If You Can't Duck It (Celerity, Resilience, Vigor)

Jan 5th, 2015
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  1. If You Can't Duck It
  2. (••••, divided between Celerity, Resilience, and Vigor, including at least two)
  3. This Devotion allows your character to instill some of her preternatural physical prowess on physical objects. Some Carthians call it Bulwark. Most just refer to it as "If You Can't Duck It".
  4. Cost: 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower
  5. Dice Pool: None
  6. Action: Instant
  7. By smearing a Vitae on an object, your character blesses it with some of her own physical power for the scene. Her dots of Celerity, Resilience, and Vigor each offer separate effects:
  8. • The object gains a dice pool modifier on its primary intended action equal to your character's Celerity dots.
  9. • The object gains Structure equal to twice your character's Resilience dots.
  10. • The object gains Durability equal to your character's Vigor dots. If a weapon, it causes lethal damage to Kindred.
  11. An object may only be subject to a single instance of If You Can't Duck It at once.
  12. This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.
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