Anon in Eelquestria

Jan 4th, 2014
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  1. Anon in Eelquestria
  2. By IceMan
  4. >Day slimy slithering in Equestria.
  5. >Be Anon, going to hang out with your good friend Twilight Sparkeel.
  6. >You’ve brought her a nice bouquet of flowers.
  7. >You little Casanova, you.
  8. >You knock on the door to her treebrary, and she quickly comes to the door.
  9. >“Hi, Anon! Are those flowers for me?” she asks.
  10. “Yep. Here ya go.”
  11. >“Aw, you’re so sweet.”
  12. >She gives you the closest semblance she can to a hug, being a floating, sentient eel and all, wrapping her slick, purple body around your left arm.
  13. >It was then that you felt a sharp burning sensation in your shoulder.
  14. >You look over to see that Twilight was trying to take a big bite out of it.
  15. “Jesus Christ, fuck! Twilight, stop that!”
  16. >“I can’t! My instincts dictate that I can’t let go of a potential attacker!” she replies, a bit of red blood dribbling down her chin.
  17. “No!”
  18. >You run out into the street screaming in pain, leaving a trail of blood behind you, attempting rip Twilight’s sharp pointy jaws out of your flesh.
  19. >You finally do, taking at least a six-inch diameter, half-inch deep hunk with them.
  20. >You throw Twilight to the ground like a dog getting rid of a ripped chew toy, where she lands with a squeak.
  21. >Wheezing and clutching your wounded shoulder, Twilight says, “I guess we should get you to a hospital.”
  22. “No, I think I can take myself,” you reply, barely keeping back tears of pain. “See ya around, Twilight.”
  23. >“I’m so sorry, Anonymous, if there’s anything –”
  24. “Nope, nope. Just let me bleed in peace.”
  25. >You hobble off to the hospital.
  26. >Fucking moray eels.
  27. >But that’s a-moray for ya.
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