FlowerTart tart butt

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >You’re Anonymous and it is another lovely time of day in Equestria
  2. >you’re babysitting a filly called Flower Tart
  3. >and by now you’ve got the gist of how she works
  4. >which brings you to this, your little plan
  5. >”Hey Flower Tart”
  6. “Yeah?”
  7. >”I know how to make your butt look more beautiful than it is already”
  8. >Flower Tart seems interested at the keywords more beautiful
  9. “Really?”
  10. >you smirk, you’ve got her now
  11. >”Yeah, put a tart on your butt”
  12. >Flower Tart raises an eyebrow at your suggestion
  13. “Huh? A tart? How will that help?”
  14. >”Just trust me...”
  15. >and trust she does as you instruct her to lay on the table and fetch a strawberry-raspberry tart and place it carefully on her tiny buttocks
  16. >”There, perfect”
  17. >you marvel at your work of art as Flower Tart turns to look at you
  18. >she seems a bit uncomfortable
  19. “Is it working already? This tart feels funny...”
  20. >you give her a nod
  21. >”Your butt is already starting to look like the most beautiful butt of them all”
  22. >Flower Tart smiles happily at your remark as you take a seat near the tart and take a dessert fork into your hand
  23. “Ummm... what are you doing?”
  24. >”I thought I’d eat some of the tart, can’t let it go to waste now can I?”
  25. >Flower Tart blushes a bit
  26. “’s on my butt... won’t it be gross?”
  27. >”Nonsense, eating a tart of such a beautiful butt is not gross. It’s a privilege, it is the most beautiful butt in Equestria after all”
  28. >hook, line and sinker, Flower tart blushes even more and gives you a coy ok
  29. >so you partake on this delightful feast of underlying erotica
  30. >Flower Tarts behind perkily gives in as you sink your fork onto the fresh tart, bouncing back up as you lift the piece of the tart
  31. >now you can taste the crimson topping of the tart, sweet yet tangy and slightly sour
  32. >the strawberries and raspberries mix together perfectly
  33. >”You want some Flower tart?”
  34. >you take another piece off of Flowers perky buttocks and offer it to her
  35. >Flower tart accepts it and gives it a taste
  36. “Wow this is really good Anon!”
  37. >then the two of you shared the tart until all of it was eaten
  38. >for dessert there were cuddles
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