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WHFB recommended 3rd parties

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  1. >Perry
  2. Empire, Bretts, Dogs of War, Cheap
  3. >Avatars of War
  4. Heros for Everyone, regiments for chaos and dwarfs, Average pricing
  5. >Mom miniatures
  6. Chaos, dwarves, Chaos dwarves, Orcs, Elves, and empire, Affordable
  7. >Mantic
  8. Chaos dwarves, Dwarves, orcs, ogres, demons, humans, dark elves, elves, Affordable
  9. >Russian alternative
  10. Chaos dwarves, Dwarves, Chaos, Elves, Afforadable
  11. >Ultra forge
  12. Big shit, big prices
  13. >Scibor
  14. Dwarves mostly, chaos dwarves, handful of chaos, expensive for infantry, surprisingly affordable for heros
  15. >Frost Grave
  16. Humans, Beastmen, Chaos, affordable
  17. >Reaper
  18. All sorts of shit, runs the gambit
  19. >Gripping Beast
  20. Brets and Empire, Dogs of War, Cheap
  21. >Fire forge
  22. Brets and Empire, Dogs of War, Cheap
  23. >Troll forged
  24. Lots of random heros and monsters, expensive
  25. >Raging heroes
  26. Chaos, Empire, Wood and dark elves, Mildly expensive
  27. >Black chapel
  28. Heros and champions for Empire, Dwarves, and kislev/north empire/norscan non chaos barbarian types. Average pricing.
  29. >Gamezone
  30. High quality heros for most armies,12 euors for amazing mounter heros. Average to afforadble
  31. >Werewoolf
  32. Command and heros for empire undead and chaos dwarves, but their passion is ogre maneaters, another reasonable for heroes but prohibitive for infantry.
  33. >Brother vinnis
  34. Empire and bondage girls
  35. >Mierce minitures
  36. All flavors of chaos more or less Amazing beastmen. Expensive
  37. >Crocodile games
  38. Lots of animal people and dead people. Most of it is egypty. another scibor syndrome pricing scheme we need a name for this.
  39. >Black tree
  40. Have the oldhammer look if that's what your into. Some of everything. Average pricing.
  41. >helldorado
  42. Some good demons, but for the most part too ANIME for warhammer. Average pricing
  43. >Otherworld
  44. wide range of fantasy miniatures, more D&D inspired than warhammer though. Average pricing.
  45. >Rusted Heroes
  46. Small range of mildly subpar fantasy number 42.
  47. >Blood keep
  48. A handful of evil centerpieces for about 50 euros a pop.
  49. >Red box
  50. Dwarves, Bretts, Chaos, elves, goblins, and Orcs. May be what you're looking for if you want som variety, but fairly run of the mill nothing to write home about range. Mild scibor syndrome.
  51. >Shield wolf
  52. Araby, empire, Chaos, O&G, undead, Ogres, Lizardmen. Some interesting kits, with one or two resin regiments to boot. Average pricing
  53. >Iron wind
  54. Empire, Elves, Dwarves, Chaos, Beastmen, Vampire counts. Mild oldhammer look. Average pricing.
  55. >Titan forge
  56. Terrible dwarves, okay pirate ogres, some big ghouls, Vampire Warbosses I actually really like these and some demons. Mildly expensive
  57. >Titan wargames. Yes this is a different company
  58. Some very spirited but not amazing chaos dwarves. Affordable.
  59. >Mirliton
  60. Small range of mildly subpar fantasy number 43.
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