[FR BIO] Monochrome

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  1. [columns][url=][img][/img][/url][nextcol][columns]
  2. -----
  3. NAME[color=transparent]xxxxxx[/color]
  4. -----
  5. AGE
  6. -----
  8. -----
  10. [nextcol]
  11. -----
  12. response
  13. -----
  14. response
  15. -----
  16. response
  17. -----
  18. [nextcol]
  19. -----
  20. ELEMENT[color=transparent]xxxxxx[/color]
  21. -----
  23. -----
  24. THEME
  25. -----
  27. [nextcol]
  28. -----
  29. response
  30. -----
  31. response
  32. -----
  33. response
  34. -----[/columns]
  36. [size=7][font=Beauty and the Beast]Ship wreck in a sea of faces.[/size][/font][/columns]
  38. [columns][size=6][font=Beauty and the Beast]History -[/font][/size]
  40. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In a enim libero. Morbi vitae dui non massa consectetur viverra. Etiam ullamcorper interdum libero in placerat. Proin dapibus feugiat erat, at porttitor tellus vehicula posuere. Donec vel bibendum ex, in viverra nisi. Quisque vel felis vestibulum, rutrum enim et, commodo eros. Donec dictum sem gravida porta interdum. Mauris maximus odio sed lacus mattis venenatis. Proin condimentum metus id metus dictum, vel commodo erat pulvinar. Vivamus a massa vitae sapien laoreet efficitur ut at diam. Ut eget neque sed metus tempus interdum eu eget augue. Maecenas condimentum sapien turpis. Donec auctor lorem id ex eleifend, at ultricies nulla aliquet. Nam tempus ut ligula at gravida. Aliquam congue placerat tellus, eu dapibus ex facilisis quis. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae;
  42. Mauris mattis metus vel purus faucibus, non interdum nulla feugiat. Pellentesque ut rhoncus elit. Sed eget ullamcorper justo, malesuada feugiat erat. Etiam sit amet libero urna. Cras rhoncus elit ligula, sit amet sodales eros imperdiet ut. Donec nec ligula facilisis odio suscipit scelerisque vitae id purus. Duis tempor sodales porta. Nullam ullamcorper sem non nisi pulvinar dictum. Nam blandit tortor id accumsan euismod. Nulla suscipit, nibh nec facilisis consectetur, nunc augue pharetra enim, eu imperdiet urna est nec augue. Vestibulum suscipit tincidunt maximus. Aliquam lacinia pulvinar consequat.
  44. [nextcol][size=6][font=Beauty and the Beast]Trivia[color=transparent]xxxxxxxxx[/color][/font][/size]
  46. - Wow look at this space.
  47. - I bet you didn't see this one coming
  48. - You can write stuff here!
  49. - Put your trivia!
  50. - Or go against the laws of society and put actual text here!
  51. - Who knows!
  52. - You can do anything you want here!
  53. - Put art!
  54. - Words!
  55. - Remove it entirely!
  56. - Try not to remove the transparent X's above though, or your text will get shoved to the side.
  57. - And we wouldn't want that. But if you want more space you can add more X's or remove them for less space in this column!
  58. [/columns]
  60. [right][sub][color=grey]art by drytil
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