More or Less - 02

Mar 20th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

넘치거나 부족하거나 ----- Publisher Link


Notable Characters:

Yu Hanjun (MC) Director Virgin
Yeonjin Jin (FMC) PR Representative FB Sexfriend
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative FMC Boyfriend

Chapter 02


Chap starts at the office with SH asking to Fmc if she saw the new barista at their regular coffee shop. She tells her that he is handsome, tall.. more meh talk about that.

FB comes in and asks them if the meeting is over and if they gonna lunch.
SH say yes, good work representative..
He leaves, SH tells to Fmc that FB is the most handsome in the sale department and she will do anything to be under him and she asks to Fmc if she's close to FB.
She says that they're a little bit friends, since she only has known him for 1 year.
Black hair PT tells that she envies Fmc completely, SH adds that all the guys in their service are horny dogs and she needs to keep them in line..

Flashback of Fmc thinking at her meeting with douche, she was drunk because she broke up with her ex Bf and he was here to comfort her.

----------------Office Terrace----------------

Flashback over and some guy asks Fmc if she can back him up about a rendez-vous that he cant attend because his wife was crying on the phone and he needs to meet her, he asks Fmc to lend him the company car too.
She accepts and he tells her that he will remember that and he will do her a favor later.


Iffy there fmc talking with advertisement marketing girl about the promotional marketing that she applies and says that she needs it for this afternoon.

Fmc walking towards MC office, sighing that she has to report him about the rendez-vous.

----------------Director's Office----------------

Fmc explains to Mc that she decided to go to the meeting instead of the earlier random guy.
Mc asks her what about the car? He tells her that he understands and he will accompany her right away.
She says that she can take a cab and he tells her that is not necessary.

Fmc thinks i'm gonna kill you (dont understand why, she thinks about Mc or the office dude?)

----------------MC Car----------------

In the car, the meeting was successful, fmc thinks that Mc is not that bad and the task was quickly done.
She thinks that except work mc sounds like a guy who doesn't exist.

She tells to Mc that she loves his car and that's the first time that she sees that car.
Mc says Yeah....

She thinks that MC likes to stay silent.. She shivers, thinking that she needs to turn off the air conditioning.
Fmc tries to reach the device for turn off the A/C, Mc stares at her and make her startle. She asks him if she's touched anything.
He answers no and remains silent again.

Fmc wants to sweep him away, MC turns on the radio and Fmc thinks that it's her favorite song.

She takes her phone, when she sees the time on her screen, she thinks that it was pretty late, Mc notices that and apologies about the traffic. She thinks that MC is a mind reader.
MC asks her if she needs to be deposited somewhere, she answers him "Gangnam Ward Station"

Fmc looks through the window thinking that she wants to leave soon and notices FB who walks with a woman hand in hand. She thinks that the atmosphere is good for him.

----------------Few days ago a motel room----------------

Moans, sex scene of FMC x FB

Fmc telling to someone that she had decided to hang out with FB, the other person tells her that FB is a great gift and asks fmc since when she is with him. Fmc answers that it has been since last week-end and that this time he is the real, sex is so good and thinks it will work. Yes, this time it will be alright.

----------------Back to MC car----------------

MC stares at her and tells "It's Han Jae-Won, does he have a girlfriend?"
Fmc tells him that she don't know but guess so.
Mc continues and asks her if they are not friends, Fmc says yes they are good friends because they have the same age. She thinks why mc has a sudden interest?..


Fmc thanks mc for the ride and thinks that something is strange today, firstly with FB (Because of black hair girl) and secondly with Mc.
She starts to walk then stop startled and thins, the rumor about Mc is true?!!


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