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Jan 9th, 2014
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  1. Silver and glass icicle hairsticks
  2. Dangerous and deadly, this sharp duo of hairsticks is cut of hollow glass, brushed with a thin coat of silver to blend shining argent and ethereal translucency. Quicksilver fills the cavity in each, strangely fluid despite its opaque metallic luster. These qualities lend the paired accessories an otherworldly charm, as they sparkle and gleam at odd angles. Their irregular tapering lengths resemble spikes formed by water, frozen mid-fall to balance between the call of gravity and their own ability to remain suspended. Sharp tips slide easily into even the most unruly of hairstyles, with jagged edges that curve to remain in place. A subtle, etched [D] marks the designer at the base of one hairstick.
  4. Decadent gown of silk and diamonds
  5. This evening gown combines daring style with high couture, sliced and cut with exact proportions to the physique of the wearer. Its winter motif is established by the bodice, where pristine snow-white hues diffuse the neckline and the pearly overlay gradually recedes into steeped darkness upon reaching her hips. Narrow straps encircle her fine-boned shoulders, alabaster ribbon splitting to delineate a deep cutout triangle inset into the bodice of the dress. A multitude of diamonds, utterly clear and faceted to flash and sparkle, dapple the fine ivory silk, forming constellations upon the fabric. Sleek ribbon bands the width of her ribs, separating the bodice from the flaring skirt that skims out over her hips. Chained ribbons clutch up the tailbone and spine in an argent mesh, permitting the gown to be done or undone down the back. The chiaroscuro gradient of white to black starts with translucent drapes of white laid upon smoky grey, deepening to sooty black by the skirt's wavering hem and drawing the eye ever downwards. [D]
  7. Pearlescent inkwork stiletto heels
  8. These staggeringly high stiletto heels appear fragile as snowflakes in their make. Long, thin, tapering heels of pearl-inlaid steel support the silver suede of the soles and arch of the wearer's foot. Bands of pearly ribbon wrap across the top of the foot and support the ankles, crossing up to mid-calf as though imitating a dancer's beribboned legs. Black ink has been tattooed into the suede, resembling scales in their winding, twisting lines and sultry curves as they wrap the sides of her feet. [D]
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