Pinkie is best pony! (OoCTwixAnon, 4th wall, comedy, lewd)

Feb 24th, 2018
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  1. >>Twilight will never blackmail you into eating her pussy out
  4. >"Ugh, today was the worst! ... I sure could use some relief, hint hint!"
  5. "Uhhhh... do you want me to rub your back or something?"
  6. >"No, but that's a start!"
  8. >"Ohhh, yes, right there, unf! I don't know how I managed to survive until now without your fingers in my life,"
  9. "T-thanks--"
  10. >"But do you know where would they feel even better?"
  11. "I don't know... your tummy?"
  12. >"Why don't you try and find out?"
  13. ""
  14. >"Try lower,"
  15. "O-okay..."
  16. >"Yes, that's better, but you can go lower still!"
  17. "B-but--"
  18. >"Lower!"
  19. >"Mmmh~, yes, knead them-ah! Just like that, and pinch my teats--"
  20. "L-listen, Twilight, I don't know if--"
  21. >"But you should try even lower!"
  22. "Uhm... I'm not sure, if I went any lower I'd--"
  23. >"Now!"
  24. >"Aahn~, finally!"
  25. "I'm not sure if this kind of massage is appropriate--"
  26. >"Who cares if it feels that good! Now get those fingers in there!"
  27. >"Yes, yes just like that, ah! A-and rub my pearl with your thumb--nh~!"
  28. "..."
  29. >"Look at how wet I am, gosh! I feel like a filly experiencing her first estrus!"
  30. >"Just look at your hand, it's drenched! Here, give it to me, you have to see this,"
  31. >"Look, look! It's even running down your wrist! -nnf nnf- And that smell! Can you smell it?"
  32. "Y-yeah, of course--"
  33. >"Wanna taste it? For science?"
  34. "I--"
  35. >"Here, say Aaaah~!"
  36. "Wait Twil-ahmph?!"
  37. >"Here, make sure to lap it all up!"
  38. "..."
  39. >"Come on, use your tongue too!"
  40. "..."
  41. >"So? How is it?"
  42. "W-well, it's--"
  43. >"Oh wait, I've got a better idea, I'll just taste it myself!"
  44. "Yourself? What do you--Mmph?!"
  45. >"Mmmh!"
  46. "Ack! Warn me next time you plan to shove your tongue down my throat like that--"
  47. >"Why?"
  48. "Why--"
  49. >"Didn't you like it?"
  50. "That's not the problem--"
  51. >"So there's no problem then! But I can feel you poking my butt~!"
  52. "T-that's just my lamptorch--"
  54. >"Is it because of how I taste? Or is it because of the kiss?"
  55. "It's not--"
  56. >"Well if you're unsure, that just means we'll just have to run more tests!"
  57. "Tests?!"
  58. >"Yes! To find out what exactly gave you this erection so I can become a more efficient killer--I mean, lover!"
  59. "What are you even on about--"
  60. >"And we'll start by giving you as much of me to taste and for as long as we can and measure how long you can keep your erection, and then we'll switch to kissing and compare both activities--"
  61. "That doesn't even make any sense!"
  62. >"Of course it does! Now lie down so I can sit on your face,"
  63. "What?!"
  64. >"Come on, just do it!"
  65. "I can't do that, I--"
  66. >"Of course you can! All you'll have to do is open your mouth and lick my vulva until--"
  67. "No! I can't! I have a waifu!"
  68. >"But I am your waifu!"
  69. "No you're not, you're completely ooc!"
  70. >"Well, that's debatable, if we take lesson zero for example--"
  71. "AHHHH! Stop! You can't say that!"
  72. >"Why not?!"
  73. "Because you can't! That's breaking the fourth wall--"
  74. >"But you and Pinkie does it all the time--"
  75. "I can do it because I'm the main character,"
  76. >"But what about Pinkie?!"
  77. "Pinkie is Pinkie, and she does what the hell she wants because she's best pony!"
  78. >"Best pony?! But I'm your waifu!"
  79. "Your point?"
  80. >"That doesn't make sense!"
  81. "You're a four feet tall talking purple horse with magic powers, you have no rights to tell me what makes sense or not,"
  82. >"Ugh! I hate it when you do that!"
  83. "I know,"
  84. >"Just be a good boy and lie down already!"
  85. "Wait, are we still doing this?"
  86. >"Yes!"
  87. "But you're acting all weird--"
  88. >"Ugh! I swear, if the next words coming out of your mouth don't end up muffled by my princess pony pussy, I'll... I'll.. no more kisses for a whole month!"
  89. "What?! You can't do that--"
  90. >"Of course I can! And no more cuddles either! Hay, I'll just go spend the whole month at my parents' and I'll leave you here to take care of the castle, how's that sound?!"
  91. "I--"
  92. >"DOWN! Now!"
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