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  1. batman is about class warfare
  2. im rewatching the dark knight
  3. and at the beginning like 5 guys dress up as batman and try to stop a drug deal but then actual batman shows up and tells them to stop
  4. the reason they couldn't stop the drug deal is because they're poor but batman is rich
  5. so he can afford the batmobile which kills all the bad guys by itself
  6. really it's a commentary on how in america when a single poor person tries to change anything it doesn't work but when a billionaire decides he doesn't like something he can just throw money at the problem until it goes away à la wearing high tech super bat armor instead of hockey pads spray painted black
  7. and also the rich guy gets direct contact with the people in charge (the mayor and the chief of police) while the poor vigilantes get treated just like the criminals they're trying to stop
  8. tbh it's hard for me to watch such a blatantly capitalistic piece of propaganda
  9. and that's just the first 10 minutes
  10. later on the joker is shown to be the only character that can escape from the cycle of greed, when he burns the mob's money showing that it's not what he wants
  11. so the only character that believes change can be effected without money is depicted as an insane villain
  12. indeed the film suggests that the only way to subvert the capitalist hierarchy is to act outside of the system in the way that the joker does, and that the activist must suffer the ridicule of its beneficiaries and the apathy of the uninterested middle and lower classes that seek to benefit from the same structure that oppresses them
  14. while trying to prove that humans are inherently greedy and violent he inadvertently shows that they will trust the people on the other boat not to blow them up
  15. the character of harvey dent shows that the public officials in the capitalist society are naturally corrupt
  16. at the beginning of the movie harvey is presented as the idealistic district attorney
  17. but then when he's talking to gordon we learn that harvey has a nickname among the police officers
  18. two face
  19. and the joker merely reveals this fact
  20. when he's talking to him after he gets half of his face burned off
  21. he shows that no one that benefits from the capitalist system is truly incorruptible
  23. and alfred's story about the thief in burma is a PERFECT example of the movie's theme
  24. the guy is stealing precious gems and throwing them away
  25. distributing them to the population
  26. and in retaliation the company and alfred burn down the forest. alfred says that "some men just want to watch the world burn" but when we learn how they caught the thief it was instead the capitalists who burn down the forest to catch him
  27. exposing the contradictions of exploiting the third world country
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