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Oct 17th, 2018
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  1. C H E W I N G G U M
  3. | name. Suzuki Kyoko (鈴木 京子)
  4. | nickname. Koko, Kyo, Suki
  5. | date of birth. 14/02/01
  6. | place of birth. Osaka, Japan
  7. | hometown. Tokyo, Japan
  8. | ethnicity. Japanese
  9. | height. 163cm
  10. | weight. 47kg
  12. M Y F I R S T & L A S T
  14. | background. She was born as an only child to two Japanese Doctors in Osaka, Japan. They were both highly intelligent adults and they wanted their only Daughter to be the same. She was sent to prestigious schools to study and they wanted her to become a doctor just like them. However, she had other plans for her future. She wanted to become a artist. She lived a happy life despite her parents high expectations and her awkwardness when's it came to socialising. Her sketchbook was her best friend and when her parents found out about her dream when she was 15, they were not happy. They had a big fight and she ended up leaving them to move to Seoul. This brought her to thinking that most things are better kept to herself than sharing with others. She was broken at that time but she manage do to heal and get into a Seoul Arts High School, making new Friends in Korea and assuring herself that she made the right choice.
  15. | personality.
  16. 。Shy; She's a very shy and introverted person. She doesn't talk a lot and just gives shy smiles with her pink cheeks. She'll make your heart melt with her cuteness but if you're someone that she trusts and she can open up to, she'll be a fun person to hang out with, contrary to the shy girl you first met.
  17. 。Awkward; She's quite awkward, especially when it comes to starting up conversations or even just talking to someone she isn't very close to. Normally she isn't the one to approach and start a conversation, instead she's the one who is approached. She has quite a small friendship circle and likes to keep it that way.
  18. 。Thoughtful; She's really thoughtful and caring, especially towards others. She always puts others before herself and is always there to help in anyway that she can. She always makes simple presents or gifts to those she appreciates or is grateful for. She'll always think of any consequences before she does or says anything.
  19. 。Bright; She's a very sensible and intelligent girl from being well educated. She always has logical answers and solutions to everything. She doesn't really show her intelligence in case someone misunderstands her for boasting or takes advantage of her. She likes to be known as someone of regular intelligence rather than a bullied nerd.
  20. 。Self-Kept; She's quite self-kept after what happened when she shared her dream with her parents. She's still broken about it and she keeps most things to herself. Even if her friends can tell that shes hiding something and ask her, she'll deny it. The only problem is that her eyes quiver when she lies and only her closes the friends like Donghyuck and 100% know about it.
  21. 。Sensitive; She's a bit sensitive, emotional and insecure. She cries easily, whether she's feeling down, hurt or just touched. She has Low self-confidence and thinks lowly of herself despite her encouragements towards others. She just can't help but feel that way and she lets her emotional out throughout her art or simple alone time.
  22. | hobbies.
  23. 。Sketching while snacking
  24. 。Watching anime and cartoons
  25. 。Going out on walks, to cafes or shopping
  26. 。Taking Aesthetic Pictures
  27. 。Listening to music
  28. | habits.
  29. 。Biting her lip
  30. 。Zoning out
  31. 。Eyes "quiver" when lying
  32. | likes.
  33. 。Plushies
  34. 。Coffee
  35. 。Pink
  36. 。Flowers
  37. 。Cheesecake
  38. 。Fashion
  39. 。Visual Arts
  40. 。Aesthetics
  41. | dislikes.
  42. 。Lightning
  43. 。Procrastination
  44. 。Heights
  45. 。Being teased
  46. 。Creepy Crawlies
  47. 。"Dirtiness"
  48. 。Darkness
  49. 。Eggplant and Carrots
  50. | trivia.
  51. 。She has 127 plushies but when she travels, she only brings 2-4.
  52. 。She is fluent in Japanese, Korean, English and Chinese.
  53. 。She is secretly obsessed with GOT7 and Assasination Classroom.
  54. 。She is allergic to Eggplant and Carrots, which is why she hates them.
  55. 。She has a pet calico cat called Yeoko and a black cat called Huang.
  56. 。Spring is her favourite season as she loves watching flowers bloom.
  57. 。Besides her beautiful photos, gallery is secretly overflowing with memes.
  58. 。She's best friends with Donghyuck and 100%.
  60. G O
  62. | love interest. Zhong Chenle
  63. | backup love interest. Lee Donghyuck
  64. | requested scenes.
  65. 。Lots of dolphin screaming with Chenle.
  66. 。Singing bops like Sunmi, GOT7 and Blackpink in the car really loudly with everyone.
  67. 。Having random challenges like meme showdowns with Donghyuck.
  69. W E Y O U N G
  71. | username. @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  72. | slot. Side To Side
  73. | backup slot. 100%
  74. | face claim. @gini_s2_
  75. | backup face claim. @sooooooooora
  76. | password. Get it -Pristin V
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