Dadonequus Discord Part 274

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  1. >"So, what exactly is the problem Anon?" Chrysalis says as she watches you fidget, fighting the feelings you had.
  2. "S-something's w-w-wrong with me...I dunno if it's hormones or what. B-but..ngh...I went from liking Diamond Tiara to really l-loving her..."
  3. >"That sounds about right. So what exactly is the problem? You do want her, don't you?" Chrysalis really did seem confused by your actions.
  4. "Y-yes..I want clothes..I want to MAKE love to her sooooo bad. I don't even know why!"
  5. >"Make love?" Chrysalis puts a hoof under her chin as she begins to wonder "Hrn, Love poison is supposed to amplify love only. I guess that explains where that increase of lust came from. Must have a unique effect on somepony like you, hm?" She didn't look at you maliciously however. She really was wondering why it was happening...or maybe she was pretending.
  6. >Wait.....
  8. >Chrysalis chuckles "Why not? It's clear that while your ability to charm a lady has improved, you still don't have a grasp on how to seal the deal a-"
  9. >You just explode into rage and charge right at her.
  11. >You charge at her, but she holds you back by keeping her hoof on your head. You try swiping at her, but you just couldn't reach.
  12. "I'LL KILL YOU!"
  13. >She just remains silent until you start to tear up, and begin crying as you slump down and snuggle on her leg.
  14. "Oh god, I miss her already. Oh the pain! W-why did you do this? Why? I thought you were really having fun. Why the evil scheme?"
  15. >Chrysalis rolled her eyes at your accusations. "Please, this is just a scheme. Nothing evil about it. And yes, amazingly enough. I have been enjoying myself. The little filly has a rather humorous hold on you and I find her to be one of the few ponies I can actually tolerate, but that perhaps, is probably due to being your friend."
  17. >You just couldn't compose yourself as you continued to sob. To you, she wasn't making sense.
  18. "B-but why the poison? Whhhy?"
  19. >Chrysalis gently pulled her hoof and looked down at you with disgust "Stop your moaning, it's depressing."
  20. >You just lay there and whimper, not only did you miss DT...who was wasn't even that far away. But you felt betrayed. The poison's effects were ravaging your thoughts.
  21. "W-why?"
  22. >Chrysalis sighed, she lowered herself to sit in front of you and actually started to pet your head. Despite the gentle gesture, her tone didn't match. She was definitely not liking your reaction. she was annoyed. "Why? Let me hope that this gets into your fucking skull because what I have to say is the truth. She's a filly Anon; a young kid. She adores and admires you because you are her hero and her prince. But all of that is childish folly." Chrysalis's tone begins to soften to that of a motherly sense, and yet, slight irritation still lingers. You look up at her, sobbing, as she looks down at you. Her expression, it made you feel both safe, and some dread. Like she was going to tell you something you didn't want to hear. "As she grows older, she will mature. Her priorities and responsibilities will increase and change. Her likes and dislikes will be different. And, she will want a Stallion who can provide for her, listen to her, and be with her without the bullcrap childish shit you pull"
  23. "B-but, won't I grow up to?"
  25. >Chrysalis shifts her eyes to the right, for some reason, the truth of the situation made her feel embarrassed for you "Yes, but given you've already done that once and failed....I felt I had to help you...with my scheme." Chrysalis sighs as she looks forward, disappointed with herself "I can't believe I said the words "Help you" without irony"
  26. >Help you? wut?
  27. "B-but how does poisoning me help?"
  28. >"Simple, the poison enhances love to a level ponies can't fathom. But this light dose will make sure you both will have control over yourselves and have memory of this night. For Diamond Tiara, she will look back on this sleepover as a moment of indomitable feelings of love.Her heart will swell when she looks upon this long as she never finds out why anyway.." Chrysalis pokes at you a little aggressively so you get the point "I trust you can keep your yap shut, right?"
  29. >You...actually had no moral qualms with this. You wanted a secured wife. You liked Diamond Tiara...sure fuck it. the plan is perfect.
  30. "N-no, I'm totally fine with just hurts not to be with her right now..."
