Forty Nights at Freddy's Funhouse (1)

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  1. In the daylight, it had all seemed like such a good idea. Sure, the decrepit old amusement park looked a little run down and crappy, and there were stories about there being a couple of deaths there over the years... But they had caught the guy responsible years ago. Not so many people really visited the place these days, but that's probably why they needed a security guard, and why they'd installed all those high-tech cameras everywhere. Nobody would want to come to an amusement park at all if it was the local meth-head hangout.
  3. A six hour shift, from 12 midnight to 6am, where the park's janitorial staff would start to show up. Six hours of sitting in the security booth in the center of the visitor's block. There was nothing really worth stealing left in the park anyway, so if it weren't for the hours and the ungodly heat in the security room, it seemed like the perfect job... But that was in the daylight.
  5. Once the sun set, the park suddenly took on a very different atmosphere. Shadows curled and lengthened, twisting the mundane into the ominous. The hall of mirrors became a shifting, twisting mass of shadowy movements and flickers of light, playing tricks on the eyes... And then there were the animatronics. The damned animatronics, an upgrade from the obsolete versions used in the defunct Freddy Fazbear fast food chain; they were more 'lifelike', with simulated skin and suits stuffed full of spongy foam, to protect children from accidentally hurting themselves by bumping into their steely endoskeletons. Kids loved to hug their cartoon friends, after all, and now the animatronic cast could safely hug back.
  7. During the day, Freddy Fazbear and his lovable robot pals would be locked in position: Up on the stage in the center of the park singing a song about friendship, or cheerfully telling kids to put as much topping as they liked on their bake-your-own pizza. At night, though, things were different. The management had explained it as them being set to 'Free-Roam' mode: From midnight onwards, they had warned, the dolls would get up and begin ambling around the park. It was a perfectly normal part of their AI maintenance, they said: The robots nightly wandering helped keep them running smoothly and reliably, and since it was cheaper than recalibrating them every morning, they were simply allowed to roam free at night.
  9. They had also given him strict, explicit instructions not to let the animatronics see him during his shift, as their brains simply couldn't handle the idea of a human being in the park after-hours. It didn't sound too hard; how difficult could a bunch of slow, bumbling robots be to keep track of? He'd signed the waiver without really reading it. It seemed a fairly standard death-and-dismemberment waiver, the kind of thing they made all fairground employees sign, didn't they? So now he was sitting there, in his sweltering security room, staring at the silent flickering monitors as the Fazbear cast twitched and stumbled around the park.
  11. They were, to be blunt, creepy as all hell. They were huge improvements on the original designs, of course, but still. Maybe it was just the silence since the CCTV didn’t transmit sound, or something in the way they moved, or just the way they would occasionally stop and look up at the cameras… It was unnerving. He knew it wasn’t their fault, their robotic brains simply registering the camera as an object and then discarding it, but still. Sometimes, he couldn’t help but feel as though they were watching him back.
  13. It was almost 5am when he snapped awake. Flushed with embarrassment at falling asleep on his first day on the job, he was about to thank his lucky stars he was the only human left in the park when he suddenly realised something was wrong. It took a moment for his sleep-addled brain to parse what was going on, but then it hit him. The fox was on its podium, same as always. The bear was idly sorting the balls in the funhouse ball pit. The rabbit was at the duck’s usual station in the restaurant… But the duck was missing.
  15. Frantically, he flipped through the cameras, the thought of losing an expensive animatronic on his first day sending him into a panic - and then he found her. Standing directly outside the security booth - far, far closer than the animatronics were supposed to get, right underneath the camera. Hairs standing up on the back of his neck, he slowly turned, his heart pounding in his chest as he flicked on the light…
  17. The duck, the one with the ‘Let’s Eat!’ bib that his bosses had said was called Chica, was pressed up against the glass, staring straight at him. He stared back, frozen in terror, unable to move as the robot’s unflinching gaze drilled into him. The standoff continued for thirty seconds, then a minute, then two. Was she going to act? Why was she here to begin with? What had that waiver said again? Risk of dismemberment and death if the dolls should see you…?
  19. Despite his fear, he couldn’t help but notice the way the doll’s expansive chest spread out as under the bib as she pressed it against the glass… Filled with soft, spongy foam, it was supposed to give her a motherly outline that would set kids at ease. In the flickering light of the security room corridor, however, he was suddenly acutely aware of how impressive her bust was… As well as how wide those hips were, how thick those restlessly squirming thighs were...
  20. The mannequin’s stare drifted downwards. He followed her gaze, and immediately felt his cheeks begin to burn with shame as he realised the telltale bump of an erection pushing up against the fabric of his clothes. It was the fear that did it, he told himself, hurriedly. A perfectly natural reaction. After all, what kind of person would get turned on by the mascot at a children’s amusement park...?
  22. He looked up at the sound of a new noise from the bizarre automaton. Chica was staring intently at his crotch, her tongue lolling out of one side of her mouth, her chest rising and falling rapidly as though mimicking heavy breathing. If he didn’t know better, he could almost have sworn that she was aroused.... Then her eyes flicked back up to his, she gave him a feral grin, and gave the glass between them a long, slobbering lick.
  24. She started to move for the door, but the spell was already broken. Hurling himself from the chair, he slammed his fist into the Close Door button. As the heavy steel door slammed down into place, he could have sworn he heard an aggravated hiss of denial… Or maybe it was just in his imagination. By the time he was able to shakily pull himself to his feet, Chica was gone, leaving only a slight smear on the glass to ever suggest she had been there.
