Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo Guide

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  1. UPDATE: I've since received data-mined information and constructed a complete guide here:
  3. Here is a list of items I've documented coming from various amiibo in Breath of the Wild. I savescummed to do lots and lots of scans, but I'm pretty sure there are a few more items still missing. The RNG can be pretty mean, sometimes taking several weeks' worth of scans to give you a specific item.
  5. How amiibo work in BotW: You can scan a specific amiibo once per day. The day resets at midnight (according to your system clock), and reloading a save from before you scanned will also reload the day's scan (allowing you to savescum to get something good). A scan will give you a drop of some random supply items and a chest containing one valuable item.
  7. The way this list works: "Chest" denotes an item that can come from the main chest that drops. "Drop" denotes what that amiibo gives you besides the chest. You only get one chest per scan (except for Rider Link, which will give you two chests at the same time containing the Traveler's Bridle and Saddle). Parentheses after a weapon name denote stat bonuses. Epona is a special case; instead of any items dropping from the sky, Epona will appear on the ground in a flash of light and be ready to mount.
  9. Wolf Link is also compatible with this game, but doesn't give any items. Instead, it will bring Wolf Link into BotW to fight alongside you as a companion. Once Wolf Link dies, he cannot be brought back until the next real-life day. If he simply gets lost (such as when you enter and exit a Shrine), you are allowed to re-scan and summon him back. His health will be higher depending on your saved performance from the Cave of Shadows in Twilight Princess HD.
  11. All non-Zelda-series amiibo are also compatible, but only give a few random common materials when scanned.
  14. This list is still being updated! Don't hesitate to report anything you don't see on this list to me on Reddit: /u/ShugoTakahashi
  17. Super Smash Bros. series
  18. ---
  19. Link
  20. -Epona (The legendary horse! Max bond, 4 stars in all stats, gentle temperament, and her white hair glows in the dark.)
  21. -Chest: Cap of Twilight
  22. -Chest: Tunic of Twilight
  23. -Chest: Trousers of Twilight
  24. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Durability Up)
  25. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Critical Hit)
  26. -Chest: Soldier's Shield (Durability Up)
  27. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  28. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  29. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  30. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  31. -Drop: random fruit
  33. Zelda
  34. -Chest: Twilight Bow (Attack Up + 7)
  35. -Chest: Royal Bow (Attack Up + 8)
  36. -Chest: Knight's Bow (Attack Up + 6)
  37. -Chest: Knight's Bow (Durability Up)
  38. -Chest: Soldier's Bow (Attack Up + 6)
  39. -Chest: Soldier's Bow (Durability Up)
  40. -Chest: Star Fragment
  41. -Chest: Diamond
  42. -Chest: Sapphire
  43. -Chest: Ruby
  44. -Chest: Topaz
  45. -Chest: Luminous Stone
  46. -Chest: Opal
  47. -Chest: Amber
  48. -Drop: random herbs/vegetables
  50. Sheik
  51. -Chest: Sheik's Mask
  52. -Chest: Eightfold Longblade (Critical Hit)
  53. -Chest: Eightfold Longblade (Durability Up)
  54. -Chest: Eightfold Blade (Durability Up)
  55. -Chest: Shield of the Mind's Eye (Durability Up)
  56. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  57. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  58. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  59. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  60. -Drop: random mushrooms
  62. Ganondorf
  63. -Chest: Sword of the Six Sages (Durability Up)
  64. -Chest: Golden Claymore (Attack Up + 8)
  65. -Chest: Golden Claymore (Critical Hit)
  66. -Chest: Knight's Claymore (Attack Up + 7)
  67. -Chest: Knight's Claymore (Critical Hit)
  68. -Chest: Soldier's Claymore (Attack Up + 9)
  69. -Chest: Soldier's Claymore (Durability Up)
  70. -Chest: Star Fragment
  71. -Chest: Diamond
  72. -Chest: Sapphire
  73. -Chest: Ruby
  74. -Chest: Topaz
  75. -Chest: Luminous Stone
  76. -Chest: Opal
  77. -Chest: Amber
  78. -Chest: Moblin Guts
  79. -Chest: Lizalfos Tail
  80. -Drop: barrels containing arrows and rupees
  82. Toon Link
  83. -Chest: Cap of the Wind
  84. -Chest: Tunic of the Wind
  85. -Chest: Trousers of the Wind
  86. -Chest: Sea-Breeze Boomerang (Durability Up)
  87. -Chest: Knight's Broadsword (Attack Up + 5)
  88. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Attack Up + 6)
  89. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Durability Up)
  90. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Critical Hit)
  91. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  92. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  93. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  94. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  95. -Drop: random fish
  98. 30th Anniversary - The Legend of Zelda series
  99. ---
  100. Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  101. -Chest: Cap of the Hero
  102. -Chest: Tunic of the Hero
