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Apr 9th, 2013
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  1. Dustin Kopplin
  2. Well, since the booklet is out, and I don't wanna look like a jerk, I am the guy who's going to ruin your evening come Saturday night with the "WHAT THE DAMN? MOMENTS IN ANIME" panel. You think you know about dumb moments in your recent favorite anime, HEH, you haven't seen anything yet. You'll bear witness to bad cops on the edge, well animated scenes from hentai, devilish women, gloriously bad dubs (with adult cuss words and ALL) and a whole lot of destruction!!!!
  4. Also, there will be some trivia at the end for FREE STUFF I will give away if your OCD memory can kick in. Who could pass that up?! See you suckers soon!!!! You can also expect a con report on my podcast site over at The Anime of Yesteryear Podcast:
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  7. Dustan Eberhardt Only thing you sold me on so far is "free stuff"
  8. 20 minutes ago · Like
  10. Dustin Kopplin You gotta earn it, so really... its not "entirely" free.
  11. 18 minutes ago · Like
  13. Dustan Eberhardt Wait, how much effort do I need to put into this?
  14. 17 minutes ago · Like
  16. Dustin Kopplin If you give the right answer, you win. Ill state at the panel what I will give out.
  17. 16 minutes ago · Like
  19. Dustan Eberhardt why don't you state it now to get the hype up?
  20. 15 minutes ago · Like
  22. Dustin Kopplin Well I wanted it to be a surprise, at least with whatever I will give out to people.
  23. 13 minutes ago · Like
  25. Dustan Eberhardt You should name one prize and have a mystery champion prize.
  26. 11 minutes ago · Like
  28. Dustin Kopplin Its more than one thing. But, to make one person happy, one of them is a DVD of Appleseed Ex Machina
  29. 10 minutes ago · Like
  31. Josh Slygh Oh man, I really want that mystery prizxe!
  32. 10 minutes ago · Like
  34. Dustin Kopplin Well other than that ONE thing I mentioned, there all mystery prizes till I mention what they are at the panel.
  35. 9 minutes ago · Like
  37. Josh Slygh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. 9 minutes ago · Like
  40. Josh Slygh The mystery box could even be a boat!
  41. 7 minutes ago · Like
  43. Dustan Eberhardt Well, I can't speak for everyone but I personally would like to see a mystery prize or mystery box. I can understand you haven't decided on prizes yet but you could just make something up.
  44. 7 minutes ago · Like
  46. Dustin Kopplin I don't see how it will matter if I even state what I'm giving out on here or a the panel, what matters is the panel itself. The stuff im giving out is just for fun, so I have never even looked at that as a big deal till you seem to wanna bring it up.
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  49. Dustan Eberhardt you should put up a prize amount of $5,000 dollars.
  50. 7 minutes ago · Like
  52. Dustin Kopplin Dude, If I had 5 grand, you think I'd "give it out?"
  53. 6 minutes ago · Like
  55. Dustan Eberhardt Dustin, we almost have the same name so I want you to tell me whats in that mystery box.
  56. 6 minutes ago · Like
  58. Dustin Kopplin Well, it could even BE THE BOX!!!
  59. 5 minutes ago · Like
  61. Dustan Eberhardt Lol, you never had 5k?
  62. 5 minutes ago · Like
  64. Dustan Eberhardt Is the box decorated?
  65. 5 minutes ago · Like
  67. Dustin Kopplin If i had it, you think I would tell you. HELL NO!!
  68. 5 minutes ago · Like
  70. Dustin Kopplin What is with you and boxes
  71. 4 minutes ago · Like
  73. Dustin Kopplin ?
  74. 4 minutes ago · Like
  76. Dustan Eberhardt why wouldn't you tell me?
  77. 4 minutes ago · Like
  79. Dustin Kopplin Why don't you wait till Saturday?
  80. 3 minutes ago · Like
  82. Dustan Eberhardt Looks like I will have to wait. However, I know nothing about weeaboo shows. So, I wont win anything unless its like useful trivia.
  83. 2 minutes ago · Like
  85. Dustan Eberhardt Do I get a prize if I guess the wrong answer and its funny?
  86. 2 minutes ago · Like
  88. Dustin Kopplin There is nothing "weeaboo" about what I have to show good sir. Its some pure manly entertainment. It went pretty well at Banzaicon, so I expect no less at this con.
  89. about a minute ago · Like
  91. Dustin Kopplin ... See you Saturday, if you wanna come.
  92. about a minute ago · Like
  94. Dustan Eberhardt I will see ya there, I wanna know whats in the decorated box.
  95. about a minute ago · Like
  97. Dustin Kopplin Well, you suck for making me gotta make a box.
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