  31. >"Then let's just go back in. Don't say a word. And I'll make sure you don't do anything stupid. Just keep your lust contained, will you? You'd be ruining more than your chances at a wife if you fuck this up"
  32. >Right...right..calm down.
  33. >You suck in your tears. You stand. and you get over these feelings...but last question as you pack it in.
  34. "You're really having fun? Does that're enjoying your time with me?"
  36. >Chrysalis twists in disgust when you say that "When did I say I was having fun? I'm not answering that you little...." She turns her face with a scrunchy face "As I said...friendship to me is different. You're only getting a free pass due to the car. I already admitted I'm enjoying myself. I'm not about to tell you I'm enjoying my time doing these silly things with you. I only enjoy my time with you when it's at MY leisure"
  37. > were still punch drunk with love to act smug about that. But you were sure that was a lie, she must actually be having fun with you...and, in her own way. caring about your future.
  38. >As you both head back into the room. You both step into Silver Spoon setting up a phonograph as Diamond Tiara stands waiting a few feet at the door, her eyes becoming half closed and dreamy as she gazes upon you. "Annnooonnnpooooo, guess what time it is?"
  39. >....uhhhh
  40. "....I-I dunno my delicious morsel, what time is it?"
  41. >But Chrysalis already knew what was going to happen, and does her false smile as she looks down to you "Ahhh, young prince. It is time to dance with your princess"
  42. "Ohhhh, that sounds..."
  45. " I need to have one more chat with my sister"
  46. >Already the thought of walking out on her again burned through your soul.
  47. >"Hmmm? What now?" Chrysalis asks, once again confused.
  48. >Diamond Tiara already looked hurt from your words "B-but...don't you want to dance right now?...I-I don't think I can wait again"
  49. >Shit...your heart! YOUR HEART! She looked so depressed from you wanting to go again. You wanted to rip yours out and give it to her. had to hold fast. But you couldn't resist going up to her and kissing her on the lip-....cheek...CHEEK.
  50. "No worries my most beautiful princess, it will only be for one more moment. And I promise, you'll be very surprised when I come back"
  51. >You try to remain calm through your sweat. But she buys it, blushing as she holds her hoof to her cheek, she just drunkingly tilts to the side "O-ok"
  52. >You rush up behind Chrysalis and start shoving her out with your head before she could even react.
  53. >You didn't care to be surprised that she went out with you as you close the door with your back leg.
  54. >A little further and that when Chrysalis makes her move. She shifts to the side, making you fall face first to the floor. She was just waiting to be out of Diamond's sight before she figured out what the hell was going on.
  55. >"...Anon, what now?!" She seemed a little peeved "Dance with her already! Why are you hesitating? Why are you fighting the poison?"
  56. >But you weren' just..
  57. >you slowly lift yourself as you look towards Chrysalis with begging eyes.
  58. "C-chrysalis...It's not that..I-I need your help..."
  59. >Chrysalis raised her eyebrow, she looked pretty unamused. "Help? Why?...What's wrong?"
  61. >You look down in ultimate shame as you slowly and gently spin your hoof along the ground.
  62. "I-I can't dance..I need to learn..for her..."
  63. >Chrysalis nearly loses her cool at that. She found that to be utterly ridiculous. "Are you kidding me?! You are a pony who has been in the company of five royal leaders where such an art is important. For Tartarus's sake Anon, even Discord has a certain mastery of dance! How could you not know how to waltz?"
  64. >But something about that sentence bothered you enough to make you lose attention. Five royals? You started to count as if you had fingers.
  65. "five? I dunno, I don't really hang around Shining Armor that much"
  66. >Chrysalis puts her hoof to her face before growling at you menacingly "I MEANT ME YOU IDIOT!"
  67. >You nearly double back from that in fright. But wait...if she IS the fifth.
  68. >You immediately drop your fear as you smile at her, and your happy smile becomes a little smarmy as you nudge her.
  69. "So you can teach me then? Super fast? Hmmmm? Can you? You know you want tooooooooo~, do it for your bro. Your buddy. Your super good friend Anon"
  70. >Chrysalis couldn't believe this act you were pulling. Well at first she couldn't believe it. It was clear the love poison was having a VERY different effect on you, even with a light and temporary dose. She would have expected you to beg and be scared. But you immediately bounced back, doing anything you can to learn to dance quickly to please your marefriend.
