fast enough to dodge qrow

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  1. Qrow moved. Though he’d been standing farther from us than Taiyang, he drew with a speed that impressed even me, all but appearing right above us. The head of his scythe drew back into a shape more suited for harvesting, and he swung it as fast as anyone I’ve ever meet, even though he barely seemed to be trying. Raven’s hand snapped down to her sword at once and began to draw it to block, but I moved faster, sensing the attack coming.
  3. Bai Hu’s Five Hundred Years (Active) LV1 EXP: 0.00% HP: 5000 MP: 5000
  4. The life of the White Tiger. Born in an age of chaos and war and honed by a lifetime of fighting, the great Bai Hu rose to rule as a King of Beasts and the Lord of the West. Born from endless effort and repetition, this is his penultimate technique, pushed to the limits of its power
  5. 2500% Increase to Physical Attack Damage.
  6. 2500% Increase to Attack Speed.
  7. 2500% Increase to Movement Speed.
  8. Additional 5000 HP used per minute.
  9. Additional 5000 MP used per minute.
  11. Reaching out with one hand to grasp Autumn and the other to grab Raven, I lifted each of them with and drew back pair of steps, striding up the rooftop. I had to control not only my motion but the very air around me, guiding its passage even as I kept it from igniting from the friction. At the same time, I hardened it beneath my feet so as to keep from shattering the rooftop, and then Shed a skin to drop to the ground below.
  13. Just as I was about to go the final step and transport us all to Naraka, however, Raven stopped me, laying a hand over the one I held at her waist. For a brief moment, I worried that I’d offended her, but I dismissed it just as quickly—stuff like that didn’t matter in situations like this and we both knew it. Instead, I met her eyes and raised an eyebrow.
  15. She nodded up towards the rooftops without saying a word and I followed her gaze, understanding after a second. Taiyang looked abruptly tired, as if he’d suddenly aged several years, and his face was briefly drawn in a pained expression.
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