Oct 26th, 2018
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  1. >be me
  2. >checking my e-mail
  4. >seems like spam, but check it out anyway
  5. >e-mail says something about newly discovered chemical that is used to repair brain cells or something among those lines.
  6. >after using your google-fu you found article in some science journal that mentions something among those lines
  7. >fuck it, time to bring some good to humanity
  9. >next morning you get to the place
  10. >it seems fine, looks like private stomatology
  11. >you sign some papers about using your information for science and other bullshit and got escorted into clean white room
  12. >presumably doctor ask for your feces and urine samples and takes some blood
  13. >then he takes out one pill in absurdly oversized pakaging
  14. >no seriously, for a size of a normal pill it uses something about A5 sheet
  15. "Is this all, or it is just something to prepare my organism for the vitamin or something?"
  16. >That's all, just take the pill and procede to the couch
  17. >you drink down pill, put on rubber hat with electrodes and lay down leather table
  18. >at first you were bored but then something really really REALLY good starts to happen
  19. >you would say "fucking good" bur you really don't feel like swearing for some reason
  20. >you feel really happy and have a ton of ideas on how to get some new friends and where to hang out and other really cool stuff.
  21. >you decide to take your phone to wright them down so you would never-ever forget them
  22. >doctor looking guy glances at you and turns back to crossword
  23. >finaly, 3-hour test is over
  24. >good, if you were not bisy coming up with these cool ideas you would be probably bored out of your mind.
  25. >Everything is in order, we already send your payment to your bank account
  26. "Okay"
  27. >you can't help but beam with happines and energy
  28. >and you know what are you going to spend these money on
  30. >you can't help but hop slightly while walking betwen isles
  31. >who knew there is such a big discount for if you buy bunch of items at one?
  32. >you come to a stop near cakemix
  33. "yep, i'm totaly gonna make some cake for my friends"
  34. >you plop three boxes on top of pile of disposable plates, plastic spoons, arts and crafts cardboard, streamers and baloons
  35. >after putting your boxes in a cart you whip out your phone and check out your social media.
  36. >seems like your friends like the idea of get-together, while for some reasen suprised that this initiative is coming from you
  37. >you would like to make party itself a suprise but then nodoby would know about it and come
  38. >oh well, even without the suprise party itself would be super-duper fun
  39. >after few more minutes of shopping you finaly check out
  40. >you shove your purchases into four large bags and run towards bus-stop
  41. >finaly, after a bus ride, most of wich you sung after a driver's radio, you arrive at your flat
  42. >you unpack your bags and allocate their contents between refregirator shelves and workplace
  43. "well, time to get working"
  44. >you draw bowls from under the sink and start mixing the mix
  45. >time flys by as you bake cakes for the gathering but after you finaly put thrird cake in the frige you feel tired
  46. >you clean table, wash yourself in the shower and finaly hit the hay, wanting nest day to come sooner
  48. >wake up
  49. >you feel really good and fresh
  50. >probably beacuse you gone to sleep at reasonable hour
  51. >as you brush your teeth you remember what you did yesterday
  52. >you panic and quickly pull out your phone
  53. >What do you do? Canncel everything?
  54. >but why?
  55. >after few minutes of staring at the cars from a window you decide go on through anyway
  56. >maybe your sudden activity was induced by whatever was in that pill but flushing it down the drain will surely do no good
  57. >as you walk back into bathroom to lick your bedhair into somewhat acceptable shape you notice that it got a bit more volume than usual
  58. >huh, strange
  59. >looks like your new shampoo is really good, you gotta use buy it more
  60. >but there is no time to indulge into narcisim: you have a party to set up.
  61. >you take your drag your old 2007 "gamer' pc from closed and plug it into tv
  62. >while it boots you check snacks and bevriges
  63. >man, you didn't buy enough of them
  64. >good thing there is shop nearby that works from 6am
  65. >as you hop to it you can't help but hum, seeing as how good this day it
  66. >when you arrive you say hi to some guy who for some reason decidet to buy some stuff at 8:20
  67. >he looked at you for few seconds and decided to go along whatever way he was going before you interfiered in his life
  68. >whatever, he probably have his reason to not talk to you
  69. >you have snack to buy!
  71. >as you find section with chips something metaphorically hits you
  72. >for a second your vision darkens, heads fells heavier and it's gone
  73. >you look back at chips but intead of them you see... flowers?
  74. >what?
