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  1. Key: NotCaelumZ
  3. Character: Taiga Ashikaga
  5. Apping for: Weapon Soul Tier 2
  7. Reasoning: I currently have no enablement on my character and I sought out a teacher for training. He's teaching me up to Tier 2 weapon soul and recommended I app for it with my training. (Fiddel)
  9. Moment: Taiga Ashikaga, now being taught under the tutelage of Fiddel, has taken his advice and worn heavy weights. Now, with his weights on and his body ready, he moves to try and catch up with his mentor, pushing as hard as he can. He knows deeply of dedication, so the idea of day and night training is nothing strange to him. He pushes himself constantly to try and learn more of his own sword- Which salt named 'Terra'. He would take care of Terra, even if it wasn't one of the Legendary blades he'd heard about. The man makes the weapon, right?
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