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  1. Dimensional Anchor (lags the server)
  2. Teleport tether (lags the server)
  3. World Anchor (lags the server)
  4. Black Hold Band (Dupe Glitch)
  5. Mining Lazar ( Can be used to grief plus makes a mess)
  6. Dark matter Hammer
  7. Dark matter axe
  8. Energy Condenser (op would have no use for shops)
  9. Quarry (even more holes than tnt)
  10. Tunnel Bore (used to grief bypasses protections)
  11. Nuke (LOL)
  12. Energy Collector / Relays / Rm - Dm Furnace (op Items from nothing)
  13. Nova Catalyst (like tnt but worse)
  14. Nova Cataclysm (same as above)
  15. Destruction Catalyst (makes more holes)
  16. Trans Tablet ( Op )
  17. Swift wolf Rendering Gale (op flying ring reserved for vips)
  18. Catalytic Lens (more holes)
  19. Evertide amulet ( used to grief )
  20. Volcanite amulet ( used to grief )
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