Sunset Shimmer TF/TG

Jul 21st, 2017
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  1. Written by Zorel
  2. Edited by Sential
  4. The young man tapped his finger on the desk as he eagerly scrolled through the images in front of him. He was looking at the Sunset Shimmer tag on derpibooru and seeing all the amazing fan art people had drawn. This was something of a daily ritual for him; wake up, put on a Sunset Shimmer shirt, look at Sunset fan art, read Sunset fanfics, and if he has any time left- eating, doing chores, and looking for a job.
  6. He continued until he found a well done but peculiar picture, one that wasn't exactly Sunset Shimmer. It was some hapless human transforming into Sunset. Ordinarily, he passed on TF pictures, but the idea of becoming Sunset Shimmer made a small part of his mind giddy with glee. He stared at her for a long time before letting out a heavy sigh. He continued to scroll through, a bit more glum than before.
  8. “Oh heeeey~ She's quite the looker! You've got great taste, Alex.”
  10. The young man froze as a deep, husky, feminine voice cackled by his right ear. He spun around and was greeted by a strange creature that could only be described as an animal designed by committee: A goat's left leg and an alligator's right, a paw and a claw, and two radically different horns perched atop her head. Her body was long and narrow, almost like a snake, though her legs gave her some noticeable hips. She was towering over him at over 7 feet tall, barely fitting inside his computer room.
  12. He stared at her head, her long ears twitching slightly at the sounds in his room. Her eyes were quite bizarre; red irises atop yellow sclera, all perched atop an equine muzzle. She flashed a smirk at him, running a paw through her smooth white mane.
  14. “W-who are you?” Alex hesitantly sputtered.
  16. “Ugh, cramped for one!” She snapped her claws and the ceiling to his room shot up an extra two feet. Miraculously, it seemed to have no effect on the area upstairs. Alex just looked on, baffled at the creature's casual violation of Euclidean Geometry.
  18. “Ah, much better. Anyway, hello dear internet user! I am Eris, the self appointed Empress of Chaos! Pleased to meet you!” She offered her paw for a handshake… completely detached from her body.
  20. The terrified man stared at the severed limb floating in front of him and slowly shook her paw. As soon as the gesture was over, the paw zipped back toward her and reattached itself. She smirked and walked toward him.
  22. “Anyway, I was just being the tree outside a bit ago and I saw you scrolling through those pictures. You were grinning like an idiot the whole time, but then you got sad. Normally I'm the only one who flip flops emotions like that.”
  24. The room lurched and swung upside down and the young brony belted out a yelp of confusion. Despite the room’s new orientation, nothing in it moved from its spot, as if gravity had inverted, too.
  26. “So...what's your point?” he fired back, trying to sound brave in the face of the paradoxical abnormalities forming around him.
  28. His bravery shifted to regret as Eris flashed him a wicked grin.
  30. “You wanna be more like Sunset Shimmer, riiiiiiiight? Don't bother lying, I know all your secrets. Your mind should really be password protected.” She reached over and unplugged a USB cable she had jammed into his arm without him noticing.
  32. “...y-yeah. I do,” he said, rubbing the spot where the cable was once connected. “I really look up to her a lot. She's got a lot of things I don't… I guess she's someone I strive to be.”
  34. She nodded her head and placed her arm around him.
  36. “Well my friend, you're in luck! I can give you exactly what you desire: To be more like Sunset Shimmer! ...That IS what you want, isn't it?”
  38. She turned toward Alex and stared deep into his eyes, not with lust but with a sense of desire- a desire to hear him say a small three letter word. He looked at Eris, then back to his computer. He stared at the Sunset Shimmer pictures on his desktop, thoughts spinning around and around.
  40. “Yes, that’s what I want.”
  42. Eris’s grin grew from ear to ear and bellowed out a stream of laughter that shook the room.
  44. “Well, you asked for it!” she let out in a sing-song. After a small dance in the air, she snapped her paw.
  46. An awful, throbbing ache wracked Alex’s body, his bones rattling and creaking in anguish. Already, he regretted his decision. However, amidst all the pain, a unique discomfort manifested in his forehead, as if someone was drilling a hole through his skull… only the sensation was coming from the inside. The bizarre migraine pushed outward, spiraling out, growing and twisting longer and longer until it filed out to a point. The pain subsided, leaving him with a spiraling unicorn’s horn.
  48. “W-what the hell is-” He tried to grasp it, but the aching in his body shot towards the front of his face.
  50. “Shiiiiiit!”
