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  1. Game 1
  2. Dyedwings: do not push solo
  3. Dyedwings: as an adc
  4. Dyedwings: how are you two duo
  5. Dyedwings: nice ult kindred
  6. Dyedwings: and our sivir
  7. Dyedwings: is solo
  8. Dyedwings: botlane
  9. Dyedwings: LOL
  10. Dyedwings: why are you all sooo bad
  11. Dyedwings: its sooo unfortunate
  12. Dyedwings: big brain
  13. Dyedwings: big brraaain
  14. Dyedwings: get me out
  15. Dyedwings: im done
  16. Dyedwings: playing with u 4
  17. Dyedwings: i was done
  18. Dyedwings: when im 6/0 in lane
  19. Dyedwings: and you are all feeding
  20. Dyedwings: i cant carry trash
  21. Dyedwings: nice cs
  22. Dyedwings: are u just afk in lane
  23. Dyedwings: ??
  24. Dyedwings: 59 cs
  25. Dyedwings: LOL
  26. Dyedwings: gg
  27. Dyedwings: ur SOOOO FUCKING TRASH
  28. Dyedwings: god damn u digusting weed fucking 420 smoke hahaha
  29. Dyedwings: trash
  30. Dyedwings: im so 420
  31. Dyedwings: im so cool and edgyy hahaha
  32. Dyedwings: ur a disgusting
  33. Dyedwings: filthy duo
  34. Dyedwings: why are u in my game
  35. Dyedwings: WHY
  36. Dyedwings: why does anyone
  37. Dyedwings: have to suffer
  38. Dyedwings: from this sivir and janna
  39. Dyedwings: literally
  40. Dyedwings: my team is amazing
  41. Dyedwings: gg 1v5
  42. Dyedwings: yeah they don't know how to dodge
  43. Dyedwings: i could care less what you click
  44. Dyedwings: hence the 1v5 reference
  45. Dyedwings: just end and report sivir plz
  46. Game 2
  47. Dyedwings: overstay
  48. Dyedwings: stop talking
  49. Dyedwings: god can u possibly not be so bad
  50. Dyedwings: how many fucking retards can we count
  51. Dyedwings: WOOOW
  52. Dyedwings: 3 retards
  53. Dyedwings: shut ur fucking mouth kid
  54. Dyedwings: varus
  55. Dyedwings: use brain
  56. Dyedwings: for once in ur god forsaken life
  57. Dyedwings: wtf are u doing
  58. Dyedwings: can u do fucking anything
  59. Dyedwings: get me out
  60. Dyedwings: ur all fucking shit
  61. Dyedwings: get fucked.
  63. Dyedwings: IM SO SILVER BORDER
  64. Dyedwings: HEHEHE HAHHA
  65. Dyedwings: IM 1/9 I LOVE THIS GAME
  66. Dyedwings: IM SO GOOD
  67. Dyedwings: IM 1/10 IM SO GOOD
  68. Dyedwings: DOG SHIT
  69. Dyedwings: DOOOGGG SHIIT
  70. Dyedwings: he cant move
  71. Dyedwings: if u click r btw
  72. Dyedwings: you gorilla
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