. But why? She wasn't anyone important to you, just some strange pony thing that had taken you in from the storm, given you warmth and sung you to sleep... OK, fine, maybe she was kind of important to you, but that was no reason to get so fussed over her not being here when you woke up, right?
  4. Never the less, you feel yourself begin to tear up with the realization that she wasn't there with you. You feel yourself start to whimper uncontrollably as your tears well up more and more. God damn it, you wouldn't cry! You were a grown man not a... You sigh. You were a baby.
  6. The purple mare walked in from the other room and as soon as she saw you, she smiled brightly. Your tears disappeared, replaced by an overwhelming sense of relief and bliss.
  8. But why? That question kept assaulting your mind, yet you had no answer at all. It just felt right.
  10. The mare walked over to the couch you're sitting on and sat next to you again, allowing you to crawl close to her again.
  12. “So...” She said with a waver in her voice.
  14. “I haven't been able to find your mummy yet, little one, but I won't stop searching. It's not like whoever your real parents are deserve to have you anymore, what with them leaving you in the middle of the night with nothing but a basket and a blanket. I don't even know your name yet!”
  16. “Scooter.” Was what you meant to say.
  17. Instead, just as before a strange, more garbled version of your intended words blurted out causing you to stutter and say something that sounded like “Scooda...Woo...”
  19. “What a lovely name... Scootaloo.”
  21. Hey! That's not what you-- Ah, whatever. It's not like you were going to be using that name for long. You'd have to start trying to find a way back home soon. But... How? You seemed to be stuck in this tiny little body and not to mention, female. You didn't even know the first thing about this world, or its inhabitants and you didn't even know the name of the mare who was caring for you.
  23. You lifted up one of your tiny orange hooves and pressed it into her chest, looking up at her as you did.
  25. “Y- Yoo?”
  27. “Oh, heheh, my name? I'm Cheerilee.”
  29. Cheerilee. What a lovely name. Just hearing it made you sound safe and warm and- Hey, you weren't some kind of mushy, lovey dovey guy, what the hell was wrong with you?
  31. Cheeriliee's hoof wrapped around you and pulled you close to her, giving you a warm, comforting hug. Oh god, even her mane smelt motherly.
  32. “Well, in the meantime, I got you some things.” She pulled over a paper bag, filled with goods. “I got you... A ball.” She pulled out a small blue and red ball, placing it in front of you. “Some baby formula.” Baby formula? Ewwww.
  33. “Aaaannnd... A tiny little toy bike!” Aw yeah, now we're talking! You grasp forward for the bike but she pulled it out of your grasp.
  35. “U-U-Uh, not until after we've had breakfast, OK? You didn't eat anything before you fell asleep, so you need to get some food into that little belly of yours.”
  37. Ugh, fine.
  40. After a little bit of a silent fight between you and Cheerilee, you eventually let her spoon feed you some mashed peas and corn. It didn't taste half as bad as you thought it would taste, but it still wasn't very nice to eat. You lent forward and clutched the bottle of formula that Cheerilee had mixed up and poured for you. You had expected to like the formula just as much as you liked the peas but instead, you immediately spat it out. Cheerilee grabbed a cloth and wiped at your mouth, cleaning it of the sprayed mixture.
  42. “Oh, I'm sorry Scootaloo, I know you don't like this, but I can't make milk for you. I've never had a foal before...” She said with a concerned frown on her face. You could tell that she was genuinely sorry, but that still didn't change the fact that the formula was too damn disgusting to drink.
  44. “Hmm... Well, maybe I could talk to Rarity... Her sister was only just born, so surely they would have some milk. Oh, but I don't want to be rude... Maybe Applejack... No, not her either... I know, Filthy Rich might have some nicer formula!”
  46. Who the heck was this 'Filthy Rich' character? What a dumb name too.
  48. “So, Scootaloo. How would you like to meet Diamond Tiara?”
  51. Cheerilee carried you along the road, your basket securely strapped around her back. It was a little bit of a rough ride, but the rocking felt more calming than annoying. You heard Cheerilee knock on the door of a house from in your basket but still couldn't be bothered getting up to look.
  53. The door opened and a loud, male voice shouted out.
  54. “Ah, Cheerilee! You're looking wonderful this morning!”
  56. “Good morning, Filthy!”
  58. “Err, that's “Rich”, if you don't mind.”
  60. “Oh, uh, sorry.”
  62. “Anyway, what brings you here today?”
  64. “Well, you see, I found a foal alone in the street yesterday and-”
  66. “A foal!? Oh heavens! Where are her parents?”
  68. “I've been looking for them, but I haven't had any luck. I just wanted to know if you had any baby formula that I could borrow until then.
  70. “Well, sure. Come on in, Miss Cheerilee.”
  72. Cheerilee walked inside and you could see the roof of Filthy Rich's house pass over you through the shroud. Cheerilee placed your basket on a table and she lifted the cloth off. Above you, stood two ponies. The familiar face of Cheerilee was accompanied this time by a colt who you could only guess was Filthy Rich.
  74. “Fiwfy...” You hear yourself sigh out. Filthy Rich suddenly looked quite offended while Cheerilee giggled at what you had said. You couldn't help but let out a babyish laugh as well.
  76. “Err, yes, how about we go find Diamond Tiara so she can play with... What's her name?”
  78. “Well, I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I think that her name is Scootaloo.”
  80. “Well let's take her to Diamond. I'm sure she's just dying to meet her.”
  82. Ugh, “Her”. It felt so damn weird for you to be talked about as a her, but you might just have to get used to it.
  86. You officially hated Diamond Tiara, that little bitch. The first second she was left alone with you, she started avoiding you like the plague, scoffing every time you offered her a block or rolled a ball towards her. It was like she didn't understand basic emotive actions either, seeing as she didn't mind when you tried to flip her off.
  88. You heard the door to Diamond Tiaras nursery open and Cheerilee walked in, accompanied by Filthy and a saddle bag full of baby supplies.
  90. “Again, I can't thank you enough. I know I might not have little Scootaloo with me for very long, but all of these supplies will be vital if she's going to stay.”
  92. “It's quite alright, Miss Cheerilee. If you need any more advice or help, I’ll be glad to help.”
  94. Cheerilee scooped you up in her hooves and placed you on her back. As she left through the door, you turned around and quickly stuck your tongue out at Diamond Tiara. She must have caught on to what you were doing because she rudely stuck her tongue out as well.
  96. Cunt.
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