Pony + brush = Spanking by woox (Anon/Pony)

Sep 12th, 2016
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  1. Pony + brush = Spanking by woox
  3. ---
  5. >you are anon.
  6. >you adopted a pony from Equestria.
  7. >you cannot understand or speak pony language.
  8. >your only form of communication are sign and body language.
  9. >you tried pen and paper but it was hard for both of you to learn.
  10. >But you managed so far to have a basic communication.
  11. >She voluntarily decided to do the house work.
  12. >cleaning rooms cooking ..etc
  13. >one day she messed up and burned your food.
  14. >you ate it anyway.
  15. >she was frowning,her ears were bent down and felt ashamed of what she did.
  16. >you didn't mind the burnt food.
  17. >you tried to tell her that its still good.
  18. >you held the spoon and smiled at her. then happily took a bite of the burnt food.
  19. >the pony stopped frowning .
  20. >'I think i got the message across'
  21. >later that day she came into your room.
  22. >she was blushing and holding a wooden hairbrush with her mouth.
  23. >she gave you the brush.
  24. >you had some dirty thought in your mind.
  25. >she said "Neig Neigh" My tail is tangled and I cannot brush it
  26. >she turned around and sat on your lap.
  27. >your heart were racing.. is this going where I think its going..
  28. >she leaned forward, lowering her upper body while raising her flank up.
  29. >she was laying in extremely unconquerable position for you and for her.
  30. >she blushed and shyly said "Neigh Neigh" See, I slept on it. and now its all bent and tangled
  31. >you were brain storming 'wooden hairbrush - laying on her lap - blushing - raising her butt up ] there is only one explanation. she wanted to get spanked .. well then..'
  32. >you turned her around and let her lay sideways on your knee.
  33. >you held her in place by her waist.
  34. >She complied to you and showed no resistance.
  35. >she raised her tail up and completely exposed her butt for you.
  36. >you lightly tapped her butt with the brush.
  37. >she gave a strange expression. she arched her back more . raising her butt into a perfect spanking position.
  38. Wham!
  39. >you struck her butt cheek.
  41. >her body jumped in shock.
  42. >she was totally not expecting that.
  43. >you raised the brush up in the air again and ..
  44. Wham!
  45. >you hit her other side of the butt cheek.
  46. >she turned her torso toward you.
  47. >with a confused look in her face she said "Neigh ?" what, what is it?
  48. >she grabbed her tail with her hoof and pulled it up.
  49. >she looked at you while pulling it and said "Neigh Neigh Neigh" there you see how untangled my tail is. take it and brush it for me .. please
  50. >oh it seems that she wants it rough.. "ok I'll do it, but only if its ok with you"
  51. >you grabbed her tail.
  52. >as soon as you grabbed it. she returned to her previous position.
  53. >she arched her butt again raising and exposing herself to you.
  54. >ok her it goes.
  55. ~Wham! ~WHam! ~Wham!
  56. >"neeee neeeigh Neeeigh" owe Owe why are you hitting my butt
  57. >she was squirming as you were spanking her with the brush.
  58. ~WHam! ~WHam! ~Wham!
  59. >she tried to move and drop off your lap. but you had a firm grab on her tail and prevented her from moving.
  60. Wham Wham Wham!
  61. >she started kicking
  62. ~Wham! ~WHam! ~~Wham!
  63. >she violently trying to moving away.
  64. >you stopped spanking her.
  65. >she stopped shacking her body and laid there.
  66. >she was breathing heavily with a bit of hiccups.
  67. >did I over did it ?
  68. >you stoke her butt with your hand. massaging it.
  69. >looking at the damage.
  70. >it wasn't bad her butt was barely pink.
  71. >she looked at you with a tear in her right eye.
  72. >"nei nn neigh neigh neigh..." wa why are you spanking me like a little foal? am I a bad pony
  73. >you leaned toward her upper body and then you pet her head.
  75. >but as you leaned, your other arm accidentally touched her genitals.
  76. >she shirked
  77. >you swiftly moved your hand away. "sorry it was an accident"
  78. >you looked at your hand it was all wet.
  79. >and there was a viscus trace of her love juice going from your hand to her pussy.
  80. >wow she got extremely aroused by this ..
  81. >you without thinking moved your hand back into her pussy and start rubbing it.
  82. >she blushed and moaned as you rubbed her flower.
  83. >she opened her mouth and smiled in joy.
  84. >her thighs were twitching
  85. she let out a cute horsey noise
  86. >then you stopped. right in the middle of her pleasure.
  87. >she was breathing heavily.
  88. >she didn't want you to stop.
  89. >her pussy were winking and dripping wet.
  90. >she want more. and you know it.
  91. >she got up on her feet.
  92. >then she violently rammed you and pushed you.
  93. >you fell on your back.
  94. >she then jumped at you and passionately kissed you.
  95. >she rubbed her crotch against your boner.
  96. >she then climbed down of you moving toward your pants.
  97. >she took a bite of your belt.
  98. >she tried to undo it but she couldn't do it.
  99. >you just laid there watching her cute effort to go to waste.
  100. >she the looked at you with a poppy eyes. pleading you to do it.
  101. >you removed your pants.
  102. >she eagerly interrupted you and pulled it down herself.
  103. >then she took a bite at her tongue and carefully lowered your boxer with her hooves.
  104. >your raging boner jumped of the lowered boxer.
  105. >her eyes were on the price.
  106. >she started licking it. then sucking it.
  107. >well you couldn't wait any longer.
  108. >you grabbed her front legs and pulled her up to your chest.
  109. >she hugged you, and opened her legs.
  110. >you put the tip of your penis against her pussy.
  111. >then slowly lowered her in. penetrating her.
  112. >She moved her hips up and down.
  113. >she was fucking you.
  114. >she then start kissing you.
  116. >she grabbed your hand while still humping you. then used your hand to slap her butt with it.
  117. >oh I get it.
  118. >you started to smack her as she hump you.
  119. >with each smack she humps you faster. then she slows down waiting for another one.
  120. >she then stop kissing you and hugged you tighter.
  121. >she was breathing heavily on your ears.
  122. >she humps you faster and faster.
  123. >oh she is ready to cum.
  124. >you fell forward on the bed. letting her lay on her back.
  125. >you took the lead. and start thrusting like a jackhammer.
  126. >you were penetrating her deeper.
  127. thrust thrust thrust
  128. nei neee neeegh neeigh!
  129. ~~~ nnn
  130. Unf
  131. >you both came.
  132. >you from the top of her and laid on the bed.
  133. >after a short rest.
  134. >she took the brush. and turned around looking at her smacked butt.
  135. >she sighed at you "neeeeeigh...neigh neeg neegh" look at my tail, its far worst than before I came in"
  136. >she walk toward the door.
  137. >she looked back at you.
  138. >she smiled, then walked out.
  140. The End
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