  72. >Chrysalis sighed, teaching you seemed impossible right now. But, she wouldn't let herself be a failure here. Not for your sake, but for her own. The food she was ingesting and saving for her hive was too delicious to just give up. And then there was you. Now that she was "Nymous". She didn't want to be known to have a "Brother" who couldn't fucking dance after being called the "Hero Colt". And finally, there was the friendship itself. As much as it pained her. Her Ferrari was one of the nicest things she ever had. For that, she felt that she could help you with this..just this once.
  73. >"Alright..." She figures something out. She still had some of her power in this form. But it was faint and weak, very minuscule. Unsuitable for anything grand. But, she figured she could still possibly use her extremely weakened hypnosis to implant something into your mind. "Fine, I'll do it. But only because this is too pathetic a display, even from you. I can't let it go on." Chrysalis steps back and raises her hoof as she looks into your eyes "I can't teach you how to dance this quickly. But I can teach you to do this particular dance if you pay attention. We only have enough time to do this once. Your marefriend won't last forever."
  74. >What?! ONCE?! But you couldn't do it in one go!
  75. "You can't be serious. My memory isn't that good! How am I supposed to learn it in one go?!"
  76. >"Easy..." Chrysalis points to her eyes "I'll use my hypnosis on you as we dance. You'll need to focus and let yourself become prey to it however or it won't work. You won't fall under my control, but it should be enough to make sure you won't forget what you've learned. Understand? Just try to keep your mind out of the gutter and you'll be fine"
  78. >You gently bring your hoof to Chrysalis's and prepare yourself.
  79. "So just....focus?"
  80. >You look into her eyes as she nods. You notice that green seemed...pleasant. "Yes.." Her voice becomes a little softer,sweeter, nicer. "Just focus on me, give in, and I will get you through this"
  81. "..ok...teach me"
  82. >You put your faith in her. For some reason, when you looked into her eyes. You swear, just swear, that you could see that she cared enough for you not to see you fail. It actually made you feel a normal sense of warmth outside of the poison's effect. It was like..she was being your sister.
  83. >"Now, do as I do. and listen to my words. We start with three steps to the right and a turn..."
  84. >Chrysalis starts taking you through the motions. You focus on her eyes and pay attention to her movements. You weren't entranced, but your focus on learning felt heightened as everything was being committed to memory. Since chrysalis was acting as you, she spun you around every other three or two step before making a turn. She tried to lead you along carefully with her words as she took you through the waltz with her steps. You could almost hear music being formed in your mind as she took you through it. At the end, she let's you go. And bows. You then follow suit, since that's what you were supposed to be doing. You'd expect Diamond to curtsy.
  85. >And the most amazing part was...
  86. "Woah...I actually remember the entire dance....weird"
  87. >Chrysalis chuckles, feeling proud she was able to get that much out of you "Yes well, I am amazing"
  88. >amazing...was the right words for it. You go in and give her a sweet little hug for everything she's done for you.
  89. "T-thanks Chrysalis, I feel super relieved that I can please Diamond now. And it's all thanks to you."
  90. >Chrysalis slowly pushes you away with disgust on her face "...Don't do that. It's humili-"
  91. >But she stops and immediately pulls you in all of a sudden with a hug of her own.
  93. >Then, you hear the familiar southern business voice of Filthy Rich behind you. "Nymous? Anon? Now what's going on here?" Filthy seemed pretty concerned about something "I thought I heard yelling a few minutes ago. Started to get worried....Everything alright?"
  94. >Shhhiiiiiiiit!
  95. >But Chrysalis just kept you into a gentle hug as she gave him a falsely sweet smile "Indeed Mr.Rich. I was just teaching my little brother a little waltz so he may dance with your daughter. As for the yelling, it was just him being...nervous. It was definitely him yelling. He's shy about dancing."
  96. >"Is that all? Hmnnnn" Filthy rubbed his chin, he seemed to have found that odd "Well, I would have thought, being around royalty such as our very own Princess Twilight Sparkle that he'd know how to dance. Then again, that is a little worrying. Don't you think a dance is too much for this little ole' sleepover?" He was also of course, concerned.