  75. >you look around see changed selection of products
  76. >prepackaged food seems to be replaced with with veggies, fruits and other greens
  77. >in the other isle you see a bundle of hay
  78. >suddenly sensation comes back, albeit much weaker
  79. >instead of hay you see sack of potatos
  80. >what was that?
  81. >you scratch your head as you check out, but the more time passes since this unusual event, the less unusual it seems
  82. >eh, it's probably nothing
  83. >gosh, what a good day!
  84. >you should go for a walk or something
  85. >wich you totaly do after droping your bag onto the table
  87. >why did you do that before more often?
  88. >just walking by and looking at all these people are so fun!
  89. >and these street musicians are so funky
  90. >you let yourself loose to rhythm of a street, hopping along the flow and somehow manage to become head of a small procession
  91. >but even a few hours of walking, jumping and occasional singing you don't feel tired, not even a tinsy-insy bit
  92. >you even feel a little bit disappointed when you bounce back to home as you realize that your party won't start in another hour and a half
  93. >you quickly download and setup some party games and music on your PC and wait
  94. >this is going to be so much fun
  95. >finally, your friends arrive at your house
  96. >you rush to the door to greet them
  97. "HI-HI-HI! I'm so glad you came here! Go get comfy, others should get here really soon"
  98. >your guests follow you into your guestroom/second bedroom where you set up a table
  99. >on it there is big bowl of chips, small bowl of candy, several bottles of soda, 15 cardboard plates and a vase with lavender for decoration
  100. >you turn music on and begun to dance
  101. "C'mon, have fun!"
  102. >others somewhat reluctantly join you, but you can see happiness on their faces after just one minute
  103. >as new guest join party your smile grows wider
  104. >how could you have doubted yourself?
  106. >the rest of the party goes just as great
  107. >you have played some traditional party games and some party games on your computer
  108. >you didn't get far in any of them but the atmosphere of fun and excitement made you almost feel happiness and joy others have
  109. >even more so, everybody thanked you for making this party
  110. >the realization that it was your initiative make something click inside of you
  111. >as soon as it "clicked" gravity decided to increase its pull again
  112. >and when you look up something feels off
  113. >it takes you few seconds to realize but everybody for some reason got really crazy hairstyle, complete with bright colors straight from gouache paint set.
  114. >you blink for few seconds but bizarre (and somewhat comforting) vision doesn't seems to go away
  115. >you look around taking in this sea of color
  116. >as you pass by the table you reach for a snack and eat it only to taste something unexpected
  117. >you open your mouth and bring object in your hand on eye level
  118. >you stare at the flower stalk as if it will stare back if you keep eye contact long enough, with is silly because despite all sudden oddities in your life these flowers remained physical flowers and didn't become metaphorical void
  119. >and as you look at you realize that you didn't check your own hair
  120. >maybe it something super awesome
  121. >you reach bathroom and behold the neat pile of pink resting on your head
  122. >for some reason you kinda like it
  124. >as you go back to the party someone touches you by the shoulder
  125. >you turn around and see someone you don't actually know with straight up rainbow-colored hair
  126. >Hey dude, did you put something in drinks? What's with funky hair?
  127. >as soon as he says it gravity pulls again, taking all technicolor hair away
  128. >you look back at him, now noticing that what would not be out of place on a rock-star have reduced to very mild mullet of light brown
  129. >Whoa, did you felt this to?
  130. "Feel what? Otherworldly pull of gravity that brings strange augmentations or reality?"
  131. >Yeah, that. What the fuck did you put in my drink?
  132. "I didn't put anything in, i swear! And who are you? I'm glad that you came, but i gotta know your name"
  133. >Whatever. Name's Radion. You are Dmitriy, right?
  134. "Yep, that's me! Did you like the party?"
  135. >You know, aside from this whole hallucination thing party's pretty great, i'll give you that. If you ever throw another one, count me in.
  136. "Oki-Doki! Maybe add me somewhere, so that i could invite you to my next one"
  137. >Yeah, right. Let me pull out my phone.
  139. >eventually, party ended
  140. >after saying goodbye to everyone you sigh and begin to clean your room
  141. >looking back, recent events in your life seems really strange
  142. >but despite their suddenness you feel yourself embracing them
  143. >you didn't feel so good since a long time ago
  144. >you feel like you do some impact
  145. >you feel like your friends are actually your friends instead of people you just happened to know
  146. >thinking about this you feel some sort of warmth inside of you, inside your very soul
  147. >but what should you do next?