  103. -Chest: Trousers of the Hero
  104. -Chest: Sword (Critical Hit)
  105. -Chest: Knight's Broadsword (Critical Hit)
  106. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Attack Up + 6)
  107. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Durability Up)
  108. -Chest: Knight's Shield (Durability Up)
  109. -Chest: Soldier's Shield (Durability Up)
  110. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  111. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  112. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  113. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  114. -Drop: barrels containing arrows and rupees
  116. Link (Ocarina of Time)
  117. -Chest: Cap of Time
  118. -Chest: Tunic of Time
  119. -Chest: Trousers of Time
  120. -Chest: Biggoron's Sword (Attack Up + 10)
  121. -Chest: Biggoron's Sword (Durability Up)
  122. -Chest: Royal Claymore (Attack Up + 20)
  123. -Chest: Knight's Claymore (Attack Up + 7)
  124. -Chest: Soldier's Claymore (Attack Up + 9)
  125. -Chest: Soldier's Claymore (Critical Hit)
  126. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  127. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  128. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  129. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  130. -Drop: random raw meat
  132. Toon Link (The Wind Waker)
  133. -Chest: Cap of the Wind
  134. -Chest: Tunic of the Wind
  135. -Chest: Trousers of the Wind
  136. -Chest: Sea-Breeze Boomerang (Attack Up + 7)
  137. -Chest: Knight's Broadsword (Attack Up + 5)
  138. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Durability Up)
  139. -Chest: Boomerang (Attack Up + 8)
  140. -Chest: Boomerang (Critical Hit)
  141. -Chest: Boomerang (Durability Up)
  142. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  143. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  144. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  145. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  146. -Drop: random fish
  148. Toon Zelda (The Wind Waker)
  149. -Chest: Hero's Shield (Durability Up)
  150. -Chest: Royal Shield (Durability Up)
  151. -Chest: Knight's Shield (Durability Up)
  152. -Chest: Soldier's Shield (Durability Up)
  153. -Chest: Star Fragment
  154. -Chest: Diamond
  155. -Chest: Sapphire
  156. -Chest: Ruby
  157. -Chest: Topaz
  158. -Chest: Luminous Stone
  159. -Chest: Opal
  160. -Chest: Amber
  161. -Drop: random herbs/vegetables
  164. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series
  165. ---
  166. Link (Archer)
  167. -Chest: Royal Bow (Attack Up + 8)
  168. -Chest: Royal Bow (Durability Up)
  169. -Chest: Knight's Bow (Attack Up + 6)
  170. -Chest: Knight's Bow (Durability Up)
  171. -Chest: Soldier's Bow (Attack Up + 6)
  172. -Chest: Soldier's Bow (Durability Up)
  173. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  174. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  175. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  176. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  177. -Drop: random raw meat and fish
  179. Link (Rider)
  180. -Chest: Traveler's Bridle
  181. -Chest: Traveler's Saddle
  182. -Chest: Royal Broadsword (Durability Up)
  183. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Attack Up + 6)
  184. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Critical Hit)
  185. -Chest: Soldier's Broadsword (Durability Up)
  186. -Chest: Fire Arrow x5
  187. -Chest: Ice Arrow x5
  188. -Chest: Shock Arrow x5
  189. -Chest: Bomb Arrow x5
  190. -Drop: random mushrooms
  192. Zelda
  193. -Chest: Royal Shield (Durability Up)
  194. -Chest: Knight's Shield (Durability Up)
  195. -Chest: Soldier's Shield (Durability Up)
  196. -Chest: Star Fragment
  197. -Chest: Diamond
  198. -Chest: Sapphire
  199. -Chest: Ruby
  200. -Chest: Topaz
  201. -Chest: Luminous Stone
  202. -Chest: Opal
  203. -Chest: Amber
  204. -Drop: random herbs and vegetables
  206. Guardian
  207. -Chest: Guardian Sword++ (Durability Up)
  208. -Chest: Guardian Sword+ (Critical Hit)
  209. -Chest: Guardian Spear+ (Critical Hit)
  210. -Chest: Guardian Spear+ (Durability Up)
  211. -Chest: Guardian Spear (Critical Hit)
  212. -Chest: Guardian Spear (Durability Up)
  213. -Chest: Ancient Battle Axe (Critical Hit)
  214. -Chest: Guardian Shield++ (Durability Up)
  215. -Chest: Guardian Shield+ (Durability Up)
  216. -Chest: Ancient Core
  217. -Chest: Ancient Arrow x3
  218. -Drop: iron crates containing ancient machine parts, rare gems, and arrows
  220. Bokoblin
  221. -Chest: Dragonbone Boko Club (Critical Hit)
  222. -Chest: Dragonbone Boko Club (Long Throw)
  223. -Chest: Dragonbone Boko Club (Durability Up)
  224. -Chest: Dragonbone Boko Bat (Critical Hit)
  225. -Chest: Dragonbone Boko Spear (Critical Hit)
  226. -Chest: Dragonbone Boko Spear (Durability Up)
  227. -Chest: Spiked Boko Club (Critical Hit)
  228. -Chest: Spiked Boko Club (Durability Up)
  229. -Chest: Spiked Boko Bat (Critical Hit)
  230. -Chest: Spiked Boko Spear (Durability Up)
  231. -Chest: Dragon Bone Boko Bow (Attack Up + 8)
  232. -Chest: Dragonbone Boko Shield (Durability Up)
  233. -Chest: Spiked Boko Shield (Durability Up)
  234. -Drop: random raw meat and rare monster parts
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