  97. >You kept silent as Chrysalis continued to speak to him. She shook her head to his words. And continued to smile "I wouldn't think so Mr.Rich. It is of course, a dance based off this little royal scenario these two have made. As long as I'm here, it won't be any more than that. If anything, it's just cute. Wouldn't you agree? I'm sure Diamond Tiara would, she is looking forward to it after all"
  98. >Filthy stayed silent for a moment. contemplating on that. He didn't want to upset his daughter. And dancing, in that regard, probably wasn't TOO bad of anything. He then chuckles about it "Well, I suppose not. Perhaps I'm being too much like those old fathers who coddle their children too much. If it'll make my daughter happy then I don't see a problem. But do try to get them to bed soon, will you Nymous? a sleepover ain't a sleepover unless you're actually sleeping over."
  99. >Chrysalis bows courteously to him as she still holds you close. "Of course Mr.Rich, I will make sure everything stays on course"
  101. >"Thank you Nymous, you're quite the wonderful mare. Gonna make a stallion very happy one day, I swear." Filthy gives her a small nod and yawns "Well, I gotta head back down and finish looking over these reports.You two have a good night"
  102. >You do exit Chrysalis's embrace to say good night to him, Chrysalis herself, of course, bidding him a pleasant night.
  103. >Filthy thought about opening the door to say goodnight to his daughter and Silver Spoon. In fact, he almost did. Until he silently mutters "..No, better not. Don't want to upset her"
  104. >Filthy then heads back downstairs. He felt he could survive not saying goodnight to his daughter this one time. He didn't want to ruin the fantasy. And felt she was in very good hooves with Nymous around. He'd just make it up double time when he sees her in the morning. He was sure she was going to tell him what a great night she had and that it was all thanks to him for letting the sleepover happen. He even smirked when he thought about it, feeling he was such a good dad.
  106. >You look back to Chrysalis as Filthy disappears from earshot, and sigh. She really did it this time...
  107. "Chrysalis..thank you. Really, thank you for this"
  108. >Chrysalis doesn't answer at first. She just walks over to the door and waits, then looks back at you. She looked like she had confidence on you. But still, she says nothing, and just opens the door. Hmmm...she just didn't want to return your thanks.
  109. >Now was the time. Both you and Chrysalis head back into the room where Diamond Tiara awaited you.
  110. >She looked into your eyes frowning, she was very very worried. "A-anon, are you ok? Is something wrong?...i-it's not it?"
  111. >You don't know what got into you. Or perhaps, the poison's effect made you feel brave and wanting to please your love. You walk up to her, smooth and suave, a smile on your face as you gently grab her hoof and pull her a little closer.
  112. "No need to worry my love, I was merely making sure of a couple of things before our big dance....Silver Spoon, if you please."
  113. >Silver Spoon got surprised at first. She didn't expect you to be the one to tell her anything. But she did as you asked, as Diamond Tiara just looked absolutely stunned by your approach.
  114. >The music starts up, you could remember every step as if you had done it one hundred times before. You were confident. You looked deep into DT's eyes, and pulled her just a little closer. causing her to blush big.
  115. "Are you ready? My sugardoodle?"
  116. >She just nodded. You couldn't be sure if she was actually ready. didn't matter as you nearly automatically began to step to the music. leading Diamond Tiara along
  118. >With every step, Diamond Tiara had to move closer to you to just manage to stay in step. You were leading her along like an expert.
  119. >Your turn was with a quick step and a bounce as you lead her forward, slightly revolving with every step to the music from the phonograph. It was a heavenly tune that guided you and her along with every step.
  120. >When the dance became a slower two step. You brought Diamond Tiara close enough to whisper in her ear during the waltz.
  121. "Diamond Tiara, my love, your eyes are more beautiful than any star found in the sky. More lovely than any gem. When I gaze upon them, I never want to look away. You're the only one I could ever love"
  122. >"..A-anon...d-do you really mean that? There's so many mares and fillies you could have. You even could have had Applebloom, a sister of a real element of harmony..but you chose me..." Tears start to slowly appear in her eyes "..Sometimes I get scared, that it was never meant to last....that things might change and- mpph?!"
