Jan 4th, 2013
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  1. Tyler obtained the Ponification Serum from “Master” at the end of the fic and started experiments on replicating it. He’s currently in final trials before releasing it in an aerosol, and sets a trap in the form of an “exclusive event” to gas. His goal is to capture the players and prove his prototype, launching into a fullscale ponypet selling scheme.
  2. Notable NPCs
  3. Artemis (Arty) – Working security at the “event”, got hit with a heavy dose.
  4. Dr. Micheal – Local Doctor, personal friend of Tyler. Wants to secure and neutralize serum
  5. Tyler – Planning a worldwide pet pony market; in the final stages of testing before mass production
  6. Dr “Benedict” – Head of R&D for Tyler. Devoted to job, but what’s his seen of the serum worries him
  7. Starlit Skies – invented the serum; currently suffering from partial memory loss from the events of fic
  8. Angel Grace – Starlit Skies wife, devoted wholly to him. Formerly a human, suffering total memory loss.
  9. Various New Equestria ponies
  10. Wake up gassed > Escape and regroup > lost Artemis > Find Micheal > New Equestria > Confront Tyler > Stop launch of final dose.
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