  26. The next day, he had intended to quit. He really had. But when he’d gone to see his boss, he’d also received his paycheck, which was… Substantial. Still, he almost quit right then and there, but now, in the daylight, the idea seemed ludicrous. Perhaps he’d merely dreamed the entire thing? A bizarre dream that had given him an erection, that’s all; it was perfectly natural, nothing he could have done to avoid it. Certainly not worth losing a great paying job over… So he came to a decision. He would stay on for a second night, and if a single animatronic came anywhere near his booth, he’d lock the place up tight and resign first place in the morning without a word. Let the next poor sap get murdered; he was going to play it safe.
  28. The second night, he watched Chica closely. She maintained a pretty steady patrol, waddling this way and that in front of the cameras, her behaviour seemingly perfectly normal. As he watched, his fears dissolved away into nothingness, But then, without quite meaning to, he found himself noticing the way Chica swung her hips as she moved, her thick, squeezable derriere shaking from side to side almost... Provocatively. He found himself staring, transfixed. Did she always walk like that? No, surely not; he’d seen her move around the night before, and this was nothing like that clumsy stumbling. As he stared, transfixed, he could only describe the way Chica moved now as smooth, assured, perhaps even seductive.
  30. Then Chica found the marker. It was a totally ordinary black marker pen, left on a table by one of the daytime waitresses or a forgetful parent. She seized it, marching to the center of the restaurant’s entrance. Staring up at the camera, she pulled on her “Let’s Eat!” bib and very carefully and deliberately began to write on it. Gazing into the camera with a sultry expression, she revealed what she had written: “Let’s Fuck!”
  32. He stared at the screen in disbelief, his brain unable to process what was going on. Was he really being propositioned by an animatronic monster…? As if to confirm his suspicions, Chica raised one hand to her mouth and began to make jerking movements with it towards her mouth, poking her tongue into the opposite cheek in an unmistakable gesture. Tossing the marker over her shoulder, she marched out of the room.
  34. The booth doors were already shut by the time she arrived, and he stared at her through the window as she pressed herself up against the glass once again. She repeated her obscene gesture, then simply stood there, waiting, rubbing her hand idly over her defaced bib. He stared, his mind racing as he tried to make sense of his new world. He had been warned the animatronics might become erratic if they saw him, but he’d never expected anything like this. He could feel himself getting hard again, and this time he knew fear had nothing to do with it. Still, he still had SOME self-preservation instinct left. Looking her right in the eye, he slowly shook his head. Chica remained perfectly still for a minute, then drooped and turned away, vanishing into the night. Sighing with relief, he unsealed the doors, desperate for a little fresh air to mitigate the scalding heat.
  36. Chica was on him in a second. Before he could even register what was happening, there was a flurry of movement at the window, and before he could even think to reach for the door controls he was spun around to face a grinning Chica. He opened his mouth to scream, but was swiftly silenced by Chica ramming her face into his crotch. He tried to pull away, to stand and run, but an iron grip forced him back down as the animatronic’s free hand pulled his cock free of his pants.
  38. “Time to Eat!” Chica announced with a cheery, distorted crackle... Then she plunged his erection into her mouth and began sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. He gasped and yelped in abject confusion at the sensations flooding through him, the robot slobbering over his crotch. He gazed down at her rapidly bobbing head, shame and confusion and arousal flooding through him in equal measure. He was really doing it… He was having sex with a children’s mascot. And even worse, he was enjoying it...
  40. As he stared at Chica hungrily slurping on his cock, her well-rounded ass stuck out behind her, her defaced bib already covered with flecks of artificial saliva and clinging to her jiggling bust, he couldn’t take it anymore. Relaxing, he surrendered his body into Chica’s tender care and just enjoyed the wonderfully immoral sensation of getting the best blowjob in his life from an animatronic doll.
  42. “Make sure to feed me lots and lots!” Chica’s crackling, warbling voice was apparently unbothered by the obstruction in her throat - although the vibration from her voicebox was enough to make him gasp again, grabbing onto her head for balance as he hunched over, desperately fighting against the pleasure. Her skin was surprisingly soft, and he found himself unconsciously running his fingers through the little tuft of hair on her head. Without warning, she suddenly deepthroated him, and his grip tightened as he hung on for dear life. Her tongue slithered out to coat his balls in warm, wet saliva, and she stared up at him almost coquettishly from her position pressed face-first into his stomach. Then, he simply couldn’t resist anymore.
  44. Groaning, his eyes rolled back into his head and his hips jumped reflexively upwards to pound madly at his robot lover’s mouth. Once, twice, three times he felt his balls clench and deliver a thick load of cum directly into Chica’s face. He sagged, exhausted, and lay back to bathe in the afterglow for a minute.
  46. “Yummy yum yum! I like this flavour the best! How did you know?!” Chica crowed, causing aftershocks of pleasure to roll through his body. He looked down at her, still suckling away gently at his cock with a strangely satisfied smile, and inexplicably found himself getting hard again. Just as he began to wonder about why he had allowed such a thing to happen, Chica spoke again. “That was fun! Should we play the game again, kids?!” she asked, her hand reaching up to trail a finger teasingly around his balls. He shivered at the stimulation, still sensitive so soon after an orgasm. He knew he shouldn’t, knew that this strange, freakish event should never have been allowed to happen in the first place… He looked over at the clock on his desk. Three hours of his shift remaining. Three hours of heat, boredom, and headaches from staring at grainy CCTV footage. Or…
  48. “I love it when I make a new friend!” Chica crackled and whirred as he pushed her head back down towards his slimy, twitching cock. “I hope you’ll come visit our park a whole bunch of times!” He merely hissed in pleasure as he felt himself enveloped by the hot, wet feeling of her mouth again. Leaning back in his chair, he placed a hand on her head as she once again began enthusiastically servicing him. Now that he was beginning to discover the perks of the job a little, he thought idly to himself, he probably wouldn’t be handing his notice in tomorrow after all...
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