多くの弌つ・One Of Many

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  1. after a while
  2. get so in touch
  3. with the inner scumbag
  4. no need to straight face suicide
  6. shout out to anna
  7. phylaxis
  8. allergic reactions
  9. to McDonalds and Walmart
  10. i'm fuckin grinnin
  11. over cerebral seizures
  12. from external stimuli
  14. i'm that fuckin' guy
  15. still drunk in class again
  16. the most noted opinion
  17. swaggedy swirve
  18. into the only A on the bell curve
  20. arrogant scumbag doin' it
  21. one more time
  22. for einstein
  23. george zimmerman
  24. dmx
  25. and zz top
  27. stop
  29. let's box
  31. stand your ground like florida
  32. until it all washes away
  33. due to every need for excess
  35. i've seen another place
  36. where righteous heathens
  37. expect nothing more
  38. than to be ignored
  39. for wanting to change the world
  41. kneel when asked to kiss the ring
  42. bite the fucking finger off
  43. i will never tell another lie
  44. never curse a name again
  45. but draw the letters in wet cement
  46. over the 2 x 2 astrological signs
  47. that fooled us all for years
  49. have to stand
  50. remove sun from back
  51. what and who you surround yourself with
  52. says something about you
  54. everything is always
  55. an emergency
  56. no astral ambulance
  58. revolution is based on autonomy
  59. not a yearn for gold
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