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  1. Game 3
  2. In-Game
  3. WickedPlays: ok
  4. WickedPlays: i need help man
  5. WickedPlays: xin fuck
  6. WickedPlays: i'll trade a drag for that
  7. WickedPlays: gank top
  8. WickedPlays: im done playing 1v2
  9. WickedPlays: now rift
  10. WickedPlays: stop fapping mid
  11. WickedPlays: for no fckin reason
  12. WickedPlays: t
  13. WickedPlays: that guy is over exteded as fuck
  14. WickedPlays: stfu
  15. WickedPlays: im part of most kills in this stupid game
  16. WickedPlays: playin 1v2
  17. WickedPlays: you sona playing monkey
  18. WickedPlays: by getting ganked level 2?
  19. WickedPlays: 'trigger'
  20. WickedPlays: im beeing flamed by a sona player
  21. WickedPlays: yo know i killed ur ass 2 times in that lane
  22. WickedPlays: when ur freind wastn there
  23. WickedPlays: just gorup up
  24. WickedPlays: we're gonna lose
  25. WickedPlays: dw
  26. WickedPlays: im doing ur strat
  27. WickedPlays: come
  28. WickedPlays: ye, sona was there for moral support when nunu stole it
  29. WickedPlays: dc'd agian
  30. WickedPlays: unlucky
  31. Post-Game
  32. WickedPlays: lowest kp
  33. WickedPlays: as the fkcin jungler
  34. WickedPlays: doing absolutly nothing
  35. WickedPlays: at all
  36. WickedPlays: you could be afk
  37. WickedPlays: and we woulndt know the difference
  38. WickedPlays: wtf are you even saying?
  39. WickedPlays: fckin hardstuck plat 4 moneky
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