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  1. baby trixie has joined this room
  2. Sarah M has joined this room
  3. baby trixie: hi
  4. baby trixie: hi
  5. Sarah M: hello
  6. baby trixie: hi
  7. Sarah M: hi
  8. baby trixie: i am not okay
  9. Sarah M: what is wrong
  10. baby trixie: i don't like tlaknig about it because its just nobody will understand and so i have to keep it ot myself
  11. Sarah M: okay
  12. baby trixie: if i told you you would hate me
  13. Sarah M: then i wont ask
  14. baby trixie: i am pretty mad at you sarah because i come her to chat and be friends and i dont' knwo what happen its like you were mad at me
  15. baby trixie: what did i do did i but you to the max or something
  16. Sarah M: really i am not mad at you
  17. baby trixie: yes i am mad at you
  18. baby trixie: i am really mad at you
  19. Sarah M: You said you dont want to talk about it so i wont ask
  20. baby trixie: i come here to talk with you
  21. Sarah M: Okay so talk
  22. baby trixie: we were talknig likt this and your like well i have babies to care for
  23. Sarah M: I have never done anything to you
  24. baby trixie: you never did you mouth sure did that hurt me and i came just to talk
  25. Sarah M: Yes i do i have little (abs) that i care for i was just saying if i did not respond right away
  26. baby trixie: okay
  27. baby trixie: iget that know16:59
  28. Sarah M: Jelous much... i mean i was never mean you took it that way and i did nothing to you
  29. baby trixie: i knwo you did nothing to me bbut your rudeness
  30. Sarah M: and then you say hello and ask to talk and then say you dont want to talk about it and jump down my thoat
  31. baby trixie: just the way you said well i have babies to care for just that really hurt me
  32. baby trixie: say it in a way its not toing to make em fel liek you hate me
  33. Sarah M: I am done talking to you
  34. Sarah M: there is no getting you
  35. baby trixie: that fine
  36. baby trixie: nope there isn't
  37. baby trixie: never will
  38. Sarah M: to see that i am not what you make me out to be
  39. baby trixie: i am done tlaking
  40. Sarah M: I never did anything to you
  41. baby trixie: go away
  42. baby trixie has left this room
  43. baby trixie has joined this room
  44. Sarah M: you asked to pm me remember that
  45. baby trixie has left this room
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