  52. His nostrils flared up as they pulled apart in two different directions. A tug pulled at his jawline like hooks as it was yanked forward, his face pushing outwards into a snout. His teeth, suited to an omnivore's needs, began to crack and clatter, his canines and incisors giving out and dulling, now more suited for a herbivore's diet. His new snout finished off with an audible “pop!”. Without a second’s rest, the feeling that had seized his face zoomed towards his ears.
  54. An unbearable itching overtook his ears as they grew fuzzier, coating them in a fine yellow fur. The discomfort grew even sharper as his ears pulled upwards, lengthening and swelling in size, dwarfing his former human pair. His ears now sat atop his head, twitching and swiveling about.
  56. The alien affliction of Eris’s influence faded from his head, and for a brief moment, Alex could relax. His ears could now catch sounds like never before. He could hear Eris’s breathing. He could hear his own heartbeat, throbbing like crazy. He could even hear the neighbor next door, mowing his lawn. The whole experience was incredibly surreal.
  58. His relief was short lived as a spasm seized his left hand. He stared in horror as his fingers were forced together by unseen forces. All of them touched together, refusing to break apart. Then, the gaps between each finger melted away. One by one, the sensation his individual fingers vanished as the bones within merged into one, leaving him staring at a golden hoof. His thumb, while still attached, hung on like a useless, vestigial limb that would soon become obsolete. Sure enough, as soon as he laid eyes on it, his thumb stuck against his new limb and was absorbed by his foreleg.
  60. “Aww, look! Your hand is gone!” Eris cooed the same way a mother would after seeing her baby's first steps. She grasped his half transformed limb and put her other arm around his shoulder, her paw digging into his neck, cutting into his skin.
  62. “Oh, and that's not all that's changing,” she proclaimed, running her paw through his hair. He let out a whimper as a mix of red and yellow hair flowed down over his right eye.
  64. “I always liked blonds, but I also have a thing for redheads. But hey, that's not something you have to worry about now, eh?”
  66. She chuckled, giving no care to the horse-man's panicked expressions. “Naw, you've got much more pressing matters to worry about.”
  68. “What… What the heck is all this?!” He said, finally composing himself enough to say something.
  70. “Oh, whaaaat? You were looking at that picture of that other human becoming ol' Sunny Funny and you said you wanted to be more like her! Honestly, I thought you would have expected this. Welp! Too late for regrets! Time for some more changes!”
  72. Eris took her paw and jabbed Alex in his tailbone. He yelped, the sting of the jab fading but leaving behind a tingling sensation, which became an intense pressure. Alex whirled around to look at his backside. A large bump was forming where Eris had hit him, straining the denim of his jeans. The unnatural bump was growing larger with every passing second, the pressure continuing to build as it swelled in size. He clenched his teeth, squirming in discomfort. Finally, his pants ripped apart and fell down, allowing his new red and yellow pony tail to unfurl down to his ankles.
  74. Alex grabbed his ripped pants, trying to hide his new, unwanted appendage. Eris chuckled and put a stop to his attempts, slashing away at his clothing with both claws, causing his Sunset Shimmer shirt to meet the same fate as his blue jeans. His entire outfit fell to the floor in tatters, revealing his barreled out torso, which was now covered in a shimmering golden coat. At this point, he was more pony than man.
  76. Alex looked around the room. He couldn't shake the feeling that the room was bigger. At first, he chalked that up to Eris having pushed the ceiling up from earlier. However, looking at his body and back up at Eris towering over him , he realized what was happening: He was shrinking, and he was only going to get smaller.
  78. His heart raced. He was at Eris's mercy and he knew he couldn’t do a thing to stop her. It was clear she was enjoying this. No, she was reveling in Alex's misery. She was empowered on a primal level, seeing a defenseless human get his body get twisted up like some kind of demented rubix cube. She wouldn't stop until all of his humanity was burned away.
  80. Alex's thoughts were violently interrupted by a sickening crunch in his spine, throwing him down onto all fours. His back compressed and arched, each shift and crack sending a shockwave through his nervous system. He tried to get back upright, but his anatomy no longer accommodated a two legged stance, throwing him back onto the ground with each attempt. Alex whipped his head back to get a good look at his current body. From the waist down he was still human, making him look like some kind of dreadful looking reverse centaur. His fascination gave way to panic as he felt a tug at his genitals.
  82. “Oh no I'm- urk!”
  84. His horror was cut short by the feminine voice escaping his lips, a warning of what was to come. His surprise was broken by the tingling between his legs. His face grew white as he watched his manhood slowly sucked inside of him without so much as a final word, his testicles soon following. A rush of euphoria washed over him as his testicles morphed, flooded by a unending sea of estrogen building inside. A cool breeze wafted behind him and he shuddered, a moist opening splitting open below his tail. Even though Alex couldn't see it, he knew he was anatomically a she now.
