Unlock Faraway Island, Birth Island (non-English EU Emerald)

Jun 19th, 2017
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  1. This is a glitch that was developed by Metarkrai in French, Spanish, German(?), Italian(?) Emerald that allows you to unlock the event islands for Mew and Deoxys in Pokémon Emerald with the Pomeg data corruption glitch and its Pokémon news reporter corruption subglitch, by sending out party Pokémon #104 with good DMA and having its HP drop to a specific value.
  3. These Pokémon are obedient unlike those obtained with basic Pomeg data corruption glitch and can be traded (although it might not be possible to send the Mew to Pokémon Bank because the Old Sea Map was normally only available in Japan).
  5. Unfortunately there may be no way to get it to work in English Emerald due to the lack of a relevant glitch Pokémon for news reporter corruption. If I remember rightly Metarkrai wasn't able to find a news reporter glitch Pokémon for Japanese Emerald either.
  7. Before you set up this glitch, according to Metarkrai you need to have met the following requirements:
  9. 1) You must have the enhanced Trainer Card from the Battle Frontier.
  10. 2) You must visited Trainer Tower on Route 111.
  11. 3) You must have defeated the Winstrate Family north of Mauville City.
  12. 4) You must have met Lanette and picked up her gift.
  13. 5) You must have fought a Fisherman with 1 Magikarp, 5 Gyarados on
  14. Route 132 (You can get to him from Pacifidlog Town if you ride the bottom-most current). In the English version he is known as Fisherman Ronald).
  15. 6) You should visit the Marine Cave if you have not been to Faraway Island, Terra Cave, Mirage Tower, Altering Cave, Desert Underpass, Artisan Cave, otherwise skip this step.
  16. 7) Either obtain the gold Battle Pyramid symbol or visit Southern Island but not both.
  17. In this video we obtain a special glitch move can be obtained that will let us beat the
  18. pyramid easily.
  20. I don't know why these are required but it possibly may be to ensure the final Pokémon news reporter steps work properly.
  22. This glitch requires three main double corruptions (for more information on the bulk of the Pomeg corruption glitch and the double corruption sub-glitch see
  24. For Spanish Emerald these double corruptions are:
  26. 1. Glitch Pokémon 0x2A12 for flag activation via Pokémon news reporter (in-game trade Seedot with 42 Attack, 18 HP EVs).
  27. 2. Double corruption for Caterpie holding an Aurora Ticket (1 Speed, 115 Def, 10 HP EVs)
  28. 3. Double corruption for Caterpie holding an Old Sea Map (1 Speed, 120 Def, 10 HP EVs).
  30. You should place them next to in-game trade Plusle clones that know only Growl as they are good corruption initiators.
  32. Corruption initiators are placed adjacent (left of) the Pokémon you want to corrupt from box 2 slot 24 to increase the chances of success when doing Pomeg data corruption which would otherwise possibly be very low.
  33. Your box 2 should look like this: box 2 slot 24: in-game Seedot, box 2 slot 23: in-game Plusle with only Growl, box 2 slot 22: in-game Seedot, box 2 slot 21: in-game Plusle with only Growl, etc.
  35. These double corruptions are not essential but are recommended:
  37. 1. Get fast cloning glitch Pokémon 0x2890 (Seedot 40 Attack, 144 HP d.2)
  38. 2. Get glitch move 0x332F: A priority one-hit KO move for obtaining the gold symbol at the Battle Pyramid (use in-game trade Plusle with 51 Attack, 47 HP EVs and Thunder as its first move, results in Dewgong).
  40. Once you have met all the requirements faint your 0x2A12 glitch Pokémon and then make your party as such in order:
  42. 1. 0x2A12 glitch Pokémon (KO'd)
  43. 2. Pokémon with Fly (KO'd)
  44. 3. Pokémon with Surf (KO'd)
  45. 4. Pokémon with 1 HP and adequate HP EVs to faint using the Pomeg Berry (and Potion if HP falls below 0).
  47. Next save in front of the news reporter in Slateport City fan club and then talk to her to cause corruption from 0x2A12's name which sets the current Pokémon in the party to 104 when a battle starts.
  49. Now Fly to the Battle Frontier and Surf to enter Artisan Cave with a Revive and a supply of many Fluffy Tails.
  51. You will need to have the glitch Pokémon you send out have specific current HP and max HP, and it may need to be poisoned(?).
  53. 1. If you have never been on Navel Rock, the max HP must be at 20.
  54. 2. If you have teleported to Navel Rock, the max HP must be at 22.
  55. 3. If you have used an AR code to unlock the Navel Rock, the max HP must be at 255.
  56. 4. The remaining HP of the Bad Egg must be at a value greater than or equal to 260, or contain ? (e.g. ???).
  58. If you have not met these requirements, use a Fluffy Tail and enter another battle to try again.
  60. After meeting the requirements use a Revive on a Pokémon and wait a long time for the Bad Egg's HP to drop to 20 (etc.) (it's a good idea to leave your Game Boy Advance on charge if you're doing this on an actual console).
  61. It appears the HP may start to drop again after reaching this value, but eventually its HP will stop falling.
  63. Now all you need to do is use the Fluffy Tail, heal your Pokémon, use the ferry in Slateport City to go to the Battle Tower and back, then talk to the lady again to be taken to another island (in this video it was Faraway Island before Birth Island).
  64. Afterwards congratulations, you can catch Mew and Deoxys at their islands! :)
  66. Battle Tower cloning glitch
  67. Battle Tower inverse cloning
  68. Metarkrai's video (French Emerald)
  69. MikaCookies' video
  70. Metarkrai's pastebin
  71. Serebii's guide on EV training
  74. Special glitch Pokémon/moves needed for this glitch (thanks Metarkrai).
  76. 1. News reporter glitch Pokémon for manipulating Mew and Deoxys island flags (represented by Attack and HP EVs):
  78. French 0x94F8
  79. German 0x94F8
  80. Spanish 0x2A12
  81. Italian 0xE318
  84. 2. A Glitch Pokemon to perform fast cloning and fast decloning
  85. (Emer Fr : 0x2890, Emer Us : 0x288A, Emer Spa : 0x2890, Emer Ita : 0x2718, Emer Ger : 0x2891, Emer Jap : 0x2660, FrLg FR : 0x320B, FrLg US : 0x3200, FrLg Spa : 0x3210, FrLg Ita : 0x320A, FrLg Ger : 0x320F, FrLg Jap : 0x4F90 )
  87. 3. A OHKO glitch move (represented by Attack and HP EVs on in-game trade Plusle):
  88. (Emer Fr : 0x332C, Emer US : 0x4066, Emer Jap : 0x4C8A, Emer Spa : 0x332F, Emer Ger : 0x332B, RS Fr : 0x092F, RS US : 0x092F, RS Spa : 0x092F, RS Ita : 0x092F, RS Ger : 0x092F, Ruby Jap : 0x6D3E, Sapp Jap : 0x6D3E, Fr Fr : 0x63B7, Fr US :, Fr Jap : 0x7002, Fr Ita : 0x63B7, Fr Ger : 0x121C, Lg Fr : 0x661F, Lg US :, Lg Jap : 0x2D0C))
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