Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >day Anon in Equestria having fun with Hexferry
  2. >Hexferry herself is happily sipping away at her jar of honey once again
  3. >she sure loves wolfing that stuff around
  4. >and it might be starting to show
  5. >you are staring at Hexferrys ass as she sits on a bench, her tail swishing from side to side happily
  6. >her butt looks very soft against that bench
  7. >softer than it used to look
  8. >"Hexferry have you put on a few pounds?"
  9. >Hexferry starts to choke on her honey from your shocking words and coughts vigorously untill she answers you
  10. "W-what?"
  11. >wow, she looks a bit pissed
  12. >you poke her butt, emitting a suprised squeak and a glare from the junk in the trunk-mothpony as your finger sinks into the softness
  13. >"You have putted on a bit weight haven't you?"
  14. >Hexferry swats your finger away with her hoof
  15. "I-it's none of your business Anon! Stop poking my butt!"
  16. >you grasp her buttocks with both of your hands now, making Hexferry gasp
  17. >"Seriously look at all of this fat. You need to go on a diet"
  18. "Anon get your hands off of my rump!"
  19. >Hexferry looks absolutely furious now, blushing with embarrasment
  20. >"I am suprised you can even feel my hands trough all this body fat, you need to stop eating honey"
  21. "What I eat is none of your business!"
  22. >Hexferry sounds super pissed but this is for her own good
  23. >you let go of her cushion and grab the jar of honey from her hoof
  24. "Hey!"
  25. >"Starting from today you're on a diet"
  26. >Hexferry tries to take her jar of honey back but you keep it away from her as she starts to hop on the ground, trying to reach it
  27. >her butt vibrates everytime she hits the ground
  28. "What are you guys doing?"
  29. >you turn your head and see Minty fluttering above the two of you
  30. >"Hexferry's got a fat ass so I am making her go on a di-"
  31. >you do not get the chance to finish your sentence as Hexferry hits you on the face with her hoof and you fall down
  32. >she picks up her jar and gives you a disaproving look
  33. "You jerk!"
  34. >Hexferry takes flight as Minty facehoofs
  35. "Real smooth Anon, real smooth..."
  36. >you just stare at Minty
  37. >"What?"
  38. >you just wanted to help your tsundere friend stay healthy
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