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  1. /me mumbles the words "I am a jedi i follow must follow the light" under his breath
  2. /me i... i... feel safe with my surrounds that im safe, and carm..... im at peace..
  3. /me feeling only peace with no anger, im.. im... flying just above the ocean, carm... with the reflection beaming across...
  4. /me the force is growing in me i can feel it...
  5. /me im having these flashbacks of my mum constantly happening.. *FlashBack* they dont stop *FlashBack*
  6. /me but im keeping carm knowing that the force is bringing me hope *FlashBack* its.. its.. fading away.. *FlashBack Fading*
  7. /me its fading the constant flashback im having of my mum being stripped apart by bounty hunters, *FlashBack*
  8. /me im having the flashback of the bounty hunter slashing my face *Slash*... *Slash* the scar that appeard on my face...
  9. /me Im safe....: "Im with hope...." "Im with the new beginning..." Im with the Jedi!.......
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