Hero Wars Celeste

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  1. Celeste
  2. White: Oil Lamp;Apprentice's Mantle;Lucky Dice;Censer;Imperial Shield;Censer
  3. Green: Traveller's Staff;Censer;Imperial Shield;Wizard's Staff;Guardian Shield;Lost Ring
  4. Green +1:Wizard's Staff;Imperial Shield;Wizard's Tiara;Cain's Seal;Guardian's Shield;Wizard's Tiara
  5. Blue:Wizard's Tiara;Light Crystal;Voodoo Doll;Wizard's Tiara;Dragon's Heart;Sacred Rosary
  6. Blue +1:Silent Guardian;Wizard's Tiara;Silent Guardian;Dragon's Heart;Sacred Rosary;Raven King's Cloak
  7. Blue +2:Silent Guardian;Wizard's Tiara;Sacred Rosary;Dragon's Heart;Elven Shield;Sage's Crown
  8. Violet:Prospero's Helmet;Sacred Rosary;Lion Armor;Voodoo Staff;Flaming Heart;Hand of Glory
  9. Violet +1:Elven Shield;Voodoo Staff;Lion Armor;Flaming Heart;Hand of Glory;All-seer
  10. Violet +2:Lion Armor;Raven King's Cloak;Hand of Glory;Funeral Totem;All-seer;Book of Prophecies
  11. Violet +3:Magic Hat;Lion Armor;Traitor's Crown;Funeral Totem;Diviner's Orb;Book of Fate
  12. Orange:Traitor's Crown;Book of Tales;Panoptic Orb;Elephant Guard;Alchemist's Set;Enigma's Chronicles
  13. Orange +1:Traitor's Crown;Siren's Song;Diviner's Orb;Enchanted Chain;Enigma's Chronicles;Sphere of Power
  14. Orange +2:Book of Prophecies;Traitor's Crown;Staff of Neutralization;Enchanted Chain;La Mort's Card;All-Seeing Eye
  15. Orange +3:Elephant Guard;Diviner's Orb;Asklepius' Staff;Enchanted Chain;Oracle's Censer;Light of Distant Stars
  16. Orange +4:Book of Fate;Book of Prophecies;Staff of Neutralization;Asklepius' Staff;Oracle's Senser;Key to All Doors
  17. Red:Blued Plate Armor;Key to All Doors;Sphere of Power;Light of Distant Stars;Devourer of Mages;Dragon's Heart
  18. Red +1:Blued Plate Armor;Key to All Doors;Oracle's Censer;Simon's Enlightenment;Dragon's Heart;Awakened Might
  19. Red +2:Asklepius' Staff;Oracle's Censer;Dragon's Heart;Echidna's Dark Hex;Piercing Gaze;Creator of Worlds
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