  86. “Oh ho, your back end is shaping up very well, Fun in the Sun!” Eris chuckled, moving around Alex’s rear to get a better look at her new marehood. “Still, I feel I should check to make sure it's all in working order.”
  88. Alex froze. For a split second the entire world seemed to stand still as the words processed in her mind. She knew exactly what Eris meant by that and she wanted to run, to get as far away from her as possible. Eris anticipated this and immediately grabbed the pony's hindquarters. The draconequus had more than enough strength to keep Alex from going anywhere.
  90. Eris took her claw and pushed it inside Alex's awaiting lips. She yelped at Eris' unwarranted advance, and was immediately struck with jolt of pleasure zipping along her spine, causing Alex to shudder.
  92. “Nnngh!”
  94. “Step it up? Oh my Sunny, you naughty little slut!” Eris cackled with glee. “However, I am a reasonable, overpowered manic, goddess of unparalleled power. So, just this once, my beautiful Sunset,” She paused to lean next to Alex's fully ponified face to look her square in the eyes. “I am willing to oblige.”
  96. As soon as those words left Eris' mouth, Alex felt a hammering sensation thrusting into her virgin lips. She belted out a terrified screech as her body was pummeled, completely at the mercy of the Chaos Goddess. The almost unicorn hated this. Rather, she hated that she liked what she was feeling. The stimulation from her tormentor no longer felt like a claw. Even though Alex had never experienced the feeling of vaginal sex before, she knew that she was now getting screwed by a real penis.
  98. This unprovoked act of lust almost distracted her from the magic building up in her legs. She could hear the bones cracking and shifting inside her mostly equine body. As the changes shifted to her knees, she let out a cry of distress. Eris, still ramming her victim, rolled her eyes and groaned.
  100. “Ugh, oh grow up, it's not THAT painful. Hey, it could have been worse: I could have given you reverse knees. Heh, now those are painful AND anatomically incorrect.”
  102. The transformation zeroed in on her toes, the last bastion of her humanity and the last inkling of her former life. Eris grinned as she watched her work drawing to a close.
  104. “Well, we're almost there, Sunset! Let's finish this with style!”
  106. Alex felt her chaotic lover pull out completely for a brief second, only to have Eris ram her all the way to the hilt, a rush of chaotic seed flowing into her awaiting nethers, abruptly finishing off her changes.
  108. Alex fell to the ground, feeling completely drained by the whole ordeal. She glanced over at the black screen of her sleeping PC, staring at her reflection. Instead of the familiar unassuming male human face she was accustomed to, she saw Sunset Shimmer, a pony she had pined after for years. That was it. She was completely a unicorn from horn to hoof. She knew there was no going back.
  110. “Well well, you look pretty good, Sunset! That's who you are now, you'd better get used to it. Oh, and if you're worried about getting preggers, don't be. If you had a kid, he'd be half draconequus and I'm the only queen of chaos around here! Plus, the child support payments on a kid like that would be astronomical!”
  112. The chaos noodle picked up the unicorn by the scruff of her neck and stared at her.
  114. “Hrm, now the only question is what to do with you? I could leave you here to try and explain yourself to your family, that's always a fun one. I could give you the good ol' mind wipe and let you loose on the world. Or I-”
  116. She paused seeing a movie case catch her eye. It was a Blu-Ray of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Magical Movie Night. Eris picked it up in her paw and grinned from ear to ear.
  118. “Oh ho ho! I haven't done something like this in a while! Oh yes.” Eris rubbed her hands together while still holding Alex.
  120. She turned toward the frightened mare and smiled.
  122. “Well, Sunny Girl, it's been a pantload of fun transforming you, but I'm afraid this is where we part ways. Have fun in TV Land, and say hello to Sunset for me!” She waved goodbye as she dropped her, sending Alex falling to the floor.
  124. Alex tumbled to the ground but instead of carpet like she expected, she landed in a field of grass. She shook her head and rose to her hooves.
  126. “Augh, god my everything hurts.”
  128. She rubbed her horn, her entire head aching. Her concern with her head was pushed aside as she looked at her surroundings. It appeared to be a typical suburban neighborhood, but something was off. Everything looked a bit too colorful, a bit too simple. Like a cartoon.
  130. “What the heck is going on?”
  132. Alex’s ears perked up- that was her voice! But… she didn’t say that. She turned her head around to see a human Sunset Shimmer, standing just a few feet away, her jaw as low as it could possibly go.
  134. Alex gave a sheepish grin.
  136. “Well, uh, this is awkward.”
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