  123. >You just do it, you kiss her with a peck on the lips. Well, a little more of a peck. It stops her words as you give her a warm and loving smile.
  124. "Shhhh, don't think like that. Nothing is going to happen. I don't care if Applebloom was a princess. She's not you, she's not MY princess."
  125. >You were about to give her a spin. But she pushes forward. Hugging you close and forcing you and herself upright on hind legs. She doesn't let you go as she says in a low and dreamy voice "A-anon.....I love you..."
  126. >You whisper back those words. Poison or not, you felt like you really did.
  127. >You continue the dance with improvisation , keeping your balance and holding Diamond Tiara close as you now dance while standing upright You didn't want to fail, you wanted her to have the most romantic dance in her life. The poison didn't matter. This moment was legendary.
  129. >When the music finally ended, you gently release her and go back on your four legs. You both now just stood there gazing upon eachother before Diamond Tiara nuzzles under your chin. Ecstatic about the dance. "Anon...that was the most romantic dance I've ever had. It was so much better than anything on our date..I feel...I feel..." She didn't know how to feel. She just went silent and continued to nuzzle.
  130. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself my princess"
  131. >You let out a soft yawn..the gumbo was definitely losing it's effect now. You were getting tired. But you forced yourself to stay awake...for her.
  132. "I wanted to make sure my dance was perfect. That's why I stepped out, I just wanted to practice it up just a little. For you, less than perfection just wouldn't cut it."
  133. >Her nuzzling was warm. She didn't say any words. She just continued to cuddle,nuzzle, and never wanting to leave your side.
  134. >And of course, you nuzzle right back.
  135. >Silver Spoon was just enamored by it all. She stepped next to Chrysalis and just pointed at the both of you. "Isn't that the most romantic thing you ever seen?"
  136. >Chrysalis fakes a smile as she gazes upon the both of you "Yes, it fills me with joy just to see those two so happy"
  137. >It filled her belly too. However, there also a feeling she wasn't expecting. She felt...happy for you. in a way. She actually had to step back and internally think on this. She didn't realize she even truly had this much of a care on this.She didn't like it. She also knew she couldn't let you both nuzzle like that for too long. So it was the perfect excuse to get in the middle of this while avoiding her pesky feelings,
  138. >"Your highness's, it does my heart good to see you both so happy. But..."
  139. >Chrysalis fakes a yawn. Which, also causes Silver Spoon to yawn. "But it is getting a tad late. Perhaps we should retire?"
  141. >Diamond Tiara actually agrees as she looks into your eyes with a love drunk smile "Ok...Anon, will you snuggle with me tonight?"
  143. "Of cou-"
  144. >But Chrysalis cuts you off. Here, she was just making sure you didn't fuck up. Things would get very bad if she let it get that far. "Actually, as his sister. I can't let him do that. I'm sorry Diamond Tiara, but it's better if he just sleeps in the bed set up for him"
  145. >But Diamond Tiara wouldn't have any of that. She finally starts getting a little bothered and flustered that she couldn't have you in her bed. She looks at Chrysalis with an annoyed look and whiny voice. "Whhhhy! He's my prince! Princesses and Princes always cuddle in the same bed right? It's like being married!"
  146. >And that was exactly the problem. You started to slowly snap out of your own love stupor for just long enough to realize that Chrysalis was right. You'd probably start gently fucking her if that happened...but wanted to soooooo bad.
  147. "A-actually my lovely sugar dumpling. Sis m-might be right."
  148. >"What?!" Now Diamond was hurt as she stepped up to you with sad eyes, making you step back from her approach "Why? WHYWHYWHYWHY!"
  149. >"W-woah...umm..Diamond, don't you think you're taking this too far? This was a great sleepover and all, but I think the reason your dad didn't let you have one with just anon was because of stuff like that. I know my dad said once that that kind of stuff is for adult couples. I dunno why, but maybe we should listen to Nymous" Silver Spoon suggested, upset at her friend's reaction. She was so put off though. She didn't understand why she was acting so weird.
  150. >"No! I don't care!" Diamond was now angry, stomping her hoof "Why are you all suddenly so against us? Can't you see how much we love eachother! Tell them Anon! Tell them!"