  148. >of course you want to make more parties, it's just unquestionable
  149. >but besides that, what next?
  150. >eventually you have to go back to uni, and what then?
  151. >you drop trash scoop on the floor and start thinking really hard
  152. >you rush into your bedroom, trying to remember various facts from your life
  153. >thankfully, everything seems to check out, and you even remember some parts of last semesters lectures
  154. >you lay on the floor and sigh
  155. >you feel silly to the point you can't help but giggle
  156. >what a stupid idea, that something tries to replace you
  157. >after all, you feel more like yourself than ever
  159. >You are Radion now
  160. >despite the fact that yesterdays party had almost no alcohol you still wake up with hangover inside your head
  161. >after applying cold water both inside and outside of your body you feel ready to join the world of living
  162. >stumbling back into your bedroom and stepping over your windbreaker that you were to lazy to put on a hook you finally let chill morning wind in
  163. >10 AM is still morning, right?
  164. >as you open your curtains you take a look at the almost cloudless blue sky
  165. >you could look at it forever were it not that it also stirred something inside of you
  166. >suddenly, you became aware of just how small not only your room, but entire apartment that you live in.
  167. >you don't feel threatened by the lack of space, just left with desire for more
  168. >picking up fresh t-shirt from drawer and pulling up nearest pair of jeans you to your anteroom
  169. >locking door with keys that you conveniently found in the pants that you wear right now you rush down the stairs, forgetting the elevator
  170. >as you exit your commieblock you breathe in a lungful of air and exhale, enjoying fresh atmosphere
  171. >you start walking down the street, accelerating into run, feeling wind blowing through your hair
  172. >you don't care where you go, you enjoy the mere fact of going forward
  173. >building go buy as you continue to run and run
  174. >eventually, you stop halfway to the center, feeling a bit tired
  175. >after few minutes of looking at the private theater you begin to run back home, feeling as if you got wind in the wings
  177. >Be Dmitriy
  178. >you bounce down the street from the cafe you just got a work in
  179. >it's just a summer job for a month but income is a income
  180. >you pull a notepad out your hair that increased in volume even more and check the "go submit a resume" square
  181. >next on your list is a "go check a bigger party space"
  182. >you put your notepad back and pull phone out of your pocket
  183. >you open 2gis and input address of one of your friends that should have a lot of space for your party
  184. >a few bus stops later you head straight to your destination
  185. >a few seconds after ringing a intercom you a greeted with voice of Roman
  186. >"Who's there"
  187. "It's me, Dmitriy. You said you have a big room for a big party"
  188. >"Ok, come in"
  189. >as the door beeped you pull the handle and entered the building
  190. >you remember being Roman's friend since the first semester
  191. >thanks to him you managed to get through programming course and after that you were constantly helping each other
  192. >despite this, you never really hang out together, only meeting in uni or online
  193. >so it was surprise for you to see just how spacious his apartment was
  194. "Wow, i never knew you had such a big apartment. How did your parents manage to score this one?"
  195. >"They are artists, and got rich by selling the paintings to some European duke. After that they got pretty big and started to go on presentations and such. This room is their "home gallery" they use to present their paintings to some oligarch that potentially interested in buying those. I personally never really liked doing paintings and instead got into web design"
  196. >the room that he was talking about looked more like small assembly hall
  197. "Are you sure you are willing give me it for a party?"
  198. >"Of course, i willing. Your previous party was terrific and I'm not going to deny you make a bigger one just because i decided to hold this place for myself"
  200. >you are Radion again
  201. >it has been four days since party
  202. >after your initial burst you kept running
  203. >but it soon became not enough
  204. >you need something stronger
  205. >but what?
