Announcer - 30

Jun 2nd, 2020
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~ Announcer ~

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By 허스키팀 & 유지로

TAGS: #Announcer #Broadcast_Station #Workplace_Romances #Weatherman #Baseball_Goddess #Office #Career_Woman #News #Drama #Romance #Revenge

Synopsis: Once a promising announcer, Jaewoo is caught defending his beliefs and is reduced to a news junkie.
Announcer Kang So-Yoon, she is Jaewoo's girlfriend and the goddess of the broadcasting company. She's Jaewoo only hope to take back his previous job.
Meanwhile, Park Won-Bin is trying to covet So-Yoon, threatening to expose her romantic relationship with Jaewoo.

Chapter - 30

FMC bumps into Bomi in front of the company and asks her if she knows MC. Bomi is triggered by the appearance of a potential rival and asks her who she's for her 'Oppa'.. FMC is surprised and wonders who this woman is for MC.

FMC asks her if they're referring to the same person when she calls MC 'Oppa'. Bomi nods her head and confirms how MC isn't their but her Oppa.
FMC is surprised by Bomi and wonders if MC already forget her and ex-GF.. If he already turned the page of his past and found a cute girl for himself.. She feels sorry and wonders what to do now.. She introduces herself saying she went to the same school than MC and worked with him when he was still in Seoul. Bomi isn't moved by this information and asks her why a classmate and ex-coworker of MC will come that far from Seoul and if she has some business with her Oppa.
FMC thinks it's too late and she runs away while apologizing saying she was just passing by..

Bomi looks at FMC running away while thinking she looked suspicious.. She says she can't help it since her 'Oppa' (MC) is handsome talented, brilliant, have a great network, brave and above all extremely good at sex.. She clenches her fist full of determination thinking she'll never let MC go or let a girl approach him.

MC shows up.. He ask her if she waited long, Bomi denies saying it's fine. He is in good mood because he already saw the comments about the video on Senior and his secret relationship with ex-GF. He asks her if she's hungry, she says a lot and wants to go now, MC thinks she's right faster they will go eat faster they will have sex.
While walking, Bomi asks MC if he isn't saying any other girl aside her and hopes he isn't hiding a GF from her.. He asks what she's thinking how he would have never made a move on her if that was the case. She asks him what about having a girlfriend when he was still in Seoul.. MC is worried wondering if she heard the rumor about him and ex-GF..

He asks her why this sudden interest in his previous love affair.. She tells him she just bumped into a woman who was looking for him, he asks her how this girl looked like. Bomi describes FMC as a woman with a flesh body, big breasts and short hair.
MC directly understands it's FMC and asks Bomi where the girl ran off, she is displeased by this question and asks him if she's his previous girlfriend. He asks her why she always thinks about this.. How FMC is a friend of Senior and him, she came all the way here to give him some information about Senior and his 'secret mission' (recruiting women for the main branch).

Bomi thinks she fucked up and asks MC what will happen to her.. How she treated FMC badly because she thought it was a girl interested in him.. MC asks her by where she left and Bomi answers him over there.. He chases after FMC while Bomi is telling him to clear the misunderstand between the two for her..

MC is running while thinking how FMC went to see him after he threw everything away and wonders what it means.. He suddenly thinks it was maybe because he was too good at sex and wanted to do it one more time (LMAO this guy).

FMC is crying... She thinks how she was so stupid to believe MC still had her in his heart.. She scolds herself for her naivety thinking MC wouldn't have left the city without telling her a word if he was feeling something for her.. MC is shouting her name.. FMC keeps crying while saying she even became crazy.. How she's now having hallucination..
MC grabs her arm and puts her in his embrace while saying he missed her, she hugs his back too and says she missed him a lot too..

To be continued..
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