  152. >...ahh shit. You wanted to do what she said. But the one thing that scared you nearly as much was Chrysalis's dark stare as she slowly rubbed her hoof across her neck. Signifying death, Yeah, Chrysalis meant business. She didn't want everything to fall apart and ruin her reputation. She needed the ponies trust. Adults moreso than kids. She needed you to do what's right....
  153. >...and it was so hard to do so looking back at Diamond's anger. She wanted you badly.
  154. >You had to break and resist every urge the poison and your love was causing in you to do the right thing. And the only way to do that? Think of a way to change the flow instead of stopping it...god you hoped this worked...because if it didn't. you'd be porking her, you just knew it.
  155. "My love, they are right. But please..."
  156. >You step up to her and hold her hoof
  157. "Do not think of this as a negative. There is obviously a reason we cannot share a bed this night. It must only mean that when our relationship goes further. We'll have our own bed to cuddle and snuggle onto, and with eachother every time we wish. Patience my dear. It will only make that night so much sweeter."
  158. >God, you sounded so...cliche and Casanova-like. But you've seen it work so many times in cartoons. It had to work just had to.
  159. >"mmnn....but..." Diamond Tiara didn't know what to think of it at first. She wanted to do it now. But everything she was being told seemed like a bad idea..but she nearly didn't care. If not hearing that in the future, they could do it whenever, she'd just whine some more. So she just looked at you, with a hopeful and serious face. "Do you promise?"
  160. >You nod
  161. "On my honor as your coltfriend"
  162. >"...." Diamond Tiara sighed, and then let out a cute and accidental yawn. "...ok...ok.." She goes and nuzzle with you one more time. "I guess we can all go to bed then, Anon, I ove you so so so so much. You love me too, right?"
  163. "With all my heart"
  165. >She then gazes upon your eyes one last time "You're so sweet Anon, I'll dream about you tonight..." She actually plants a gentle sweet kiss on your lips, giggles, and looks into your eyes dreamily "In our future castle, laying next to you as we watch our children play" Then she titters a little more with one more nuzzle "Once I learn where babies come from, we're gonna have a lot of them! lots of princesses and princes."
  166. >...ok...OK..even with the poison. That was a little much. You didn't want to have THAT many children...and oh god. "When she learned". Her appetite would be insatiable. Your body would break no matter how willing the spirit would be.
  167. "Y-yeah...mnn..."
  168. >But the thought vanishes quickly as you plant a gentle kiss on her lips as well. making her smile.
  169. "And I shall dream of us as well, in our castle, as I fight off many would be villains who wish to kidnap you"
  170. >She blushes and hides her face a little, turning to the side "O-oh...A-anon, you're so romantic. even in your dreams"
  171. >You give her a smug chuckle.
  172. "I know....goodnight, my princess."
  173. >" prince..." Diamond Tiara sighs lovingly and looks to Silver Spoon and Chrysalis "Goodnight everypony. I hope you enjoyed this very royal sleepover"
  174. >"I did, it was sooooo totally like those romance books! And you know what that means, right?" Silver Spoon says to Diamond Tiara, intending to fill her with excitement.
  176. >Diamond Tiara shakes from the anticipation of the future as she grins uncontrollably "I knnnooww! Marriage! I just can't wait!" She hops up on her bed and cuddles with her pillow. "That's why I want to sleep right now anyway. Sleeping makes time go faster! which makes the wedding day sooner! Ohhhh!"
  177. >Those two were just so eager to see you get married. It was really endearing actually.
  178. >Chrysalis didn't have much more to say.Chrysalis got up to ask and take both yours,Silver Spoon, and Diamond Tiara's clothes to put away...a steamy sight for you to be sure. She then went and shut off the lights. and bid everyone a pleasant sleep. And that she was "proud" to be Diamond Tiara's "maid". Something Diamond Tiara took with pride.
  179. >As for you? If the poison was temporary, you'd just have to ride it out until morning...but fuck. You could feel it. You were going to dream of so many lewd things.You knew if you still had any connection to your old world. That some bored slob would probably write some sort of something called "Greentext" about it.
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