  206. >answer came in form of a skydiving club brochure
  207. >idea seems strangely welcome, and you guess there is no harm in trying
  208. >eventually time h has come
  209. >you are in a airplane
  210. >you and your partner both tied to a parachute
  211. >signal to jump is on
  212. >you take step in to the sky, and your partner jumps
  213. >for half a second everything seems like you expected
  214. >wind blows, you rush through the air
  215. >but suddenly, the sense of pressure in your head that you had back at party comes back
  216. >after that, everything seems fine
  217. >the flock of your hair that flipped in your field of vision remained its natural color
  218. >but soon you realize what's wrong
  219. >you feel not your partner, nor your backpack
  220. >instead, you start felling strange pull in your back
  221. >suddenly pull gets stronger
  222. >you look back and see wings
  223. >you have no idea what they do there but you don't mind it
  224. >scratch that
  225. >you DO mind it
  226. >it's so cool
  227. >you start to feel air pass under your wings
  228. >you twirl in the air as if you do in thousands of times
  229. >you look down
  230. >earth looks like a patchwork quilt, filled with various shades of green and gold with occasional rooftop
  231. >you feel overjoyed and lose yourself in gliding
  232. >after indeterminate amount of time you finally land
  233. >immediately you fall on the ground as pressure in your head builds up again
  234. >suddenly, you feel weight of your partner on your back
  235. >he looks pale, with expression full of terror
  236. >you think back to your hallucination and it's implication
  237. >ohshit.png
  239. >be Dimitriy
  240. >the week has passed and the new party has been started
  241. >you have done a bunch of things and even managed to score an actual, if amateur, DJ
  242. >and it's just the beginning!
  243. >you invited your friends and their friends and even some of the friends of friends of your friends, so many people should join soon
  244. >and the Radion said that he will come to your party to tell you something
  245. >everything is great
  246. >together with you, Roman is looking at the crowd
  247. >"I still can't believe you managed to pull that off, dear"
  248. "I know. It would be very hard if i tried to do it by myself, but i asked everyone to help, and they did as they can, just like you!"
  249. >"I guess. It wasn't that hard to allow you in. If everyone helped even by just a little, together they sure did a great deal"
  250. >suddenly, the bell rings, barely audible over the music even near the entrance
  251. >you zoom to the door, impatiently opening it
  252. "Hi Radion, nice to see you! Come join in."
  253. >"Are you sure? I have some really freaky news to tell you."
  254. "Yeah, I'm sure! You can tell it at the party"
  255. >you basically drag him in and look at his face as he gazes confusingly
  256. >"Dude, where did you pulled this lair out of magic hat or something? How did you score this thing?"
  257. "A friend helped me! There he is."
  258. >you point at Roman, and he waves at you, noticing his mention.
  259. "So, what was so super-duper important that you wanted to tell it in person?"
  260. >he thinks for few seconds and then replies
  261. >"Uh, do you remember this weird hallucination back at previous party? I had it again and..."
  262. >his speech stops short as pressure rolls over both of you again
  263. >when you focus back at reality, you see that his rainbow hair is now brought some friends
  264. >"Yours eyes blue"
  265. "Yours purple"
  266. >after this short exchange you both look around
  267. >everyone at party sporting new hair colors
  268. >"W-what is happening here?"
  269. >you look back and see that Roman now have purple hair, styled in big wavy curls
  270. >"that's what we try to understand. Do you have some separate room, where we can discus this alone?"
  271. >"Yes, sure"
  272. >You three part with raving crowd and go inside some kind of closed
  273. >"So, can someone explain to me what is going on?"
  274. >"Everything started a week ago, on a previous party. Both me and Dima got some strange headaches, and then we saw that everybody got some freaky paint jobs"
  275. "Em, it started before that"
  276. >Radion looks at you with disbelief
  277. >"And you didn't tell me? Why?"
  278. "I thought it was not that important. It happened in a shop and all it only made some food look funky"
  279. >Everybody went silent for a moment before Radion replied
  280. >"So, did you had any accidents before that? Did you fall into pool of radioactive paint or something?"
  281. "No. But if you think about it, i DID take part in some medical testing right before all this started happening. And it was after that testing that i decided to organize that party..."
  282. >"So you took some drug that altered your mind and now alters our perception of reality and you didn't tell us?"
  283. "Well, when you put it that way it sure sounds spooky. But i don't feel like I'm altered, i feel like i have some courage to do something i wanted for a long time. I feel like i can actually have a substantial dialog with people outside of absolutely necessary situations. I feel like i can do something without giving up half-way through."
  284. >"I get it dear, you actually got a life. But maybe we should talk to those who gave this medicine to you?"
  285. "Yeah, you right. Now let me check- Oh, i got a new e-mail from them!"
  286. >"Who even uses e-mail to actually talk now?"
  287. >you hastily opened this mail and read it
  288. >Dear Dmitriy Petrarch Pirogi, i must inform you that there might be some medium-to-long time side effects. If you feel any unusual symptoms, please, report them as soon as possible.
  289. >"oh"
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